How to Get Divorced Starfield?

starfield sarah morgan divorce reaction

starfield sarah morgan divorce reaction

Starfield's RPG mechanics go deep enough to the point where you can marry a select few companions. You can marry your companions once you've built up enough affinity and completed the relationship quests. However, what if you feel like getting a divorce in Starfield?

If your spouse is not meeting your expectations and you wish to romance another character or perhaps live a single life, you need to get a divorce in Starfield. Here's how to get divorced in Starfield and what happens when you get that divorce.

How to Divorce in Starfield?

You can get a divorce by simply walking up to your spouse and talking to them. You have to choose the option that lets them know the marriage isn't working out.

However, the first step to getting a divorce is actually to get married first. If you want to get married, you should check out our romance hub. There are currently four companions who you can romance.

To initiate a divorce, talk to your partner and ask them about the status of your marriage.

starfield sarah morgan marriage status dialogue
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Then, you must pick the option that implies that the marriage is no longer working out.

starfield sarah morgan divorce option dialogue
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Your spouse will ask you to give a reason for this. Pick from any of the dialogue options provided. They'll all hurt the other character regardless.

starfield sarah morgan divorce reason dialogue
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Lastly, they'll ask you if there's any way to save the marriage. You can still fall back on your decision here. However, if you are absolutely sure this is what you want, you should pick the option that starts with END COMMITMENT.

starfield sarah morgan end commitment dialogue
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What Happens When You Divorce in Starfield?

First, your spouse will be removed as your primary companion. They'll ask you for some time to think and also become understandably angry with you. However, there are no further consequences of getting a divorce. The character will become your friend again, and you can romance them again. However, marriage will no longer be an option.

You can also choose to go and romance another character instead. Just note that you'll lose the valuable marriage XP buff if you get a divorce, and it might slow down XP farming. If you decide you want to marry the same character again, just head down into new game plus.

That's all you need to know about getting a divorce in Starfield. For more Starfield guides, learn how to get Amelia Earhart as a companion and the best side quests.

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