Starfield - Day One Patch Update

Starfield: The character
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield: The character
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Since modern games tend to be launched full of bugs, many gamers would like to know if there will be a Starfield day one patch update. Next, we’ll tell you everything we know so far about this update and the things it fixes.

Usually, day-one updates are all about fixing some critical bugs and other problems. Hopefully, Starfield will not suffer from such issues and will not require a huge day one patch.

Starfield Day One Patch

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Credit: Bethesda

Day-one patches have become common in the gaming industry, and some players even don’t trust games that receive such updates. So, what about Starfield?

On August 28, a day-one patch was released for Early Access launch; this patch made some fixes to the game before launch. Here are the details of the fixes made:

Starfield Early Access Patch Details

Performance and Stability Fixes

• Improved stability related to suspending and resuming the game. (Xbox Series X/S)
• Fixed rare crash that could occur when viewing the credits after completing the game.
• Fixed crash that could appear when repeatedly loading some saves inside of ships.
• Various stability and performance improvements.
Visual Fixes
• Fixed an issue where sometimes hair would not appear on characters.
• Improved distant object appearance when transitioning to the surface of a planet.
• Addressed an issue that sometimes caused face animations to move abruptly.
• Fixed an issue where rarely in certain views white flashing boxes could appear in the Handscanner.
• Fixed an issue that would cause an undesirable texture blend near the coastline.
• Fixed an issue that would cause textures to degrade unnecessarily. (Xbox Series S)

Gameplay Fixes

• Fixed a rare issue that could cause Companions to float in the air.
• Fixed an issue that could cause some ship modules to become misaligned.
• Fixed some issues that would prevent touch-down points from turning red in Ship Builder.
• Fixed an issue that could cause the player to appear incorrectly when equipping items.
• Addressed an issue that could prevent the Isolation skill from behaving as intended.
• Adjusted the distance the player is able to access and store cargo in their ship.
• Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause a long delay on the Press any button screen.
Quest Fixes
• Fixed rare issue that could cause ship patrols not to appear for "First to Fight, First to Die.
• Addressed a rare issue where the Contraband scan would not occur potentially preventing landing at New Atlantis.
• Fixed an unlikely issue that could prevent landing at New Atlantis during "Deep Cover.
• Fixed an issue that could prevent Heat Leeches from counting as killed after completing "A Legacy Forged."
• Fixed how a location would appear near a hidden Earth landmark.
• Fixed a rare issue that could potentially trap the player in The Facility.
• Addressed an infrequent issue where a Spacer Ship didn't correctly appear for a radiant quest.
• Fixed an unlikely issue that could appear during "Revelation" depending on how the player interacted with the Emissary.
• Addressed an issue with the Deimos Slim bottom ship module that is used on the Razorleaf.
• Fixed rare issue that could prevent companions from accompanying the player after "No Sudden Moves".
• Addressed a rare issue that could impact "Power from Beyond."

The Starfield preload feature is already available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers and those who pre-ordered the digital version of the game. Starfield received a couple of minor updates to its pre-launch version, and it’s likely that Bethesda will have to make more adjustments and updates right after the game launches.

Starfield Future Patches

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Credit: Bethesda

As we already mentioned, Starfield is not out yet, and it’s hard to predict when it will receive additional patches. Judging by the situation with the pre-launch version, the game will get a day-one patch, but there is no information about further updates.

The release date for Starfield is scheduled for September 6th, and those who purchase the Premium or Constellation editions of the game will receive Early Access. These players will be able to start playing five days before the launch. So, the Early Access phase should last from September 1st to September 6th.

We need to wait for the start of the Early Access period, and then the state of the game will be revealed. If there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed, we will probably get a few patches with hot fixes.

Prepare For The Update

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Credit: Bethesda

First, we already mentioned that owners of premium editions will be able to play in Early Access. Also, those who pre-ordered the game or have a Game Pass subscription should be able to preload Starfield.

This will allow you to pre-install the game and play it before the launch. So, you will only need to download the day one update, which can take some time. However, if you don’t have any of these options, you just have to wait for Starfield and the day-one patch to download. In this case, make sure you have a good Internet connection.

Starfield will be released soon, and we hope that there will be no day-one updates needed. However, the modern tendencies in the gaming industry say otherwise, and the game may even receive a few hot fixes. Hopefully, there won’t be many problems, and Starfield will work fine after the first update!

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