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Starfield list of all characters

Starfield aims to provide its players with a deep and rich RPG experience filled with dozens of character interactions. As you juggle between different factions and form alliances with various NPCs, your actions affect the outcome of the story. It can be daunting to keep up with all the Starfield characters available in the game.

Each main character in Starfield has their own unique personality and story. A lot of personality is expected from these Starfield characters, and you should keep it in mind when interacting with them. We have created a list of all the characters in Starfield to help you identify the unique traits of each one. Out of the 20+ main characters who can join you, four of them are from Constellation and will be the main focus.

Starfield Characters List

Here is a complete list of all the characters in Starfield, along with their roles, location, and association.

Character Lore Location/Faction Romanceable
BarrettCompanionConstellation HQUnknown
Sam CoeCompanionAkila CityYes
Sarah MorganCompanionConstellation HQYes
Adoring FanCrew MemberNew AtlantisUnknown
HellerCrew MemberUnknownNo
Marika BorosCrew MemberThe ViewpointNo
Alban LopezNPCTau Ceti II-aUnknown
BroganNPCKreet Research LabNo
Cora CoeNPCAkila CityNo
DadNPCNew AtlantisNo
John TualaNPCMastNo
Kibwe IkandeNPCUC VigilanceNo
Markieff SunderlandNPCUnknownUnknown
Matteo KhatriNPCConstellation HQUnknown
MomNPCNew AtlantisNo
NoelNPCConstellation HQUnknown
Pascual LoganNPCUnknownNo
Vladimir SallNPCConstellationUnknown
Walter StroudNPCConstellation HQUnknown
Aja MamasaNPCConstellationNo
Bernadette LaurentNPCConstellationNo
Chloe BaoNPCConstellationNo
Darius Andris NPCConstellationNo
Everado Gil NPCConstellationNo
Kadri Toma NPCConstellationNo
Sebastian Banks NPCConstellationNo
Solomon CoeNPCFreestar CollectiveNo


Starfield character Barret stands in his spacesuit
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Credit: Bethesda

Barrett is one of the first NPCs you encounter during the opening mission, who can then be hired as your companion. He’s a charming adventurer and scientist working at Constellation who can provide great utility to your team through his skills.

Sam Coe

Starfield character Sam Coe in cowboy gear holding a gun
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Credit: Bethesda

Sam Coe is another member of Constellation and a descendant of Freestar Collective founder Solomon Coe, that can be recruited as your companion. Due to his former association with Freestar Collective, he is sometimes referred to as an “ex-space cowboy”. His expertise as a pilot and rifle skills are of great value.

Sarah Morgan

Starfield character Sarah Morgan stands arms folded
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Credit: Bethesda

Running Constellation as its current head, Sarah Morgan, is ingenious and innovative. She has a knack for leadership and engineering, making her a well-rounded companion for your ship. As she is a vital NPC in the game, make sure to use her skills during your adventure aptly.


Starfield character VASCO a robot companion
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Credit: Bethesda

One of the earliest companions you can recruit, VASCO is a utility robot from Constellation. It provides support in terms of both starship maintenance and a combat defence system, making it an essential part of your crew. Due to the thought and love Bethesda put into the design of this robot, you’ll be hooked by its charm immediately.

Adoring Fan

the Adoring Fan talks with the player
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Credit: Bethesda

Adoring Fan is an NPC easter egg that was first introduced in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. He makes his return to Starfield to join your crew and shower you with compliments. You can find and recruit him in New Atlantis if you choose the Hero Worshipped character trait.


Heller stands talking to the player wearing a spacesuit
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Credit: Bethesda

Heller can be found stranded on a planet while exploring and can be recruited for your ship. His origins and locations remain currently unknown. However, he is believed to be a miner with excellent Outpost Engineering skills.

Marika Boros

Marika Boros sits at a table holding a bottle
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Credit: Bethesda

Marika Boros is a ballistics expert that is located at The Viewpoint Spaceport. She can be hired to your crew, providing you extra support through her skills with shotgun and particle beam weaponry.

Alban Lopez

Barely anything is known about him aside from the fact that he’s an NPC in Starfield, located on the Tau Ceti II-a Planet.


Andreja is another NPC of relatively unknown origin. What we know for sure is that she joined Constellation in the year 2328, several years after Sarah Morgan assumed leadership of the faction.


Brogan is a pirate of the well-known Crimson Fleet, performing duties as the captain of the Crimson Fleet Ghost ship. He has been working at Kreet Research Lab with his men, planning something suspicious.

Cora Coe

Another descendant of Solomon Coe, Cora Coe, hails from Akila City. Not much is known about her currently aside from the fact that she joined Constellation in 2327, along with her father.


