Starfield Main Mission 6 Walkthrough - All That Money Can Buy

starfield all that money can buy quest starfield logo in the sky

starfield all that money can buy quest starfield logo in the sky

After collecting a few artifacts, it's time to grab another. Walter Stroud accompanies you to make a trade deal to get a new Artifact. However, this deal doesn't go down as easily as Walter promises. You're in for a bunch of espionage, sneaking, breaking in and an unexpected encounter with a powerful unknown entity in the All That Money Can Buy quest.

All That Money Can Buy Walkthrough

Tip - The Persuasion and Security skills make this quest much easier for you. Be sure to bring some digipicks with you as well.

Talk To Walter Stroud

You start the quest by talking to Walter Stroud at The Lounge in New Atlantis. He'll tell you about an Artifact he has tracked down in Neon and that he needs someone to accompany him and apply pressure for the trade deal.

starfield all that money can buy walter stroud dialogue
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Travel to Neon

Grav Jump to the Volii System and land at Neon City after the Contraband scan is completed. Note that this is Freestar Collective territory.

starfield all that money can buy volii grav jump
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Check in at Stroud-Eklund HQ on Neon

Head to the Stroud-Eklund HQ in Neon City so that Walter can grab the Credits needed for the transaction.

starfield all that money can buy stroud eklund hq
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Talk to Issa Eklund

You'll meet Walter Stroud's wife, Issa Eklund, here, who will engage in a bit of banter with Stroud, and they'll decide to investigate and make some pre-emptive arrangements before the meeting. You'll be tasked with three things.

  • Hire Security
  • Hack the Door
  • Investigate the Seller
starfield all that money can buy issa eklund
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Stroud will provide you with 1,000 Credits for this investigation.

Hire Security at the Astral Lounge

Head back down to the lobby and into the Astral Lounge upstairs. Walk up to the Bartender and ask him about the security packages. He'll initially say that you can hire security for 4000 Credits. If you persuade him successfully by telling him Stroud is coming, he'll drop it down to 1,000 Credits.

starfield all that money can buy boone security deal dialogue
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Check the Door Controls

Head into the lift in the Astral Lounge and go upstairs. Go into your designated room and lockpick the Novice tier lock on the computer there. This will let you override the door and prevent the seller from leaving.

starfield all that money can buy hack security vip door
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Investigate the Seller

To investigate the seller, you'll first have to go through the reference contact. This will also require you to use the persuasion skill or pay up to 2500 Credits for information regarding the seller. You have to talk to James Newill at the Newill Goods store.

starfield all that money can buy james newill dialogue
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He'll tell you about the Seller's room in Sleepcrate One.

Search the Seller's SleepCrate

Head to Ebbside in Neon City and go to the Seller's Sleepcrate room. It'll be locked shut with a novice tier lock, but you can easily open this door and access the computer inside.

starfield all that money can buy musgrove computer in sleepcrate one
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The computer files will reveal that the seller, Musgrave, is in a tight spot and needs to sell off the Artifact quickly.

Talk to Walter Stroud

Report all this information to Walter Stroud at the Stroud-Eklund HQ; he'll be ready for the meeting.

Go to the Astral Lounge

Head to the Astral Lounge with Walter Stroud in tow. He'll ask you to locate the seller with a big briefcase and use the password 'Ramsay and Travers'.

starfield all that money can buy walter stroud find seller dialogue
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Locate the Seller

The seller, Musgrove, will be standing next to the counter where you talked to Boone Morgan. Talk to him and mention the password to prompt the meeting.

starfield all that money can buy musgrove with case leaning against wall in astral lounge
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Head to the Meeting Room

Report to Walter and head up the elevator to your designated VIP meeting room.

Negotiate for the Artifact

Musgrave will try to pressure you and ask you to pay double the price. However, if you've done your due diligence, you can put pressure back on him and have him agree to the original price without him fighting back. You can always lock the door or call security to have him pipe down.

starfield all that money can buy deal completed dialogue
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Deal with the Slayton Agent Outside

Once you've grabbed the Artifact, you'll meet a Slayton Agent outside your room, trying to threaten you for the Artifact. You can choose to kill him, persuade him to stand down or call security to have him removed.

starfield all that money can buy slayton agent threat
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Go to Slayton Aerospace HQ

Walk down the hall, and Issa will tell you that Slayton has impounded your ship and put a bounty on your head. You'll now have to confront him directly at the Slayton Aerospace HQ.

starfield all that money can buy slayton aerospace HQ lobby
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Find a Way to the Next Floor

You can gain access by lockpicking the door to access the executive room nearby, persuade the receptionist by telling her you're here to make a trade deal with Walter Stroud in tow or choose to kill everyone and have your way.

Take the Elevator

Once you've got access you just need to go use the Elevator in the main lounge.

starfield all that money can buy slayton aerospace HQ lobby elevator
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Go to the Next Floor

As you climb the tower, the elevator will halt because Slayton has caught wind of your actions. Luckily, Issa saved the day by hacking into the system. You can now follow her guidance and sneak through several vents and doors to reach the outside of the tower.

starfield all that money can buy slayton aerospace HQ vents
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The alternative is facing the entire Slayton security force and his security robots to brute force your way through the building. You can head outside the tower once you've reached this floor.

starfield all that money can buy slayton aerospace HQ vent on ceiling
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Climb the Trade Tower

Once outside, you'll have to take down around 5 of Slayton's security guards on the rooftops of Neon. After this, you can walk right up into his office.

Confront Nicolaus Slayton

Once you've reached Slayton's office, you'll have to talk to him and decide what to do here. You can attack and kill Nicolaus Slayton or let Walter make a business deal with him. If you make a business deal, you can decide Musgrove's fate.

starfield all that money can buy slayton confrontation dialogue
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Talk to Musgrove

Musgrove will be lying in a pool of blood in Slayton's office. You can choose his fate here. You can let him go, turn him in to the authorities or kill him. He claims that he committed his crime as he was laid off after ten years of service. You can choose to let him go, and there will be no negative consequences for this.

starfield all that money can buy musgrove dying
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Loot the Office(optional)

A chest on the left side of Slayton's office can have legendary gear and a decent amount of Credits. If you head into the next room, you'll find a Contraband chest behind an Expert lock.

starfield all that money can buy office chest with loot
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Since you're already in Neon, you can grab the goods and sell them to the local Trade Authority without smuggling Contraband. If the Trade Authority doesn't have enough credits, sleep in the Volii Hotel by renting a room across the street for 300 Credits a night for 48 hours.

Take Off From Neon

You must board your ship and take off into space to finish the quest. Just so you know, the quest will abruptly end here, and you'll begin the next main mission, Starborn.

All That Money Can Buy Quest Rewards

Here are our rewards for the All That Money Can Buy quest. The rewards can vary based on your level and gear.

  • Credits - 10,000
  • EXP - 440
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Ammunition
starfield all that money can buy ship takeoff and rewards
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That concludes our All That Money Can Buy quest walkthrough in Starfield. With main mission six done, you can now head to Mission 7: Starborn and learn more about these mysterious beings.

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