Starfield - Can You Get Married?

andreja marriage

andreja marriage

Romance and marriage in RPGs like Starfield have always been a fun option. We've heard no one complain about its inclusion, and being able to choose your own partner (or not) gives your adventure a more personalized and sometimes emotional connection as well. Starfield will feature a romance system, but can you get married in Starfield?

Perhaps you're interested in getting to know your companions and crewmates on a more personal level. Or you may want to explore VASCO's circuitry (we're not judging). Regardless of your reasons, here is everything you need to know about romance and marriage in Starfield.

Starfield Romance

In Starfield, you can romance and forge deep bonds with various characters in the game. While this was a feature in past Bethesda titles, the developers have pointed out that romance in Starfield moves beyond past titles' simplistic relationships and dialogue options.

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At the time of writing, the developers have confirmed that four romance partners will be available when progressing through the Constellation quest lines. The potential suitors include Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Andreja and Sam Coe. Note that these are the only available romanceable companions within the game.

In the dev interview, Todd Howard reported that

"..they can be in love with you, and dislike something you did and be pissed at you temporarily, and then come back to loving you."

However, he also asked fans to temper their expectations as it won't be too complex, so we can assume that these moments will be sprinkled throughout the game rather than a complex network of relationships. Regardless, it's a good step forward in relationships compared to previous titles.

Starfield Marriage

The four romanceable options available are all potential future marriage candidates. Each of the characters has separate wants and needs that must be fulfilled before marriage becomes an option. We have deep dives into all four relationships that explain how you can get married to the four potential suitors.

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You can find each of these guides here -

Can You Adopt in Starfield?

At the time of writing - no, you cannot adopt in Starfield. In previous Bethesda games like Skyrim, adopting a child was possible. Future updates and DLC may provide an option for adoption in Starfield; we will update this guide accordingly when or if such an option becomes available.

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That's all you need to know about romance and getting married in Starfield. While you're here, check our list of all the characters for some potential romance, and the food and drink guide so you can get ready to cook up a storm for your partner-to-be.

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