Starfield Controls - Button Configuration For PC and Xbox

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Starfield controls
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield controls are something fans have been hoping to discover for quite some time. With so many systems in place that range from extensive ship customisation to one of the most complete character creation editors, exploring the hundreds of planets available should be as comfortable as possible.

Button configuration in modern games often comes to personal taste; however, developers usually try to optimise their default settings, making it, in many cases, the best way to experience titles. We expect Starfield to be no different.

In this guide, we'll take a look at the Starfield controls for both PC and Xbox using a keyboard and controller.

Starfield Xbox controls

There are plenty of systems in place, so Starfield will feature two configurations for regular gameplay and Spaceship controls.

astronaut looks at ringed planet
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Credit: Bethesda
Plenty of controls in Starfield!

First, let's look at regular gameplay.

Action Button
Reload/Seathe WeaponX
Throw grenadeRB
Primary attackRT
LookR stick
MeleeClick R stick
Data menuStart
Toggle POVOptions
Quick keysD-pad
PowerLB + RB
MoveL stick
SprintClick L stick
Hand scanner/FlashlightLB
Secondary attackLT

Now, the spaceship button configuration.

Action Button
Fire weapon 0RT
Fire weapon 1LT
Open scannerLB
Switch flight modesRB
Toggle POVOptions
Data menuStart
MoveL stick
Fire boostersClick L stick
LookR stick
Fire boostersClick R stick
Fire weapon 2Y
Ship actionX
Select targetA
D-pad UPIncrease system power
D-pad LEFTPrevious system
D-pad RIGHTNext system
D-pad DOWNDecrease power system

Starfield PC controls

Now, let's dive deep into what you can expect from Starfield controls on PC.

Action Key or input
Move forwardW
Strafe left A
Move backS
Strafe rightD
JumpSpace bar
SneakLeft CTRL
SprintLeft SHIFT
Primary attackMouse button 1
Secondary attackMouse button 2
Throw grenadeG
Reload/Seathe weaponR
Hand scanner/FlashlightF
Open data menuTAB
Camera zoom inMouse wheel up
Camera zoom outMouse wheel down
Toggle POVMouse button 3
Toggle always-runCaps Lock

Here are the spaceship controls on PC.

Action Key or input
Toggle POVQ
Switch flight modesSpace bar
Ship alternate control holdLeft ALT
Fire boostersLeft SHIFT
Fire weapon 0Mouse button 1
Fire weapon 1Mouse button 2
Fire weapon 2G
Ship actionR
Select target E
Increase powerUp arrow
Decrease system powerDown arrow
Next systemRight arrow
Previous systemLeft arrow
Open scannerF

Finally, take a look at some quick keys you'll be able to use on PC.

Action Key or input
Open quick-keysQ
Quick-keys 1-101-10
Quick-key 11[
Quick-key 12]

Can you customise Starfield controls?

Since the game is yet to be released at the time of writing, with early access just a few days away (except for you Game Pass users, sorry), we don't know if Starfield controls will be customisable.

We're almost sure that with such deep systems in place, Starfield will allow for plenty of button customisation both for those using their Xbox controller and, of course, a keyboard.


In any case, we'll be sure to update this article once we get more confirmation about potential Starfield control customisation once the game is out in the wild.

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