Starfield - Are There Multiple Endings?

Multiple art deco posters for starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Multiple art deco posters for starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Getting one ending in a massive RPG like Starfield may be time-consuming to see on its own. When you bring multiple endings into the equation, the game has the potential to be endless, and Starfield has several of them.

Bethesda repeatedly proves their titles stand the test of time. Unlike many games released alongside these epics, Bethesda games get played and modded for decades after release. In this article, we will look at Starfield and the multiple endings in the game.

Does Starfield Have Multiple Endings?

Starfield only has a single proper ending. However, there are many variations to this ending that you can achieve depending on the choices you've made throughout the game.

The main quest will be the one Constellation gave you. Tasked with assembling the alien artifacts to uncover the mysteries of the universe, following this path will see you get to the end of the main storyline. However, some choices are important, and they'll affect your outcome.

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Once you're at the end of Starfield and reach the Unity, the centre of all creation and Universes, you will see visions around you that show the fate of your current Universe. These variations dictate the fate of the Universe you're about to leave behind.

Traits, skills, backgrounds and even faction choices make a difference in the various endings you get.

Starfield All Ending Variations and How to Get Them

Here are all the variations you can achieve for Starfield's many storylines and important decisions.

Unity Ending

The Unity ending refers to your decision to walk through the Unity and be reborn into an alternate world or to stay in your current Universe and leave things as they are. If you choose to be reborn, you begin New Game Plus, but nothing happens if you decide to stay. However, you can return to the Unity at any time.

Constellation Endings

There is only a single ending for the Constellation group, and it shows them all living happily and continuing their exploration of the unknowns of space.

Romance Endings

Depending on who your primary romantic companion was in Starfield, you get various different ending outcomes for the universe.

  • If you romanced Sarah Morgan, she will choose to be reborn and follow you into the next Universe. The spirit of exploration spreads across the Universe. Your love bolsters marriages and relationships. More children are born.
  • If you romanced Andreja, she will also choose to be reborn and follow you into the next Universe. People begin questioning the antiquated beliefs and practices of House Va'ruun. Your love bolsters marriages and relationships. More children are born.

Starborn Endings

The Starborn endings decide the universe's fate depending on who you choose, between the Emissary or Hunter. This decision also dictates the final boss of the game.

  • If the Emissary takes control, he takes charge, and many new and enlightened Starborn are born under his rule as he learns to be more lenient due to your faith in him.
  • If the Hunter takes charge, he will choose to be reborn, and his spirit of individuality and hunger for power spreads across many other individuals in the Universe.
  • If no one takes control, then the fate of the Universe is left in the hands of the people in the Settled Systems without the influence of the Starborn.

Faction Endings

Your choices within the factions will also decide the outcome of the power balance in the Settled Systems. For example, if you chose to side with SysDef or the Crimson Fleet.

  • If you complete the United Colony Vanguard Questline, then the newly developed microbe will be used to drive the Terrormorph species to extinction. Fear of aliens declines, and people believe the UC is the safest place in the Universe.
  • If you complete the Freestar Collective Questline, you'll see that a new sense of justice and responsibility blossoms in the Freestar Collective. Acts of heroism are praised and supported even more. If you spare Ron Hope, then HopeTech becomes a humbler organization. Appreciation for hard labor grows, and ambitions about wealth decline.
  • If you completed the Crimson Fleet Questline, there are two outcomes. Siding with SysDef helps them eradicate the presence of the Crimson Fleet, and space becomes a much safer place for all. Siding with the Fleet allows them to continue their expansion, and space becomes dangerous but free for those who wish to engage in adventures and piracy.

Starfield Endings and New Game Plus

In a GQ magazine interview, Bethesda legend Todd Howard confirmed a form of New Game Plus in Starfield. This was doubled when Pete Hines attended a Q&A session during Gamescom 2023.

Once you enter the Unity, you can restart your Starfield campaign with new Starborn dialogue options and choices. There will be more to do that can only be experienced after the main story's conclusion. Learn everything that New Game Plus has to offer.

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Credit: Bethesda
Hero, or villain?

That's everything we know about the multiple-ending variations in Starfield. If you're interested in more guides, learn about the multiple endings and how to build outposts on water.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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