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Senior Editor

Alister Kennedy

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Starting at the AllGames Network in 2012, Alister has since written for many gaming outlets, such as Game Rant and The Xbox Hub. From Bethesda's wastelands of Fallout, the mountains of Skyrim... and now, into the Starfield.

Social & Video Executive

Kristoffer Alfonte

Kris started his video and social media career at Gfinity Esports in 2021. A hardcore gamer who loves sci-fi and fantasy. Fallout 3 and Skyrim were his favorite Bethesda games, and he's now crazy for Starfield.

News Writer

Leo Layson

From esports news to listicles for games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Starfield, Leonard has got you covered. If he isn't writing or talking about video games, he's busy binge-watching Bluey.

Guides Writer

Syed Hamza Bakht

A lifelong gamer and nerd about pop culture, Hamza discovered a love for RPGs with Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. Enthusiastic about all things Starfield and forever waiting on the Elder Scrolls VI.

Mark is both a passionate writer and an avid gamer. He's either playing Fallout 3 or writing screenplays when not writing news for Starfield. During weekends, he goes out for photography and independent film acting.