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Revelation is the eighteen main quest in Starfield. We visit the Buried Temple located on Mandala III, intending to retrieve the last Artifact and bring a close to this long Journey of ours.

Starfield: Revelation Walkthrough

Before setting out, here are some recommendations for the mission

  • Upgrade your ship as much as possible and bring parts for repairs. More tips ahead!
  • During your fight with the Starborn, you will find Med Packs scattered around the arena available for use. Stock up on them before you head out.
  • For your fight with the Starborn, Having the Experiment A-7 from the previous quest Entangled on hand will be a plus as it will help you take down the Starborn faster. Otherwise, bring your best guns.
  • Bring lots of ammunition and throwables, and also stock up on Digipicks.
  • Arm your Companion with a good gun and lots of ammunition. It's good to bring a companion who can hold their own in a firefight.

Go to Masada III

Jump to Masada III, located in the Masada System. Just to let you know, Masada III is quite far and might take you several jumps depending on your ship's LY range.

starfield revelations masada iii jump
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Hail the Scorpius

When you enter Masada III’s orbit, depending on your choice in Unearthed, you will be greeted by these depending on your Hunter or Emissary choice.

  • The Hunter’s Ship Scorpius and two Starborn Ships, if you chose to side with The Emissary.
  • The Emissary’s Ship Helix and two Starborn Ships, if you chose to side with The Hunter.
  • If you choose to side with neither of them, both will show up with an extra Starborn ship.
starfield revelations hail the scorpius
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Now, what awaits you is a highly challenging space battle.

How to Defeat Starborn Ships in Revelations?

The Hunter or The Emissary will be accompanied by two Starborn ships, and you will also be joined by either of the two as an ally during the battle.

It is best to focus on the other Starborn ships first, as they can be annoying when you are busy dealing with either the Helix, the Scorpius or both. Those who have ignored shipbuilding might find this encounter difficult. We managed with an upgraded Razorleaf using two particle beams and a ballistic autocannon. We suggest using the nearby asteroids for cover as you heal up.

starfield revelations asteroid for cover
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Land at the Buried Temple

Once you have dealt enough damage to whoever you are facing, they will flee to the Buried Temple on Masada III, and we will chase after them. Land at the temple, where you will find an ally waiting if you previously chose a side. When heading towards the temple, you come across a base with multiple corpses of Ecliptic Mercenaries available to loot along the way.

starfield revelations dead ecliptic mercenaries
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Defeat the Starborn Guardian Musa

As you approach the entrance of the Buried Temple, your companion will warn you of the Starborn, and you will encounter the Starborn. Standing on top, you will find Guardian Musa, who attacks you. You must stay mobile for this encounter as Guardian Musa will throw grenades at you, and they can make clones of themselves. One of these clones will permanently rush at you with melee attacks. You need to defeat them and the clones to achieve victory in this encounter. You can lure Guardian Musa into their throwable by using their teleportation attack against them.

starfield revelations defeat guardian musa
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Find the Artifact

Carry on towards the tunnel and inside. After you exit the tunnel, you will come across some arches and enter the Buried Tunnel. This is where you are attacked by the dead bodies of the Ecliptic soldiers who are being revived one after another. Fight them, and after you deal with a few soldiers, you will face the Starborn Guardian Athaliah.

starfield revelations more ecliptic mercenaries
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Defeat the Starborn Guardian Athaliah

It turns out Guardian Athaliah is the one who is behind the resurrection of the dead bodies. Your goal here is to keep a constant flow of damage on Guardian Athaliah while dealing with the bodies they are reviving. They are tanky, so deal with them using a high firepower weapon. Guardian Athaliah will also switch places with the Eclipic Mercenaries.

starfield revelations defeat guardian atheliah
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Find a Way to Open the Door

Once Guardian Athaliah is defeated, you must collect the Ecplitic Base ID Card. There are two cards: an Ecliptic Mercenary drops one, and the other can be found in the Control Room. After you have acquired the card, head to the red door, use it on the ID card reader and head inside the Ecliptic Base.

starfield revelations ecliptic base id card
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Find the Artifact

When inside, follow the pathway until you encounter a flight of stairs. Take the stairs and follow the objective marker. You will see another staircase heading down. Go down the stairs, and you will reach your destination—a doorway covered with dividers and an Anomaly on the other side.

starfield revelations anomaly
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Enter the Anomaly

Step inside the Anomaly, where you will be transported to a distortion. This is where you found your first Artifact.

