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A beautiful area with purple flowers
Credit: Bethesda

A beautiful area with purple flowers
Credit: Bethesda

Everybody loves the feeling when a game clicks; it feels like you are home. That is the level of escapism we have come to expect from Todd Howard and his team at Bethesda. Starfield is looking to join the ranks of the legendary Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises with its very own romance system.

In Skyrim, players loved the introduction of marriages. Finding and meeting that special one was highly immersive. Fallout 4 followed suit with its own set of romance options and once more became a highlight of the game. So, let us walk you through all the romancing options in Starfield, a look at the romances and their accompanying quests and ultimately, marriage and divorce in Starfield.

Starfield Romance Explained

Romance options in previous Bethesda titles have allowed a whole range of options for finding your soulmate. In Skyrim, there was an entire quest line involving bringing love to Skyrim on behalf of The Temple of Mara.

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Credit: Bethesda
Romance within factions may be risky

In the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, romance has been pretty limited and shallow. The relationship side had little substance at all besides some dialogue changes during conversations. Starfield has even more in-depth options and dialogue regarding finding love.

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Romance in Starfield involves setting up a primary companion for your adventures and taking actions throughout the story that they like. Perhaps your companion likes a sense of humor or has a strong sense of justice. Showing these characteristics and flirting through dialogue will set you on the path of romancing a companion of your choice.

However, do note that you can only be in a relationship with a single companion at a time. So don't go around trying to woo your own personal harem of companions.

All Romance Options

Todd Howard revealed that there will be four options for romance in Starfield. While this may sound bad to hear, they will be more fleshed out and deeper than in any previous Bethesda title. Here are the four characters that you can romance in Starfield.

Previously, you would work your way up to a relationship with previous romance options. In Starfield, these relationships will be more complex, with likes and dislikes depending on your actions. Perhaps a trip to the space florist to make up for poor choices or a trip to a restaurant for some food and drink will smooth things over. Be sure to read our comprehensive guides for each character, including their likes, dislikes and romance quests.

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While the selection might seem limited, hopefully, future DLCs and patches will give us more options. Perhaps the modding community will come out with unique new romance options for companions like Amelia Earhart.

Can You Marry In Starfield?

Yes, you can marry your romantic partner in Starfield. Once you've committed to a relationship and made significant progress in increasing your affinity, you can keep conversing with them till the option to marry is brought up. This will initiate a marriage quest for your companion of choice. You can choose to commit to them and recite your wedding vows to complete the romance.

A perfect home planet and a witness will be chosen for your wedding in space. Not to mention, once you get married, you can benefit from the sex XP bonus(seXP for short). This bonus is actually great for levelling quickly.

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Note that, similar to relationships, you can only marry a single companion at a time in Starfield.

Can You Divorce in Starfield?

Yes, if you ultimately decide that this marriage is not for you, there is a way to divorce your partner in Starfield. Note that divorce is permanent, and you cannot marry that companion again until New Game Plus.

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