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planet System Resources Type Gravity Temperature Atmosphere Magnetosphere Fauna Flora
sp Jemison planets Image


alpha centaurirock0.91 gtemperatestd o2strongabundantabundant
sp Van Maanen I planets Image

Van Maanen I

van maanen's starice0.03 gdeep freezenonenonenonenone
sp Volii Epsilon planets Image

Volii Epsilon

voliirock0.44 gcoldthin mweakprimordialnone
sp Alpha Andraste VI planets Image

Alpha Andraste VI

alpha andrasterock1.67 gdeep freezeextr n2powerfulnonenone
sp Burran planets Image


cheyennebarren1.09 gfrozennonevery strongnonenone
sp Umanah planets Image


nirahice0.08 gdeep freezenonenonenonenone
sp Ternion II planets Image

Ternion II

alpha ternion
rock1.51 ginfernoextr co2powerfulnonenone
sp Jupiter planets Image


gas giant2.65 gfrozenh₂extremenonenone
sp Altair II planets Image

Altair II

altairrock1.34 gcoldhigh o2powerfulmarginalmarginal
sp Zeta Ophiuchi III planets Image

Zeta Ophiuchi III

zeta ophiuchibarren0.77 gdeep freezenonepowerfulnonenone
sp Zosma II planets Image

Zosma II

zosmarock1.49 gcoldstd n2weaknonenone
sp Mars planets Image


solrock0.38 gcoldthin co2nonenoneprimordial
sp Tirna IX planets Image

Tirna IX

alpha tirnaice0.22 gdeep freezenonenonenonenone
sp XI Ophiuchi IX planets Image

XI Ophiuchi IX

xi ophiuchibarren0.79 gdeep freezenonevery strongnonenone
sp Tirna III planets Image

Tirna III

alpha tirnarock1.29 gcoldhigh mpowerfulnonenone
sp Ursae Minor III planets Image

Ursae Minor III

ursae minorisrock1.52 gfrozenextr maveragenonenone
sp Xi Ophiuchi IV planets Image

Xi Ophiuchi IV

xi ophiuchirock1.08 gcoldstd maveragenonenone
sp Zelazny VI planets Image

Zelazny VI

zelaznyrock0.84 gfrozenhigh n2averagenonenone
sp Ternion VI planets Image

Ternion VI

alpha ternionrock0.54 gfrozenthin n2very weaknonenone
sp Ternion VIII planets Image

Ternion VIII

alpha ternionice0.29 gdeep freezenonenonenonenone
sp Uranus planets Image


ice giant0.92 gdeep freezeh₂weaknonenone
sp Altair V planets Image

Altair V

altairbarren0.55 gdeep freezenoneweaknonenone
sp Earth planets Image


solrock1.00 gcoldthin co2nonenonenone
sp Algorab I  planets Image

Algorab I

algorabrock0.79 ginfernostd co2weaknonenone
sp Tirna II planets Image

Tirna II

alpha tirnarock0.88 gtemperatestd o2powerfulmoderatemoderate

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