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Short Sighted is one of the shortest missions in Starfield. Vladimir Sall tasks you to help with repairs and upgrades that need to be done to The Eye, Constellation's space station. Meet up with the crew and help them out with their specific tasks in Starfield Main Mission 9: Short Sighted.

Main Mission 9 Short Sighted Walkthrough

Go to The Eye

You will need to head to The Eye, which is floating in the orbit of Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Once you are aboard The Eye, You will encounter three quest markers. The quest marker leads you to the crew members aboard The Eye. Time to check in on everyone.

Check in on Everyone

There are a few steps to this section. You must go around The Eye and help each member of Constellation.

Test Computer for Barrett

Barrett is located in the central part of the eye, on the left side of Vladimir’s station. Go into the room and interact with the computer located to his right. Run the Test Computer file to test his software and complete the task.

starfield short sighted barrett computer
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Weld for Sam Coe

Sam Coe is on the ship's right side, working on the panels with Cora Coe. We need to do some welding for Sam. Pick up the welder on the floor next to him to finish the job quickly.

starfield short sighted sam coe welding task
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Assemble Mechanical Parts for Andreja

Andreja can be found in the Cafeteria on the ship's right side. She asks you to help with the assembly of mechanical parts. Interact with the parts located on top of a table to her right.

starfield short sighted andreja task
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Use the Wrenches for Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is located in the central part of the ship, right behind Vladimir. Approach Sarah and interact with her. She tells you that she needs help with the wrenches. The wrenches are located just to the right, on a table under two monitors. Use the wrenches to finish the task. Something will go wrong while you do this at the end of the mission, and you'll have to talk to Vlad.

starfield short sighted sarah morgan task
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Talk to Vladimir

Once you are done helping out the crew in their tasks, It is time to head back to Valdimir and finish the quest. He says he'll handle the messed-up repairs and has a more urgent task for you.

starfield short sighted vladimir talk
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Short Sighted Quest Rewards

Here are the rewards for the Short Sighted main quest in Starfield.

  • Assortment of Random Manufacturing Parts
  • EXP - 700
  • Credits - 4000
starfield short sighted rewards
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That concludes our walkthrough for Main Mission 9 - Short Sighted. Prepare for your next task in Main Mission 10 - No Sudden Moves.

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