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You begin your journey at the Argos Extraction Mining Outpost on the Moon of Vectera. After the initial cutscene ends, the lift will stop, and you will have full control of your character. This is where the fun begins...

Follow Supervisor Lin

Pretty straightforward: walk forward following the control prompt displayed on the screen, listen to Supervisor Lin's advice and follow her as she walks deeper into the mine. You can talk to the miners as you walk near them - press the button prompt to hear them speak when the talk option appears.

standing on an elevator two characters walk ahead
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Get the cutter

Collect your cutter; you can find it in the yellow crate next to Supervisor Lin.

lin stands next to the cutter crate
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Collect mineral deposits

Use the cutter's laser on the indicated mineral deposits around the cave. Fire the tool and aim at each of the minerals while firing to collect them all.

looking out to mineral deposits in the mine
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Return to Supervisor Lin

After you have collected all five mineral deposits, turn around and head back to the place where Supervisor Lin was standing at the entrance next to the yellow crate.

a character ahead uses a laser cutter to mine
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Follow Supervisor Lin

Once again, follow Supervisor Lin further into the mine. Wait for the machinery to finish and reverse out of the way, then continue following Lin.

the cutter crate is on the left lin walks ahead
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Explore the cavern

As the path narrows and heads upwards, Heller and Lin will stop and instruct you to advance towards the marker. At the top of the narrower path, follow the cavern round and down to the bottom.

Break up the deposits

At the bottom, head forward towards the strange crystal-like structure and use your cutter again to blast away the rock.

a large crystal-like rock
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Take the strange object

Lift the object and watch the cutscene.

Using the laser to break through the rock
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Character Creation

You will be awakened outside the mine in a med bay by Heller and Lin. This is where you can tweak and create your character however you see fit.

When you have finished, pick an answer to Lin’s question and go with her to meet the client.

Follow Lin

Once more, follow Supervisor Lin to go meet with the buyer.

the player is in the med bay after passing out
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Search around the med bay before proceeding to find some handy items like the first aid pack on the wall next to the X-ray machine, and search in the lockers by the computer for more loot.

Proceed through to the staff room and listen to the banter between the miners. There is also another cutter you can grab to the right before the exit to the staff room.

Equip a helmet

Walk into the red-lit room, Lin will instruct you to put a helmet on. Press menu, then select the lower right to access your inventory by pressing activate. Go down to the fifth category and select helmets, then press activate again to equip the deep mining space helmet.

character equipping a space helmet
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Follow Lin

Lin will open the airlock and head outside, walk with her towards the ship that is landing

a room lit with red light at the exit of the mine
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Meet with the client

Stand next to Lin as Barrett disembarks. Listen to their conversation until you are prompted to select an option to speak. Their conversation is cut short as a ship arrives.

two characters await as a ship lands
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Hold off the pirates

(Optional) Grab a weapon

Run to the marked crate and grab the Eon pistol and the first aid pack beside it. There is also a better weapon that can easily be missed, called the Instigating Kraken; find out how to grab it here.

player next to a crate containing the eon pistol
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Head to the menu screen right away to equip the gun.

Use cover and pick your shots to take out the pirates. Duck down and avoid the incoming fire. Shoot the red flammable barrels around the area to cause an explosion when the pirates are near if you are having trouble.

Talk to Barrett

Once you have cleared out the pirate threat, speak with Barrett once more. He praises your combat skills and invites you to join Constellation. Select a dialogue option when prompted. Barrett will give you a Chronomark watch, and you can select dialogue options to ask more questions should you wish.

barrett hands the player a watch
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Once the conversation ends, Barrett offers you his ship to go meet Constellation.

Board the ship

Head towards the ship with Vasco. Head up the ramp inside, look up at the hatch, then select board.

the frontier on a landing pad
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Take off from Vectera

Head towards the front of the ship and take a seat in the pilots chair, when ready take off from the planet.

view inside the cockpit and flight tutorial
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Learn to fly

(Optional) Power up all systems to skip tutorial

Either follow the tutorial to learn all the ship's controls or power up the systems to skip.

Deal with the Crimson Fleet

Use your weapons as Vasco instructs you to take down the attacker. Try adjusting engine power to make swift manoeuvres. Loot the enemy ship when instructed then prepare to fight two more ships. Take them both out and then loot them afterwards.

view from the cockpit as pirates attack
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Travel to Kreet

Listen to Vasco's advice after destroying all Crimson Fleet ships, then head to the pause menu. Select the upper right to access the star map. Back out once to view the star system and hover the cursor over Kreet. Set a course and then hold to grav jump.

the planet kreet
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Land at the Kreet Research Base.

Go back into the star map, but this time, stay on the planet view and rotate the planet to highlight Kreet Research Lab. Set a landing target, then hold to land.

star map showing the research lab on kreet
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Deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain

Exit the ship, then use the mini-map on the bottom left of the screen to get to the marker. Along the way, you will get a prompt teaching you how to use the scanner to complete survey data.

persuasion dialogue with the pirate captain
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Once you have had some fun scanning the alien creatures, head down and into the lab. Look around for a Med Pack next to the entrance before you head in.

Enter and make your way towards the marker. Be prepared to take out Crimson Fleet pirates on the way. Use cover if you get into a tough spot.

When you meet Brogan, either use Persuasion to talk your way out of the situation or go in find blazing. If you choose to fight utilize the explosive canisters to get the advantage.

Return to the ship

Activate the scanner and look around to locate the ship icon. Then, choose fast travel to quickly get in the cockpit.

Grav jump to Jemison

Head to the mission screen as instructed and press the button indicated to set a course for Jemison. Once the coordinates are locked, hold down the button to grav jump.

the planet jemison
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Land at New Atlantis

After being scanned for contraband, go to the star map, highlight New Atlantis, set a landing target, and prepare to land.

the city of new atlantis
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Go to the lodge (MAST district)

Exit the ship and make your way through the city till you reach the marker at the transit car; it's located down the ramp behind the technician and round to the left behind the fountain. At the door, select MAST district.

front door of the lodge
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When you arrive, head forward up the slope, make a right and head towards your quest marker. Run through the garden full of trees and up the set of stairs at the end. You will find the lodge by following the path around.

Enter the library

Go through the door next to Vasco and walk forward to meet Constellation. The following steps all take place in the library and can provide you with a deeper look into Constellation and its mission.

the members of constellation inside the main library
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Talk to Sarah

Choose whichever option you like when Sarah asks a question; there are no wrong answers here.

Listen to the meeting

The Constellation members will chat amongst themselves and listen to learn more about the mysterious object.

Place the artifact

Approach the table and put the artifact down

Listen to the meeting

Constellation continues discussing the artifact and intelligence existing outside of the Settled Systems.

Talk to Sarah

Sarah will ask you if you want to join the group; when prompted, choose whichever conversation options you like to progress. You will receive some credits, and she tells you they will upgrade your backpack with boost capability.

sarah morgan stands ready
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Mission Complete

You will unlock the achievement One Small Step and receive your rewards.

One Small Step Quest Rewards

This interaction will complete the One Small Step quest, and you'll get the following rewards:

  • EXP - 400
  • Credits - 8000

Now, on to the next stage of your journey - Mission 2: The Old Neighbourhood. You might also want to use this opportunity to grab the Mark 1 Spacesuit from the basement before heading out.

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