Starfield City Guide - Complete List of Cities

Starfield city
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield city
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield has the mysteries of space beckoning you. However, humanity has also managed to litter this space with settlements throughout the Universe. Below, you will find our Starfield cities guide, where we will list all the major cities and tell you about their lore.

Here is a complete list of Starfield's major settlements and cities. So, let’s look at these towns and the things you can encounter there!

What Are Starfield Cities?

Cities are very important in Starfield, as they work as hand-crafted hubs where you can find numerous merchants, quest-givers, and other NPCs. So, you must be familiar with the geography of the major cities to purchase any resource, spacesuit, or weapon you might be looking for. You can also buy houses in these cities for a permanent base of operations.

Regardless of the vastness of space, you can find yourself lost in these massive and vibrant cities that Bethesda has brought to life, each with its own culture, history, and aesthetic.

New Atlantis

The first city we will talk about is called New Atlantis. It is the capital of the UC, also known as the United Colonies. This faction is known for its strict rules and occasional injustice that can happen in states ruled by brute force. Expect to see numerous soldiers and law enforcers on the streets of New Atlantis.

However, despite all this militarism, the city looks great and represents the best that humanity can create. The city's buildings and streets are immaculate and well-designed. New Atlantis is one of the first major settlements beyond Earth. This is also the largest city that Bethesda has created to date.

New Atlantis an explorer looks at the towering buildings
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Credit: Bethesda
What mysteries lie within?

The founding of New Atlantis took place in 2161, which makes it one of the oldest human colonies. The planet on which the city is built is called Jemison and is in the Alpha Centauri system. Its climate is exactly like Earth's, making this planet a good place to live.

The Vanguard museum in New Atlantis will explain the game's lore, discover what happened to Earth and why it is uninhabitable, the details of the Colony War, and more - definitely a place to visit while in the city.

There are a few important buildings that you can find in New Atlantis, especially The Lodge, the headquarters of Constellation. This is the first organization you can join, and we will probably have to visit this facility often. Also, the SSNN headquarters is a very popular news media corporation.

It is worth mentioning that New Atlantis has its own metro system known as New Atlantis Transit. The NAT is how you travel quickly between the districts of New Atlantis.

Check out our complete New Atlantis Guide for a full district breakdown.

Akila City

If you are tired of all those perfect streets and clean buildings of New Atlantis and want something a little more down to earth, then you should visit Akila City. This is the capital of the Freestar Collective faction, which is the main enemy of the UC. They fought a huge war two decades before the events of Starfield.

The Freestar Collective stands for independence and personal freedom for each citizen. So, the capital of this faction does not look as clean and nice as New Atlantis. Also, the city is surrounded by massive walls, which are there to protect the people inside from the local fauna.

Akila City in Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Ashta are deadly predators that look like a cross between velociraptors and wolves. These creatures are native to Akila and cause serious problems for the citizens of Akila City. However, local law enforcers known as Freestar Rangers have their headquarters there and do their best for the people of the Freestar Collective. They have plenty of things to worry about, as many pirates and aggressive fauna threaten their faction.

Solomon Coe founded Akila City in 2167 in the Cheyenne system, and it has since become a very important hub. So, it’s not weird that this settlement will become the heart of the future Freestar Collective that opposes the UC.


Neon is a city with an interesting background. It is a former fishing platform that was built on the aquatic planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. The Xenofresh Corporation is responsible for creating this structure, and its workers have discovered an interesting species of fish that lives on the planet.

Neon city, an oil rig looking structure in the water
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Credit: Bethesda
200,000 units are ready, with a million more well on the way

This fish species has some psychotropic effects, and the platform has now become a huge drug farm. Its workers produce the Aurora drug, banned on most planets in the Settled Systems. Currently, Neon is a hub for powerful corporations and black market transactions. It's considered an unsafe city where Credits hold all the power, and the law of the Freestar Rangers does not apply the same.

The city of Neon looks cool and has a cyberpunk vibe. It is a huge and shiny fishing platform built in the middle of the ocean. It's easy to get lost in the many neon billboards and markets; you should check our comprehensive guide to Neon City to learn what secrets this city holds.


Cydonia is one of the oldest colonies built by those who left Earth. Built on Mars, Cydonia is an underground settlement. The Martian environment can be hazardous, and building a city on the planet's surface would be problematic.

cydonia mars
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Credit: Bethesda

The colony is a mining settlement, the biggest in the United Colonies. You'll visit Cydonia during a mission from Constellation. There are lots of sights and activities to check out in Cydonia. You can recruit the secret companion Erick Von Price here, and Cydonia has no shortage of vendors for all your various needs.

Red Mile and the Key

Finally, we’ve come to the last known cities. The Red Mile is a weird facility on the outskirts of the Settled Systems. This area can be dangerous, as pirates from the Crimson Fleet have claimed it. So, don’t expect an easy walk if you decide to go there. However, you can participate in the Red Mile run, a fun, risky and rewarding challenge.

Explorers sit at a space bar, one appears to be passed out
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Credit: Bethesda
Your friend has had a bit too much space juice

The Key is a vast space station that once belonged to the UC. Currently, it is controlled by the Crimson Fleet and serves as one of their main bases. It's a significant hub for the entire pirate faction and has a wide assortment of NPCs and space rogues who will let you access the Crimson Fleet mission board and special contraband smuggling ship parts.

You can make The Key your permanent base of operations if you choose the Crimson Fleet in one of Starfield's most important decisions.


Hopetown is a small but active settlement on Polvo in the Valo Star System. The town got its name due to the main factory of Hopetech being located here. Hopetech is an emerging Starship company known for its efficient and durable designs. The city's economy is built around Hopetech, owned by Ron Hope, who you'll run into during the Freestar Collective questline.

starfield hopetown landing
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Hopetown has a few points of interest -

  • Hopetown Spaceport
  • Hopetech Factory
  • Freestar Rangers HQ
  • Best Defence
  • Pit Stop

You can get the Captain's Bounty and the Akila Run side quests from the Hopetown Spaceport. You'll also get access to the ship engineer vendor and some other kiosks.

You'll be able to explore this quest in depth during both the Freestar Collective and Ryujin Industry questlines.

New Homestead

New Homestead is a city located on Titan. This rock is the second moon of the planet Saturn in the Sol System and was one of the first colonies built after moving away from the Earth. It's primarily located underground to avoid the harsh climate. You'll have many places to visit and NPCs needing your help with side quests here, like the good doctor in the clinic who just 'loves' tourists.

starfield city new homestead
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Here are some New Homestead points of interest that you should check out -

  • Energy Systems Office
  • Brown Horse Tavern
  • Lounge
  • New Homestead Store
  • Clinic
  • Chunks

There are a bunch of side quests that you can get by interacting with the NPCs in this settlement. Also, take advantage of the Skill Mags lying around here!

As you can see, there are many interesting and exciting cities that you can visit in Starfield. You can explore and find even more colonies and settlements throughout space.

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