Starfield Guns and Weapons Guide

A character using a rifle with a scope in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

A character using a rifle with a scope in Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

To live in a universe as diverse and often as dangerous as Starfield will require us to arm ourselves to the teeth with the best weapons at our disposal. Whether you want futuristic laser and particle beam weapons, explosive heavy guns or just the old-school classics, there's a gun in Starfield for you!

You'll sift through new weapons for yourself and pick up enemy loot. It helps to know what guns are the best and you should keep an eye out for. You'll have nine guns hotkeyed to the quick select if you're like us. So you should learn the complete list of Starfield guns and weapons.

It is entirely up to you. While you decide, you can continue reading the following guide to discover all the Starfield weapons.

Starfield Guns and Weapons Guide - Full List

Starfield features hundreds of base weapons with dozens more modifications you can layer on top of them and variations of base weapons with special modifiers that make them unique. We'll cover every gun and weapon in Starfield for you to sift through and pick the best one for your favorite builds.

A character using a rifle in Starfield.
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Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

All Starfield Pistols

Laser Pistols

Ballistic Pistols

EM Pistols

  • Novalight
  • Va'ruun Starshard
  • Terror Inflictor
  • The Spacer

All Starfield Assault Rifles

All Ballistic Rifles

All Laser Rifles

All Particle Beam Rifles

All Starfield Snipers

  • Beowulf
  • Despondent Assassin
  • Hard Target
  • Head Ranger
  • Hunterwulf
  • Lawgiver
  • MagSniper
  • Old Earth Sniper Rifle
  • Peacemaker
  • Speechless Fire
  • The Last Breath

All Starfield Shotguns

All Ballistic Shotguns

All EM Shotguns

All Starfield Heavy Weapons

All Heavy Grenade Launchers

All Beam Heavy Weapons

  • Arc Welder

All Heavy Miniguns

All Starfield Melee Weapons

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