All Starfield Achievements and How to Complete

Starfield: The character on the beautiful planet
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield: The character on the beautiful planet
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda is a studio that knows how to create interesting worlds where you can have a lot of fun, and in this article, we will tell you about all the Starfield achievements you can unlock and exactly how to unlock them. These little challenges are there for completionists and can keep you entertained for a long time if done right.

A great open-world RPG should have varied achievements to encourage exploration of the world. So, let's look at how good these challenges are in Starfield.

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Credit: Bethesda
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This article contains spoilers for Starfield, so read no further if you want to go in with fresh eyes.

Starfield Achievements List

  • A Legacy Forged

Complete the Quest A Legacy Forged which is part of the UC Vanguard questline.

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  • All That Money Can Buy

Complete the All That Money Can Buy story quest. This is a main quest, so it's not missable. Work with Walter Eklund to get an artifact from a seller in the Neon City.

  • Entangled

Complete the Entangled story quest. Entangled is another unmissable main story quest.

  • Executive Level

Complete the final mission of the Ryujin Industries questline to get the Executive Level achievement.

starfield ryujin industries contract signup
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  • Guilty Parties

Complete the Guilty Parties mission of the Ryujin Industries questline to get the achievement.

  • High Price to Pay

Complete the High Price to Pay Quest of the main story to get the achievement. This is a main story quest, so you can't miss it.

starfield eye or the lodge
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  • In Their Footsteps

Complete the main story quest In Their Footsteps to unlock the achievement in Starfield.

  • Into the Unknown

Complete the Into the Unknown quest and receive your first power to get the achievement.

starfield powers
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  • Legacy’s End

Complete the Legacy's End quest from the Crimson Fleet questline and choose between the United Colonies or the Crimson Fleet in one of the most important story decisions for the achievement.

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  • One Giant Leap

Complete the final mission of the main story to get the One Giant Leap achievement and embark on your New Game Plus journey.

  • Surgical Strike

Complete the Surgical Strike quest that is part of the Freestar Collective questline for the achievement.

freestar collective marshall blake
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  • The Best There Is

Complete the quest The Best There Is from the Crimson Fleet questline to get the achievement.

  • The Devils You Know

Complete the quest The Devils You Know, a quest which is part of the UC Vanguard questline.

  • The Hammer Falls

Complete the final quest in the Freestar Collective questline to get The Hammer Falls achievement.

  • Unearthed

Complete the main story quest "Unearthed" where you have to side with the Hunter or Emissary.

starfield hunter or emissary
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  • Dust Off

Have your character reach Level 5. Easily done through the main story.

  • Traveler

Have your character reach Level 10. Can be done quickly through the first few missions.

  • Elite

Have your character reach level 25. Use our early-game XP farming method for this.

  • Space Opera

Have your character reach level 50. Use our mid-game XP farming method for this.

  • Reach for the Stars

Have your character reach level 100. Use our late-game XP farming method for this.

  • Back to the Grind

Join the Ryujin Industries by interacting with their Kiosk and going to Neon for the Back to the Grind achievement.

starfield neon city
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  • Deputized

Join the Freestar Rangers by travelling to Akila City for the Deputized achievement.

starfield freestar collective
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  • One Small Step

Join the Constellation after the first quest in the game for the One Small Step achievement.

starfield constellation faction lodge
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  • Rook Meets King

Join the Crimson Fleet for the Rook Meets King achievement.

starfield crimson fleet soldier in armor
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  • Supra et Ultra

Join the UC Vanguard in New Atlantis on Jemison for the Supre et Ultra achievement.

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  • For All, Into the Starfield

Perform your first takeoff into space during the first mission.

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  • Home Sweet Home

Build your first outpost to get the Home Sweet Home achievement.

  • Shipping Magnate

Connect 5 Outposts with Cargo Links for the Shipping Magnate achievement.

  • I Use Them For Smuggling

Smuggle Contraband for the first time to get the I Use Them For Smuggling achievement.

  • Chief Engineer

Modify a Ship for the first time to get the Chief Engineer achievement.

starfield starship builder
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  • Fleet Commander

Collect 10 ships to get the Fleet Commander achievement by either buying them, finding them or stealing them.

  • Another Bug Hunt

Eliminate 300 Creatures to get the Another Bug Hunt achievement.

  • Boots on the Ground

Land on 100 planets to get the Boots on the Ground achievement.

  • The Stars My Destination

Visit all Star Systems to get The Stars My Destination achievement.

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  • Stellar Cartography

Visit 20 Star Systems to get the Stellar Cartography achievement. Kick off your journey as a space explorer.

  • Cyber Jockey

Bypass 50 Digital locks by learning how to lockpick to get the Cyber Jockey achievement.

  • Dark Matter

To get the Dark Matter achievement, kill 300 human enemies such as spacers, ecliptic mercenaries, and enemy soldiers.

  • Fixer

Complete 30 activities from your activity tab in the quests menu by talking to NPCs, visiting locations, and completing miscellaneous tasks.

  • Privateer

Complete 30 miscellaneous missions or missions from the various mission boards.

starfield mission board
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  • Industrialist

Produce 500 Total Resources from Outposts to get the Industrialist achievements. Advanced players can set up automated outposts for this achievement.

  • Jacked In

Interact with 50 computers to get the Jacked In achievement. Note that vendor kiosks count towards this achievement's progress, as well as computers found in facilities.

  • Life Begate Life

Gather 500 Organic Resources to get the Life Begate Life achievement. You can do this easily by setting up a Greenhouse.

  • Replicator

Craft 100 Items to get the Replicator achievement in Starfield. Crafting is also a popular early XP farm method.

starfield adaptive frame crafting
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  • Rock Collection

Awaken your inner Geologist and Gather 500 Inorganic Resources to get the Rock Collection achievement.

  • Soldier of Fortune

Mod 50 Weapons to get the Solider of Fortune achievement.

  • Thirst for Knowledge

Read 20 Skill Magazines to get the Thirst For Knowledge achievement. Learn all about their perks and locations in our Skill Magazines guide.

starfield skill magazine
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  • War of Angels

Collect 20 Quantum Essence to get the War of Angels achievement. You can gather this from Starborn enemies and use it to restore your power bar.

starfield starborn
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  • The Family You Choose

Recruit 10 Separate Companions to get The Family You Choose achievement. Don't miss out on secret companions such as Amelia Earhart and Erick Von Price.

starfield erick von price companion
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  • Starcrossed

Reach Maximum Relationship Level with a Companion. You must learn how to romance one of the four romanceable companions. Check out our guides for them:

That concludes our list of all the achievements in Starfield and how you can get them easily. Until then, read up on things players love about Starfield and the upcoming Starfield DLC.

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