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Concept art for Starfield, showing an Outpost-like building on a mountainous alien planet.

Concept art for Starfield, showing an Outpost-like building on a mountainous alien planet.

So, what are Outposts in Starfield? The outposts system enables you to establish a customized base camp on almost any planet. The structures you create within your outpost can vary, from small living spaces to extensive resource-generating facilities, depending on the intended use of each building.

As you may have heard, Starfield has over 1,000 planets to explore. You can set up home bases, called Outposts, on each planet. Outposts serve various functions, but you must learn how to build and use them properly.

How Do You Build an Outpost in Starfield?

Screenshot of an outpost beacon from Starfield
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Credit: Bethesda
Location will be crucial in constructing good outposts

Creating an outpost within Starfield involves a straightforward process. Begin the outpost establishment process by activating your scanner and pressing the X button on your gamepad—or the corresponding key on your keyboard. This will position a beacon precisely at your target location, serving as a hub for all interactions concerning your outpost. Some mission boards may even ask you to build outposts on planets.

This beacon serves as a primary interface, enabling you to name your outpost, erect structures, and oversee your crew's activities. You can assign a crew member to manage an outpost for you. The various companions in Starfield provide different buffs that can help boost your Outpost production.

There’s also an integrity metre at the top of the screen. This estimates the structural strength of your outpost. Outposts could fall into disrepair thanks to various factors, ranging from hostile encounters with extraterrestrial beings and humans to environmental deterioration.

An image of Starfield's base building UI
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Credit: Bethesda
An outpost begins to expand

If you're looking to learn all the basics and important aspects of Outposts building, then be sure to check out our Outpost Building guide. We also have a list of the best planets for Outpost Building for you to check out.

How to Get Outpost Structures

Each outpost structure can be crafted and placed from the building menu. Getting an outpost structure is as simple as selecting it and placing it on a suitable surface. However, each structure has its unique material requirement to be met before you can build it. You'll have to mine these materials from planet surfaces and set up outpost extractors to help you do that.

You can unlock more Outpost structures by investing in specific skills. Read on for the best Outpost skills and companions.

Outpost Build Size Limit

When you're in building mode, a build limit bar on the screen's bottom left corner determines the size of your outpost construction. You can construct a moderately large outpost with multiple rooms, but building massive structures might be challenging. Be sure to track this bar while building outposts.

starfield outpost top down menu
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Adding modules to your outpost raises the build limit. Once you reach this limit, you won't be able to add additional items to your outpost. Strategizing your room layout decorations and furniture placement is essential to avoid reaching this cap.

Outpost Module Types

There are 11 types of different Outpost Modules in Starfield.

Outpost Extractors

Outpost extractor modules are designed for passive resource mining. Building these modules on resource veins allows you to mine and gather various resources efficiently. It's advisable to construct outposts on planets and moons rich in diverse resource types to maximize efficiency.

starfield outpost extractor for lead
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Outpost Power Modules

The core of an outpost's functionality lies in its power. Outpost power modules encompass everything necessary to power your outpost and manage the power distribution. Some modules under this category might also have direct power requirements for their operation.

starfield outpost fuelled generator
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Outpost Storage Modules

Storing and organizing the extracted resources is essential. Outpost storage modules specialize in bulk storage of various materials, resources, and items. They also play a crucial role in transferring goods to and from your ship's cargo hold.

starfield outpost storage module
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Outpost Structures

These modules form the basic infrastructure of your outpost. Outpost structures provide necessary rooms and paths within your establishment, from habitable areas (habs) to hallways and other spaces. Set them up with airlocks if you plan on making them livable.

starfield outpost hab
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Outpost Defenses

Safety first! Defence modules shield against potential threats, be it enemies or hostile wildlife. Building these on planets or moons with antagonistic elements can safeguard your outpost and its inhabitants.

starfield outpost turret for defence
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Outpost Robots

Automation and assistance come in the form of robots. Each robot module plays a unique role in maintaining the seamless operation of your outpost, ensuring it runs smoothly even in your absence.

starfield outpost robot
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Outpost Crafting Modules

Beyond mere extraction and storage, resources often need modification. Outpost crafting modules let you enhance your weapons, armour, and other gear. These modules offer amenities like Research Labs and allow the crafting of essentials like food, drink, pharmaceuticals, and components.

Outpost Furniture

Every outpost is a home in the vastness of space. Furniture modules add a touch of comfort, style, and practicality. Whether resting in a bed or sitting in a chair, these modules help make the stay more pleasant and can also help pass the time in the game.

Outpost Decorations

Your outpost reflects your personality. Decoration modules allow for that personal touch, aiding in achieving any design or theme you envision for y our space.

Outpost Displays

A showcase of achievements and tools. Display modules serve as decoration and provide easy access to equipment like spacesuits, helmets, and weapons.

Outpost Miscellaneous Modules

A category for all those modules that don't fit neatly into the above categories. These modules either enhance the accessibility of your outpost or boost the functionality of other existing modules.

Best Outpost Skills

Here are must-have outpost-related skills that will give your Outposts the highest productivity in the harshest environments.

  • Outpost Engineering: Get a more comprehensive selection of Outpost Modules available for building and reduce the resource cost for building them.
  • Outpost Management: Increase cargo links, crew members, robots and extractor production - one of the must-have outpost skills.
  • Planetary Habitation: Allows you to build Outposts on harsher climates and is required for some mid-game XP farms.
  • Research Methods: Reduces material costs for researched products and projects. It allows you to save up resources.
  • Commerce: Surely you'll want to buy cheaper material to upgrade your Outposts and sell your products for higher profits?
  • Botany/Zoology/Geology: Boosts the amount of flora, fauna, and resources you can harvest from Outposts.
  • Special Projects: Boosts your resource output when upgraded to the max. Also, it increases the number of special projects and research items available.

Best Outpost Companions

Here are some companions that will be great at helping your outposts boost their productive capabilities.

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