Starfield - Astronaut Training Manual

Starfield poster, cosmonauts look out to space
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield poster, cosmonauts look out to space
Credit: Bethesda

Our Starfield beginners guide is designed as a jumping-on point for the whole site. If you are setting out into the cosmos and are lost with what to do or what you can do, this is for you. Don't worry; this isn't a watered-down hand-holding experience. We will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly as your journey begins.

The strategy guide will also be useful at any point in the game if you forget some basics. Starfield is massive, so let us keep your space training up to date and prepare you for anything the galaxy throws at you.

Starfield - Where to Begin

Astronaut sits in the cockpit of the starship
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Credit: Bethesda
Ready for launch

Starfield Portal is designed to be more than just a beginner's guide. The site is a one-stop shop for everything Starfield. In this section, you will find handy links from across Starfield Portal that will take you to the best places for learning the basics, as well as more advanced tips that can even be used by beginners.

Where to Play Starfield

Starfield Basic Info

Starfield Character Creation

Neon street rat character background
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Credit: Bethesda
Who will you become?

The first thing you will want to do is decide on what type of character you want to play in Starfield. How do they look? How do they play? The decisions are yours; here are some tips.

Next, you will want to decide how you want to play Starfield; this can be changed later if you make the wrong choice. It is best initially to try out each style and then focus on one that matches your play style.


Best Starfield Weapons & Armor

A character wears dark armor
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Credit: Bethesda
Suit up before taking on any mercenaries

Preparing for all situations is essential to surviving the unknown mysteries throughout the galaxy. Knowing which weapons are best to equip, as well as suiting up in the correct armor, is something you want to be on top of. Highly recommended for all Starfield beginners to check out these guides.

Best Starfield Ships

An explorer approaches their spaceship
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Credit: Bethesda
Fly me to the moon

Of course, you will want to get a hold of a spaceship in Starfield as early as possible. How else will you travel from planet to planet? Our Starfield Starships guide for beginners will point you in the right direction.

Starfield All Planets & Cities

An astronaut looks out to a ringed planet
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Credit: Bethesda
1000 worlds await

There are over 1000 planets in Starfield; yeah, that is a lot. There are also going to be some of the biggest cities Bethesda has ever created. So here are some pointers for you.



Starfield Housing

Now that we know you can buy and own houses in Starfield, we have created a handy guide to the intergalactic property market. Every best house to choose from and where they are located will be covered. From buying and selling to choosing the best home planet, we have you covered.

What Is the Main Quest in Starfield?

Astronaut floats towards a portal in space
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Credit: Bethesda
What mysteries will you uncover?

Sure, you can just explore freely avoiding all story-based missions. But where is the fun in that? We will let you know exactly what the main quest is, where to pick up quests, and which side quests are available.

Starfield Main Quest Walkthrough

The main story path of Starfield is the one given at the start of the game - work with Constellation and discover the meaning behind the mysterious artifacts.

constellation meeting
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The following guides will take you step by step through the main questline of Starfield and beyond. Complete with tips and tricks, you will make your way from humble beginnings to galactic glory in no time. Each walkthrough is designed to remove the stress of wondering what awaits and will reveal the rewards and XP you receive upon completion.

Mission 1

One Small Step

Mission 2

The Old Neighborhood

Mission 3

The Empty Nest

Mission 4

Back To Vectera

Mission 5

Into The Unknown

Mission 6

All That Money Can Buy

Mission 7


Mission 8

Further Into The Unknown

Mission 9

Short Sighted

Mission 10

No Sudden Moves

Mission 11

High Price To Pay

Mission 12


Mission 13

In Their Footsteps

Mission 14


Mission 15

Final Glimpses

Mission 16

Missed Beyond Measure

Mission 17


Mission 18

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Mission 19

One Giant Leap

Is There Romance in Starfield?

The adoring fan looks at the player
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Credit: Bethesda
It's a love-hate relationship

For all you lovebirds out there wondering if you can find the one in space, we have you covered. All romance options explored, romance quests, and the best romances to explore are all here.

What Are All the Factions in Starfield?

The player meets constellation in their base
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Credit: Bethesda
Constellation are the last space explorers

One of the key elements of previous Bethesda titles is the factions. These factions are made up of opposing forces, often warring with other factions throughout the world, or in this case - the galaxy. Here is the lowdown on who's who in Starfield for beginners.

Starfield NPC's And Companions

During your galactic adventures, you will meet many interesting characters. From friendly faces to deadly foes, you will want to be aware of who you could bump into throughout the galaxy. As well as this, you may decide to take a companion along for the ride with you.

Starfield All Creatures

The player faces a giant bug creature
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Credit: Bethesda
Uh, please don't eat me!

As you explore, you will come across many alien creatures. Some of these will be nice and friendly, while others you will want to avoid completely. Get info on all the creatures you can find in Starfield here.

Can You Build a Base in Starfield?

Top down view of an outpost
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Credit: Bethesda
Designer homes in space

After a bit of adventuring in the stars, you will want to lay down some roots, or at least harvest them. Outposts are the way to do just that. Learn all about building your first base in Starfield.

What Do You Do With Resources in Starfield?

A pile of salami sandwiches
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Credit: Bethesda
Food, glorious food

You will want to gather as many items as possible on the various planets you find. These can be used to craft or cook new items, complete quests, or even sell to one of the many traders in the galaxy.

Does Starfield Have a Photo Mode?

Character poses in front of a giant toothy alien
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Credit: Bethesda

Starfield will launch with a photo mode; you can fill your photo albums with your discoveries from launch day. We have all the necessary info and some handy pointers for you right here.

How Do You Fix a Glitch in Starfield?

A bug-like alien creature attacks
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Credit: Bethesda
Bug Attack!

One thing is sure of any open-world game, and that is the presence of bugs. Bugs and glitches can be fun if they don't halt progress or break the game. When they end up doing the latter, you will want to get things fixed promptly.

Does Starfield Have Mods?

The logo for nexus mods
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Credit: Bethesda
Change it all with mods

When you have seen all that you can in Starfield, you may want to change things up a bit. That is where mods come into play; install one and experience the game in all new ways. Early on, there won't be many mods available; as they are created, we will update the hub with all the best from the modding scene.

This Starfield guide for beginners is an ongoing article, we will constantly update it with all the latest tips and hints as they become uncovered. We reckon that this is a great starting point for newcomers, as well as a handy reference to check back on as you play.

Check out some of our other Starfield articles like Starfield - Day One Patch Update, or Starfield - The Settled Systems Anime while you are here. We have these and much more coming on the road to release and beyond.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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