Starfield - Places to Visit in New Atlantis

starfield new atlantis view from outside city

starfield new atlantis view from outside city

If you've only recently arrived in the city of New Atlantis, then our Visitor's Guide is a must-have. New Atlantis is a massive city packed with places to visit, things to do, the best in food and drink and places to stay in and around New Atlantis, Jemison.

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Welcome to New Atlantis

New Atlantis is divided into five districts or segments, each wholly unique and distinguishable. You can spend dozens of hours exploring every alleyway in this city, trying to unearth its secrets.

However, if you’re looking for the best places to visit in New Atlantis, this city guide has you covered!


So you’ve just arrived at the New Atlantis Spaceport – your gateway to cosmic adventures. This place is more than just a launchpad; it's a treasure trove of interstellar oddities like the Spaceport Storage Lockup, Ship Technician, Security Checkpoint, and a UC Security Office.

Although, I've mentioned the real juicy spots you want to visit below.

The Viewport

Please go to The Viewport, the cozy cosmic bar where interstellar travellers gather to share their stories and make friends.

starfield new atlantis viewport
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If you need a crew for your ship, please don't worry, as this bar houses some potential candidates. You can even interact with the bartender for a quest and some drinks.

Jemison Mercantile

Next up, look inside the Jemison Mercantile, your one-stop cosmic shop. You will find Amoli Bava, your vendor for everything from essentials to weapons.

starfield new atlantis jemison mercantile
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Also, while you’re there, don’t forget to talk to Samson Cebrail for The Art Dealer quest.

Terrabrew Coffee

While you’re at the Spaceport, head to the TerraBrew Coffee. It's a coffee lover's paradise, with specialized drinks from the TerraBrew Employee.

starfield new atlantis terrabrew coffee
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Look out for Guillaume Degarmo, who can kickstart the Gem Jealousy quest. Furthermore, an elevator next to this shop can take you to New Atlantis underbelly, The Well.

New Atlantis Transit

The New Atlantis Transit (NAT) is the final place you must visit here. This area is your ticket to explore this massive city's other districts.

starfield new atlantis transit subway
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Free to use and environmentally friendly, our transit system is unmatched across the Settled Systems.

Commercial District

The Commercial District of New Atlantis is the hub of towering corporate buildings and fancy offices. Although you find places like Valberg, Outland, and UC Distribution Center, the real points of interest are mentioned below.

Settled Systems News Network

The SSNN building is located just to the left as you reach the Commercial District. You can chat with Nadia Muffaz to start the Light in the Darkness quest here.

starfield new atlantis settled systems news network
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Moreover, if you’re craving some quick early credits, share your galactic adventures with the network.


Whetstone should be your go-to if you’re itching to stop by a fancy restaurant in this commercial area.

starfield new atlantis whetstone
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It is located just to the right of Valberg and offers some delicious but pricey treats for your journey.


Enhance! is the stop worth checking out for every player in the Commercial District, being a galaxy-wide cosmetic vendor chain. For a mere 500 credits, you can revamp your appearance, pronouns, and name.

starfield new atlantis enhance
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Plus, meet Warner Connell, the quest-giver for Beautiful Secrets. So, if you're in for a makeover or a quest, Enhance! is the spot!


Finally, the Galbank is worth exploring as it holds some interesting secrets. You can talk to Landry Hoillifield there to start a series of debt collection quests. And you can loot the ATMs in the place if your lockpicking is up to par.

starfield new atlantis glabank
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Finally, be sure to interact with the Ryuijin Industries kiosk just outside the bank for the Back to the Grind quest.

Residential District

The Residential District of New Atlantis is brimming with apartment complexes and various vendors. These apartment buildings include the Mercury Tower, Athena Tower, Apollo Tower, and Orion Tower.

You can find shops like Chunks, CJ’s, Eit Clothiers, and Reliant Medical for all sorts of needs. Regardless of the size of this city segment, there are only two places worth checking out thoroughly!

Pioneer Tower

If you selected the Kids Stuff trait during character creation, you’ll visit the Pioneer Tower to see your folks. You can also chat with Marieff Sutherland to commence the Terror Brew.

starfield new atlantis pioneer tower
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And if nothing else, it’s still worth stopping by to have a taste of Dawn's Roost’s fine coffee.

Centaurian Arsenal

Centaurian Arsenal, in the Residential District, is a weapon-lover's paradise. Anya Griffon, the owner, offers top-tier firearms like the Marksman's AA-99. Plus, she's loaded with credits, so sell away without fear of emptying her coffers.

starfield new atlantis centauri arsenal
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MAST District

The MAST District lies at the heart of the city, where you’ll spend the bulk of your time during main quests. While it is home to the Va’Ruun Embassy, Aphelion Realty, and Freestar Collective Embassy, the main areas of interest in this location are mentioned below.

The Lodge

Your first stop at the MAST district should be a beautiful yet nature-overrun building acting as the Constellation HQ, The Lodge.

starfield new atlantis the lodge
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Since this place houses the most enthusiastic explorers of the Settled Systems, be sure to explore all its nooks and crannies for secrets, such as the MK I Spacesuit.

MAST Building

Just as you enter the MAST District through NAT, you will come across a massive skyscraper that houses the United Colonies, one of the two most prominent factions in the galaxy.

starfield new atlantis MAST building
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Commander John Tuala awaits inside, offering UC Vanguard to the new adventures. Be sure to accept the membership to access every floor and room of the building.

Armistice Archives

Lying just opposite the MAST building, Armistice Archives is a treat for the history buffs. This museum chronicles the war and peace between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective.

starfield new atlantis armstice archives
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Inside, you'll find the Archives room crucial for the UC Vanguard questline, and you can meet Nilesh Sheraz outside for the Olive Branch quest. You can also learn about the horror of the Terrormorphs.

The Sanctum Universum

The MAST District of New Atlantis is also more to the primary Sanctum Universum church, one of the most influential Settled Systems religions.

starfield new atlantis sanctum universum building
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You can become a part of this group by selecting the Raised Universal trait during character creation, which gives you access to a sick chest inside the area.

The Well

The final location in New Atlantis is less of a developed district and more of an underside location, hiding some deep, dark secrets. This area is home to places like the Med Bay, Jake’s, Kay’s House, UC Surplus, and UC Security Office.

Moreover, you can even buy a house for cheap inside The Well or purchase valuable items by visiting the Trade Authority and Apex Electronics. The Trade Authority can be your go-to stop for selling contraband if you choose that route.

House of the Enlightened

The first point of interest in The Well is the House of the Enlightened, a new and growing religion, with its base opposite the UC Security Office.

starfield house of the enlightened building
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You can find Brodie and Andy Singh inside to embark on The Kindness of Strangers quest.

Those are all the tourist hotspots to visit in New Atlantis. Now you should be able to navigate the city and see all its sights. While you're here, also learn the answers to Lou's questions and how to solve the grid puzzle.

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