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resource Type Locations Value Uses Heals For Mass
sp Placeholder Image


resource-11used for various crafting recipes.-0.5
sp Neurologic resources Image


resource-67used for crafting various recipes.-1.4
sp Hypercatalyst resources Image


resource-18used for various crafting recipes.-0.5
sp Placeholder Image

Austenitic Manifold

resource-79used for various crafting recipes.-3.3
sp V (vanadium) resources Image

V (vanadium)

resource-24used for crafting various recipes.-0.7
sp Midnight Delight resources Image

Midnight Delight

foodandbeverage-55restores 5 health points.50.3
sp Titanium resources Image


resource-0.5used for crafting various recipes.-12
sp Placeholder Image


resource-56used for various crafting recipes.-1.4
sp Molecular Sieve resources Image

Molecular Sieve

resource-91used for crafting various recipes.-3
sp Placeholder Image

Alien Jerky

sp Aldumite Drilling Rig resources Image

Aldumite Drilling Rig

resource-421used for various crafting recipes.-7
sp Placeholder Image


resource-19used for various crafting recipes.-0.6
sp Placeholder Image


resource-25used in various crafting recipes.-0.8
sp Hallucinogen resources Image


resource-14used for various crafting recipes.-0.5
sp Placeholder Image


foodandbeverage--can be collected for rewards.--
sp Adaptive frame resources Image

Adaptive frame

24used for various crafting recipes.-1.6
sp Indicite Wafer resources Image

Indicite Wafer

resource-243used for various crafting recipes.-4
sp Patty Melt resources Image

Patty Melt

foodandbeverage-295restores 15 points of health130.5
sp Monopropellant resources Image


resource-76used for crafting various recipes.-3.5
sp HEART+ resources Image


foodandbeverage-450to improve fortitude and pain tolerance.20.1
sp Drilling Rig resources Image

Drilling Rig

resource-143used for various crafting recipes.-5
sp Lubricant resources Image


resource-18used for crafting various recipes.-0.5
sp HEAL PASTE resources Image


material-80used for various crafting recipes.20.1
sp Ionic Liquids resources Image

Ionic Liquids

resource-23used for various crafting components.-0.8
sp Placeholder Image

Antibiotic Cocktail

material-415a mix of multiple antibiotics. used for treating afflictions.-0.1

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