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starfield neon city welcome to neon billboard

starfield neon city welcome to neon billboard

Welcome to the dazzling Neon City of the Volii System, intrepid space traveller! With our Neon City guide, prepare for a journey as erratic and colorful as a supernova. Neon City's neon-lit streets hold thrills for all, whether you're a thrill-seeking cosmic cowboy, an intergalactic foodie, or just searching for a retreat among the stars.

Newbie explorers take note: Those seductive neon lights may be calling to you like cosmic sirens, yet secrets darker than the abyss itself are hiding in the shadows.

Buckle up if you're looking for the time of your life in the city of pleasure. Use our Neon City guide to prepare for an experience that defies gravity and sends your senses into overdrive.

The Core

Neon Core is the largest district of this city, offering everything a traveller needs, from everyday vendors to large luxurious hotels. If you find yourself blinded by this city of lights and crime, start exploring places like Trade Authority, Freestar Rangers, Neon Security HQ, Legrandes Liquors, Sieghart’s Outfitters, the Stroud-Eklund Showroom, and Reliant Medical.

Some vendors like Terrabrew, Galbank, and Enhance! may be recognizable from other parts of the Settled Systems, but places like Ryujin Apartments and The Volii Hotel offer the authentic Neon City experience. Once you’re ready to walk deeper into this Cyberpunk hub, you should thoroughly check out the following places in Neon Core.

Trade Authority

The massive yellow Trade Authority sign is the first thing you’ll see as you enter this city of pleasure. Be sure to head and see what this vendor has in stock, or sell your items for extra cash.

starfield neon city trade authority
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Mining League

When arriving in this sci-fi city, visit Saburo Okadigbo inside the Mining League. You can pick up some mining equipment and crafting resources here, but you mainly want to talk to him for Saburo’s Solution quest.

starfield neon city mining league
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Neon Tactical

Your next stop in Neon City should be Neon Tactical, a trustworthy place to get you geared up for the city’s criminal underside. Aside from the weapons, the shop owner, Frank, has the Bare Metal quest for you to take on.

starfield neon city neon tactical
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Newill’s Goods

Stop by Newill's Goods at the city’s core; you can stock up on further supplies in this shop and pick up the All For One quest.

starfield neon city newill's good
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Legrandes Liquors

Have you ever heard of the famous beverage 'Blend' that every Neon City resident is addicted to? Well, Legrandes Liquors is the place to learn about the secrets behind this drink. Moreover, you can relax and have a few shots to relax in this place.

starfield legrandes liquors
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Ryujin Industries

The key place you must visit in Neon City is Ryujin Industries HQ. It serves as the base of operations for one of the five major factions in the game, and it’s where you can start the Ryujin faction questline. Be sure to fully explore the building for hidden resources and talk to faction NPCs to unlock more vendors for faction items.

starfield neon city ryujin industries
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The Volii Hotel

If you want to spend a night in the city to refresh during your journey, you can meet Minerva Clement at the Volii Hotel. Although costly, it is a perfect spot to pass your time before venturing further into Neon City.

starfiled neon city volii hotel
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The Emporium

The Emporium is a shining plaza that stands out for its decor. While passing through the city, take a peek inside and handle some street things for the Mob Mentality side quest.

starfield neon city the emporium
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Trade Tower

Trade Tower is worth exploring for all the resources hidden in various nooks and crannies. It is the home of several corporations' HQs, so you’re bound to find something useful in the area. The corporations in this plaza include Stroud-Eklund, XenoFresh, and Generdyne Industries, among others.

starfield neon city trade tower
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Astral Lounge

A gorgeous nightclub atop the Trade Tower, Astral Lounge is a fine place to enjoy the alluring Cyberpunk nature of this town with some drinking and dancing. If you have the Kids Stuff trait, you may also stumble upon your parents reminiscing the days of their youth in this club. Before you leave, pick up the Superfan quest there.

starfield neon city the astral lounge
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The Ebbside

So now you’ve made your way to the Ebbside, well, settle down as things get a little dicey in this city from now on. Although you can find some interesting NPCs here and there among a couple of vendors, make sure you don’t linger around these parts for too long. While you’re here, check out Sleepcrate, Frankie’s Grab + Go, Chunks, and some Warehouses in the area. The two major points of interest worth exploring in the Ebbside are mentioned below.

Madame Savage’s Place

While visiting Ebbside, stop by Madame Savage’s Place. This club offers interesting NPC interactions and a mission board for those seeking new adventures. Finally, see Andrea Sandoval inside the club to start a series of epic rival street gang questlines, beginning with The Audition.

starfield neon city madam savage's place
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Neon Warehouse

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From the outside, Neon Warehouse seems like a place every traveller and their cosmic grandmother would take a peek at. However, this place is a hiding spot for a criminal businessman Emmet Goodman. So, if you want to avoid spilling and shedding blood, we recommend staying off the premises.

starfield neon city neon warehouse
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As funky as this bar is, it has seen its fair share of criminal activities. If you’re not vigilant in this area, someone may pop your knees over nothing. You may still want to visit Euphorika to let off some steam or, even better, find a potential crew member for your ship.

starfield neon city euphorika
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The Underbelly

So, you’ve finally made it to the underbelly of Neon City. This place hides a darker, more eerie aspect of society, so be careful with each step. However, amidst shady businesses and hostile creatures, you can find many vendors and food stalls in this place, including Chunk Express, Offworld Eats, and XenoFresh Seafood.


Quikshop, run by Katherine Luzion, is where you can buy all sorts of items as long as you don’t question their origin. You can also sell stolen goods or contraband in this place, and no one will bat an eye.

starfield neon city quikshop
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The last place you should check out in Ebbside is the ever-so-delicious Chunks. No matter where you are in the Settled Systems, Chunks employees maintain their food standards. And this is as true as ever at their branch in this utopian cyberpunk city.

starfield neon city chunks
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Generdyne Industries

The only point of interest worth exploring in this part of the city is Generdyne Industries HQ. Although you must pay a hefty price if you’re caught trespassing in this place, you can treat yourself to some loot boxes containing credits, weapons, and other exciting items if you successfully manage to sneak through.

starfield neon city generdyne industries
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Last but certainly not least, you can find the XenoFresh company facilities in the Underbelly, the corporation responsible for creating Neon City. On the surface, they run a fishing business, but their practices are more than ‘fishy’. Outsiders are not welcome inside their facilities, so don’t even think about heading in unless you have a death wish.

starfield neon city xenofresh
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Those are the major points of interest in Neon City. Once you're done with these places to visit, you should travel to New Atlantis and check out our guide to the biggest city in the known galaxy. Also, take a look at our list of the best side quests and all space activities.

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