Play Starfield Without a Console or PC

The starfield logo with release date September 6
Credit: Xbox

The starfield logo with release date September 6
Credit: Xbox

Starfield launches globally on September 6, and rabid fans await its launch. Upgrading from the base edition to the premium edition will grant you 5 days of early access. So, if you want to get started on September 1, then you will need to purchase the upgrade on the Xbox store.

Upgrading to the premium edition digitally will allow Xbox Game Pass subscribers to also get early access on September 1. Make sure you have a current active subscription before using this method to play 5 days early. For those who don't own a PC or Xbox console, we tell you how to play Starfield without one.

Samsung TV

Samsung TV's with starfield and gamepass on display
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Credit: Samsung
Samsung and Xbox bring Game Pass to your TV

Samsung have ramped up the marketing for their televisions with integrated Xbox Game Pass. This means you will be able to sign in to the app on your home screen and play Starfield on their compatible televisions.

Of course, this will also require a Game Pass subscription in order to access Starfield without a PC or Xbox console. So, if you are in the market for a new television and fancy playing Starfield at launch, Samsung have you covered there. The good thing with streaming the game is that you won't need to worry about preload or even the standard day one patch.

Alternative Methods

The smartphone Razer Kishi controller
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Credit: Xbox
Play Starfield anywhere with Xbox Game Pass

Samsung TV's aren't the only way to play Starfield without a console or PC. Having a Game Pass subscription will allow you to play the game on any device that is compatible with the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

You could be playing Starfield at launch on your phone, tablet, or even Xbox One console. All you need to do is head to the website, then login with an account subscribed to Game Pass and you are all set.

Due to Xbox Cloud Gaming depending on a strong internet connection to perform well, we would suggest making sure your speeds are as fast as possible for optimal gaming.

So there you have it, be it on a smartphone, TV, tablet, or even Xbox One, Starfield can be enjoyed by all. Get subscribed to Xbox Game Pass over on the Xbox website to enjoy Starfield and many other titles for a monthly fee.

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