Starfield - Ground Vehicles

starfield ground vehicle
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

starfield ground vehicle
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Vehicles in Starfield would help you traverse each of the hundreds of planets available. Don't worry, though, because we've got you covered with this guide on Starfield vehicles detailed below.

Starfield is a sci-fi RPG epic adventure, and as we've come to know, the main mode of transportation in the game will revolve around spaceships to get across the galaxy. But this doesn't shut down possibilities of other forms of travel such as on land and water. We'll be detailing land travel for Starfield right below.

Does Starfield Have Ground Vehicles?

No, there aren't any ground vehicles for players in Starfield. Game director Todd Howard confirmed this during an interview with Kinda Funny Games. He added that there also won't be any ability to mount creatures you will encounter in-game. The only form of traversal outside of spaceships the game offers players is through the Boost Pack, which allows players to jump over structural obstacles on land.

starfield boost pack
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Starfield's starships are key to exploring the star systems and beyond. However, ships in the game aren't just for transportation; they can also be used for smuggling and dogfighting in space.

Players must rely on fast travel and ships to get where they want to go until modders get to work. Players can fast-travel back to their ship once they have landed, which takes away some of the lengthy distances you often need to walk. While having ground vehicles or even a hovercraft would make exploring much easier, these aren't coming at the moment.

Will There Be Ground Vehicles in DLC?

We have no vehicles to drive across unexplored worlds in the vanilla game. But that doesn't cross out entirely the possibility of a ground vehicles DLC soon for the game. Additional DLCs for Starfield that center more around exploration could be coupled with this idea to integrate some form of transportation.

starfield shattered space
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While there's still some uncertainty, players and fans of Starfield can only hope and wait for new announcements from Bethesda on future content for the game. We'll continue to update this article should new information be released on land vehicles and DLCs for Starfield.

Why Are There No Ground Vehicles in Starfield?

Bethesda seems to want to emphasize the concept of exploration for players when playing their game. And the best way to do that (according to them) is by walking around and living the experience or flying across the galaxy.

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This can make playing Starfield more immersive and fun for players, so it is understandable for Bethesda not to include ground vehicles at launch. That doesn't make walking for miles to get to a point of interest any more fun, though.

Will Mods Bring Ground Vehicles?

Despite the confirmation from Todd Howard that there won't be any form of land travel in Starfield, there's still a chance for modders to step up and provide mods to the Starfield community that introduce ground vehicles such as hovercrafts and rovers.

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It was mentioned in the same interview that Starfield will be easy for modders to create mods. While Todd Howard supports the modding community, this opens up the possibility for players to gain land travel within the game.

Are There Usable Mechs?

Mechs, featured heavily in the lore of the Starfield universe, could be brought to the main game in a DLC. We could see these working similarly to the Power Suits of the Fallout franchise. If any modder is reading - please make a RoboCop 2 skin for these once they arrive!

starfield mechs
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Most likely, though, these mods will come out once the Creation Kit releases, as modders take time to produce and share mods with the community. Players need to wait a bit longer before they can check out the potential vehicle mods to their game.

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