Leave the Anomaly

After grabbing the Artifact, leave through the distortion to exit the space. When you step outside, an explosion will reveal two more Starborns, Guardian Rinn and Guardian Teutra. You will also encounter some Model A Robots and MK 1 turrets. Having a rank 3 Security skill lets you bypass the need for a keycard and have the machines support you against the Starborn.

starfield revelations guardian teutra
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Disable the Defences (optional)

One of the Starborn will drop a keycard that can be used to gain access to the Control Room above, where you can disable the defences using the computer inside. Otherwise, the robots and turrets will keep attacking you.

Find a Way to Open the Door

Exiting the Control Room, head to the back, where you will spot a yellow door. You can unlock the door using the Ecliptic Base Key you acquired earlier from the defeated Starborn.

starfield revelations leave the room
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Enter the Anomaly

Continue down the walkway and head inside the Anomaly. You will find yourself inside the Scow with Captain Petrov, who we met during No Sudden Moves.

starfield revelations enter anomaly
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Leave the Anomaly

You will need to speak with Petrov to leave the Anomaly, resulting in a fight between you and his guards. You must defeat Petrov and get your hands on his Private Quarters Key to exit the Anomaly using it on the door behind him. You can also lockpick the door, but this is a waste of a Digipick.

starfield revelations captain petrov
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Leave the Anomaly

When you are back in the Buried Temple, follow the path and take the lift down to the cavern. You'll enter another Anomaly that you can leave by just turning around.

starfield revelations vladimir holding dead rookie
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Defeat the Starborn Fionn

Before moving ahead, grab all the ammunition, throwables and guns(as needed) near the bottom of the elevator. You'll be needing these for the tough fights ahead.

starfield revelations pick up resources
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You will be in the cavern, where Guardian Fionn will proceed to attack you with his duplicates. When you take down Guardian Fionn, their clones will also disappear, so focus your attacks on them and take them down swiftly. Follow the quest marker to keep track of Guardian Fionn and ignore the duplicates.

starfield revelations guardian fionn
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Take the Artifacts

Here, you will have two choices.

  • Persuade the Hunter or the Emissary to hand over the Artifacts to you. Which will result in a peaceful end
  • You can also choose to fight the two, where the battle begins in the temple and later on, you will be transported to other dimensions and previously visited locations, ending with NASA.
starfield revelations dialogue with the hunter
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If you choose to fight them, they each will drop a unique weapon. The Emissary will drop a Legendary particle beam rifle named Eternity’s Gate, and The Hunter will drop a Legendary laser rile called Unmitigated Violence.

After defeating them or persuading them, you will take their Artifacts.

starfield revelations take the artifacts
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How to Defeat The Hunter and The Emissary?

This fight has multiple phases and can get quite tricky due to the numerous clones of The Hunter and The Emissary. If you fight them both, it will make the challenge even more difficult. We suggest stocking up on grenades and having a weapon that can apply the Burn effect on the Starborn.

We found a combination of Experiment A-7 at a close distance with shots from an Orion with Ignition Beams from a long distance to be quite suitable here. Mix in grenades and other stocked-up throwables to stagger them whenever needed. They'll teleport around a lot, so patience is key.

They will often disappear throughout the battle and leave you alone to chase after them. Be sure to save your progress here and look around for any valuable aid items. Remember to stack your damage reduction and damage boost aid items to have an easier time here. With a couple of attempts and good gunplay, you'll have the Starborn beat in no time.

Take the Artifact

Now, after all your hardships, approach the Sphere and take the final Artifact, after which you will be teleported outside. This concludes the quest.

starfield revelations take artifact mu
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Starfield Revelations Rewards

Here are the rewards you get for completing Revelations:

  • EXP - 5000
  • Access to the Unity

It's time to finish this journey and make your final decision in the last quest of the game, One Giant Leap.

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