As an optional NPC in the game, you can visit and greet your father at your family’s residence in New Atlantis. This can only be achieved if you pick the Kids Stuff trait during character creation. This dad seems like a pretty chill guy, but other than that not much is known about his storyline.


While you can see your dad and mom in the game, the NPC named Grandma is a vendor that can sell you food items. She is a level 10 explorer, travelling on her lonesome in her ship, and can provide some wholesome interactions.

John Tuala

John Tuala talks to the player
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Credit: Bethesda

A Lieutenant of the United Colonies, John Tuala serves under Fleet Admiral Pascual Logan. Although details about this NPC are relatively unknown, we know he is a strong and resolute soldier, often called “a Lieutenant at MAST for the Vanguard” by his commanding officer.

Kibwe Ikande

A distinguished looking Kibke talks to the player
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Credit: Bethesda

The commander of the United Colonies faction, one of the 4 major factions in the game, Kibwe Ikande, is found aboard the UC Vigilance ship. He is considered one of the key NPCs in the game who may have different dialogues for you depending on your character’s background.

Markieff Sunderland

Markieff Sunderland is a funny NPC you come across in a fancy restaurant when exploring the cities. He is petrified to find out that his beans have gone missing and is searching for a spacefarer who can bring them back from the clutches of a beast. If you have the Beast Hunter trait, you can demand double the payment for this quest.

Matteo Khatri

Matteo stands ready
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Credit: Bethesda

The theologian and explorer in the Constellation team, Matteo Khatri, firmly believes in “something greater” than themselves in the Settled Systems. Currently, it is unclear whether he can be recruited as a member of your ship.


Another optional NPC that becomes available after picking the Kids Stuff trait at character creation is your mother. Just like your dad, you can visit Mom at the family residence in New Atlantis. Keep in mind that a percentage of your income will go toward her care.


Noel looking thoughtfully at a monitor
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Credit: Bethesda

A remarkable scientist in the Constellation crew, Noel is ambitious and passionate about going beyond the Settled Systems. She is keen to use her insights into Artifacts and their visions. As of yet, it is unclear whether you can hire her as a companion or crew member in the game.

Pascual Logan

Pascual Logan is a Fleet Admiral at the United Colonies faction. He is a strong and fearsome personality with a deep resentment towards pirates, with a zero-tolerance policy towards the Crimson Fleet.

Vladimir Sall

Vladimir at work behind the bar
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Credit: Bethesda

Vladimir Sall was knee-deep into the life of crime as a free-roaming pirate before his eventual association with Constellation. Now he works as a key explorer and adventurer in the faction as part of its main crew.

Walter Stroud

Walter Stroud looks thoughtful sitting as he converses
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Credit: Bethesda

A wealthy businessman in Starfield, Walter Stroud is the co-owner of Stroud-Ecklund, a starship manufacturing brand. He joined Constellation in 2321 and with his wealth, he became the primary financing backer of the faction. He sees Constellation as an opportunity to make more money.

Aja Mamasa

Regardless as one of the youngest starting members of Constellation, after its establishment in 2275, Aja Mamasa was considered a gifted apprentice of the founder, Sebastian Banks.

Bernadette Laurent

Another early member of Constellation, after its establishment, Bernadette Laurent, comes from a wealthy family. Despite her high status in society, she joined Constellation and worked with Banks due to her knack for adventure and her free-spirited nature.

Chloe Bao

A remarkable physicist, Chloe Bao was also one of the first members to join Constellation soon after it was founded by Banks. She worked with Banks and helped the team with her insight during the early days of Constellation.

Darius Andris

A botanist who joined Constellation soon after its foundation in 2275, Darius was a key part of Sebastian Banks’ crew. He worked in the botany department at the faction and performed research on xeno-flora.

Everado Gil

A well-known smuggler who maintained high social status in society, Everado Gil gave up his criminal activities to become one of the first members of Constellation. The skills he developed as a smuggler helped Banks with some key insight during the faction’s early days.


Kadri Toma

An exceptional scientist with multi-disciplinary skills, Kadri Toma also joined Constellation as a founding member. Her expertise in Biology and Physics helped steer the group's research focus in the right direction.

Sebastian Banks

One of the most renowned figures mentioned in the game, Sebastian Banks, is the founder of Constellation. He established this organization along with a team of competent companions to uncover the mysteries of the universe. He is one of the most important Starfield characters that you will meet on your journey.

Solomon Coe

A legendary figure in the timeline of Starfield, Solomon Coe is regarded as one of the early settlers of the Cheyenne star system. He founded Akila City on the planet Akila as the first Cheyenne settlement in 2167. Moreover, he is also known for his contribution to forming the Freestar Collective organization.

This sums up everything you need to know about all the different Starfield characters and NPCs. As soon as more information is revealed about new Starfield characters, we will make sure to update the list!

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