Starfield Colony War Explained

Starfield character
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield character
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

The new game from Bethesda has decent lore with many important events, and below we are going to tell you everything we know about the Starfield Colony War. The result of this armed conflict will be quite important for the world of the game.

So, here you will find some information about this Colony War and what exactly happened there. A brief description of the event itself and the two sides that participated in it will help you understand the current political situation in the world of Starfield.

What Happened During the Colony War in Starfield?

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Credit: Bethesda
Will there be a second colony war to prevent?

The Colony War was a huge armed conflict between two major powers. These are called the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. We have yet to find out the true cause of this war. Currently, we only know that it happened 20 years before the events of Starfield, in 2310 AD.

Mechs were used heavily by both sides during the war, their use was banned after the fighting ended. The Freestar Collective mastered the use of mechs, while the United Colonies resorted to using controlled alien beasts from their Xenowarfare division. The use of the UC's Xenowarfare was also banned at the resolution of the Colony War.

This war was the biggest and the bloodiest in the universe of Starfield and ended up in a very fragile peace. There still seems to be some serious tension between both sides, even 20 years after the conflict was resolved. You can still see an old mech battleground in the game, standing as a reminder of the bloody conflict.

How Does the Colony War Affect the World of Starfield?

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Credit: Bethesda
Off to negotiate a treaty?

The consequences of this war should be noticeable in Starfield. As already mentioned, both sides are still at odds and a new conflict may soon begin. Also, there are a bunch of other factions that act on their own and don’t make the situation easier. Constellation is probably one of the most important among them and will be mentioned later in this article.

Who Are the United Colonies?

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Credit: Bethesda
Diplomacy will be key to survival

First, let’s talk about the biggest power in the setting of Starfield. At least, that’s how the United Colonies are described. This faction is a centralized republic that consists of numerous colonies of the Settled Systems. This state looks like some kind of perfect sci-fi republic that represents the best qualities of advanced and enlightened humanity.

The capital of the United Colonies is called New Atlantis, and it is built on the planet Jamison, Alpha Centauri system. This city is quite old and was founded in 2161. Since then, it has become quite an important place and even the headquarters of Constellation is located there.

The United Colonies seem to tend to put the interests of the entire humanity above the interests of the individual. In addition, it looks like the government sometimes manipulates citizens in the interests of those who are above the common folk. Such a system can cause suffering to certain individuals and perhaps this is one reason why the Colony War started.

The state is run by the organization called MAST, which is an abbreviation for the Military, Administrative, and Scientific Triumvirate. Currently, we know the name of one of their leaders, Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan. As for different security organizations, there are UC SysDef, UC Sec, and UC Vanguard. Right now, we don’t know much about these three and their roles.

Who Are the Freestar Collective?

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Credit: Bethesda
Will there also be time travel back to the colony war?

The Freestar Collective is some kind of libertarian confederation that has the second-strongest military in the Settled Systems. They look like space cowboys, and overall, the design of the faction is described as a sci-fi western. So, the Freestar Collective is somewhat similar to the Commonwealth Minutemen from Fallout 4.

The main city of this state is Akila City, which is the capital of the confederation. It is located on the planet Akila, Cheyenne system, and is almost as old as New Atlantis. The exact year of its foundation is 2167.

The ideology of the Freestar Collective revolves around personal freedom and praising the individuality of each decent human being. Such ideals seem to oppose the United Colonies and their beliefs.

One of the main organizations of this faction is called the Freestar Rangers. These are some kind of peacekeepers or sheriffs who protect the people of the collective and keep order. Their headquarters is called The Rock.

What Is Starfield About?

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Was this planet a mistake to land on?

In Starfield, you will play a character called the Spacefarer. The first organization you will join is called Constellation and consists of various scientists and adventurers. It seems that the main quest line will revolve around these explorers and their attempts to find the truth about the universe and different artifacts.

Also, there will be other organizations that may try to help or kill you. For example, the violent Spacers, the cruel Ecliptic Mercenaries, and the pirates of the Crimson Fleet are likely to be our foes. However, the player will be able to join the last ones if they wish so. Also, we will encounter less-known factions, such as religious fanatics from House Va'Ruun.

The player will most likely have the opportunity to join one of two sides in a potential second Colony War in Starfield. Yes, I’m talking about the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective. They may remind you of the Empire and the Stormcloak from Skyrim. Perhaps we will get an improved version of the Civil War from Skyrim, which was a bit unimpressive compared to what the developers had planned.

Modern technology is better than in 2011, which means that the developers have more tools to create a decent faction war. However, just like in Skyrim, the player will most likely have the option to ignore both sides.

As a member of Constellation, the player character will be free to explore the world, and a new Colony War in Starfield may be just one of several paths you can take. There should be some factions or quests that allow the player to become a trader, a smuggler, or a badass space bounty hunter. So, even if you decide not to participate in the conflict between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, you will probably have plenty of activities to do.

Starfield will be a huge RPG, and the fact that its setting is sci-fi makes it even more exciting. There aren’t many games in this genre and it’s nice to see a new face in this niche. Also, the fact that Starfield is a Bethesda game only raises expectations, and hopefully, we will be able to play it soon!

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