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green house starfield
Credit: Bethesda

green house starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Have you considered the idea of becoming an intergalactic property mogul? If the answer is yes, our Starfield houses and property guide is for you! We talk you through all the best locations, customization options, and more.

So why waste any more time scouring the cosmos for answers on the meaning of life? We'll list all available homes and rank them based on their pricing, aesthetics, and usefulness. Our handy Starfield houses guide will help you find the best houses in the galaxy.

How To Get A House In Starfield?

Looking for that little old spot in the galaxy to call home? What you need, my friend, is some property. Owning your own home in the universe can be done in various ways. First, find a planet or city with available units for sale, then make an offer using credits and crafty persuasion techniques!

Starter home trait screen
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Credit: Bethesda
An easy yet expensive way into home ownership

There are houses for sale within each major city of Starfield. Make sure you do your homework on each available location before purchasing. You may also be lucky enough to receive a house through other means. Quests in the game could award housing as a reward upon completion; be sure to thank the generous quest giver for their gift!

What Are Houses Used For in Starfield?

Houses in Starfield are a place to kick off your space boots after a day of exploring, sit by the fire, and relax. Why not make the place a little cozier with some of your personal touch?

While the house decoration system is less fancy and in-depth than outpost building, you can still make many changes. Inside your home, you can enter build mode and craft and place various furnishings, decor, and useful workstations to your heart's desire.

starfield home editing build mode
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Put down some storage crates and display cases to store your favorite loot and display your favorite gear. Make a workbench or research center for your own home workshop and lab. Use the place for comfort, storage, or pre-battle preparation. It's your place, after all.

How Many Houses Can You Own?

There are 6 houses in Starfield that you can purchase at once. This number goes up to 7 if you include the Dream Home that you get from the Dream Home trait. We're not counting the bedroom you get from your parents, as there is no option to edit that, and it's not a formally recognized player home.

Best Houses In Starfield

Naturally, you will want to know which house in Starfield is the best. Why settle for any less? So here's our list of the best houses in Starfield from best to worst based on price, size, and aesthetics.

Dream Home

  • How to Get: Acquire the house for 125,000 credits by selecting the Dream Home trait when creating a character.

The Dream Home is only unlockable if you select the Dream Home trait while creating your character. This is one of the best houses in the game. However, it comes at a hefty price of 125,000 Credits that need to be paid to Galbank. Those using credit farming methods or infinite credit glitches should have no problem.

However, you can also enjoy the benefits of this house by just heading to it and interacting with it. You'll get a prompt to pay 500 Credits, and you're free to use it for a whole week. You can easily use this method while you save up the Credits to pay off the purchase in full. The dream home is the largest and most spacious house in Starfield; paired with its ease of access, it becomes the best house in the game.

Mercury Tower Penthouse

The Mercury Tower Penthouse is free; you get it by completing the UC Faction Questline. Reaching the penthouse takes you through a couple of elevators and loading screens, which is a hassle. However, the penthouse itself is amazing, especially considering the fact that it's free.

It is one of Starfield's most aesthetically pleasing and spacious homes and gives you a full view from a skyscraper at the top of New Atlantis. It's an excellent place for anyone who has made it big in the UC.

The Core Residence

starfield core manor home with stone walls
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The Core Residence is a fairly nice manor that you can purchase. It has pleasing aesthetics, and some backdoors connect it to the streets of Akila. This apartment is spacious enough for a lot of decorations as well.

The aesthetic has wooden floors paired with stone walls, resembling a castle home in a cowboy city. How's that for an aesthetic mashup? Paired with its value for money, it's the best apartment money can buy without using traits.

The Stretch Apartment

starfield the stretch apartment at midtown akila city with wooden walls
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The Stretch or the Midtown apartment is just a downsized version of the Core Residence that's much more affordable. Once you walk in, you see all it has to offer, including a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. There's not much to say about it besides having a cozy feeling in a nice part of town. The extra space and the neighborhood place it above the Well Apartment.

The Well Apartment

starfield the well apartment home
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  • How to Get: During one of the UC Faction quests, you can talk to Zora Sangweni at Aphelion Realty across the MAST tower and purchase this for 30,000 Credits.
  • Location: The Well - New Atlantis on Jemison in Alpha Centauri

During the UC Faction questline, you can purchase this modest house in The Well for just 30,000 Credits. The amount is manageable enough, and you get two spacious floors with a fair bit of room for furniture and storage crates. However, it might not be enough for everything a home base should have, and being located in the Well doesn't do it any favors.


starfield home sleepcrate
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  • How to Get: Purchase from the SleepCrate vendor in The Ebbside for 6,500 credits.
  • Location: The Ebbside - Neon City

The smallest house in Starfield, the SleepCrate, is precisely what the name suggests. It's a small living space that doesn't qualify as an entire room. At least it comes with a bed, bathroom, and a place for a Storage Box, so that's something. However, it's still not the worst house on our list.

Sky Suite

starfield neon luxury suite
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  • How to Get: Purchase from the Bartender inside the Astral Lounge for 235,000 credits.
  • Location: Neon Core - Neon City

Ridiculously overpriced for what it has to offer, the Sky Suite Luxury Apartment is a pretty small apartment with a size comparable to the Core Residence at three times the price. You walk in; there's a kitchen to the left, a bathroom to the right, and a bedroom area in front of you. You can walk out to the terrace, but the view is boring, with nothing to write home about, and is occupied by a bunch of industrial buildings.

Renting Property

Yes, you can rent places to stay in Starfield. You can rent some properties in locations such as a room in the Red Mile and a room at the Volii Hotel in Neon. You can even rent the Dream Home for 500 Credits to gain access to it early on.

The player walks into the family home
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Credit: Bethesda
Back home to visit the parents

If you pick the Kid Stuff Trait, you must pay your parents 10% of all earnings. However, this gives you access to your bedroom in their apartment, so technically, it's rent.

That concludes our housing guide in Starfield. Go out there and create your own dream home. While you're here, check out our Beginner's Guide to learn the ropes or about the various Factions in Starfield.

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