Starfield Main Mission 7 Walkthrough - Starborn

starfield logo in sky for main mission 7 starborn

starfield logo in sky for main mission 7 starborn

Starfield Mission 7: Starborn is a short and abrupt quest that faces you with some of the most powerful and mysterious entities in the Settled Systems. You have the choice to flee, fight or surrender your hard-fought Artifact. Faced with a powerful new enemy, what path will you choose?

Starfield Mission 7: Starborn Walkthrough

Talk to the Starborn Ship

Once you head into space, a powerful vessel will Grav Jump next to you and demand that you hand over your Artifact. You can hand over the Artifact or try to fight or escape from this ship. The pilot claims to be a Starborn protecting the secret of the Artifacts from "your kind".

starfield starborn quest helix vessel dialogue
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Option A: Escape From the Starborn

If you choose to flee, you can immediately Grav Jump to a safe place before the enemy ship can engage you in combat. While this option seems cowardly, it's the safest and most rewarding choice. Just make sure you Grav Jump immediately, as lingering will result in the Helix attacking you and locking you into combat. This will probably result in an early death.

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Option B: Surrender the Artifact

If you think surrendering the artifact would be a good option, you should reconsider this choice. Not only do you lose the artifact, but you also lose a lot of reputation and status from every Constellation member. This can be devastating if you're trying to romance a companion. Furthermore, the Starborn don't change their attitude towards you, and you gain no benefits.

Option C: Fight the Helix

The last option is for the people who are foolishly brave. The Helix is a level 30 vessel and will outclass your ship at this stage of the game unless you've been heavily investing in your ship(unlikely). Since most people will have weak ships here, you're likely walking into an early death. Furthermore, even if you defeat the Helix, it simply Grav Jumps away, and you gain no reward. Just to let you know, combat is not advised, as you'll lose the dogfight in most scenarios.

Head Back to the Lodge

You can head back to the Lodge with Walter Stroud and let everyone know about the events that took place. An emergency meeting will be called after you hand the data to Noel.

Attend the Lodge Meeting

The meeting will have all members of Constellation present and discuss the events that transpired with the Starborn vessel, as nobody has seen anything like it.

starfield starborn quest the lodge constellation meeting
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Talk to Sarah Morgan

Sam Coe will suggest the ship was manmade, Barrett suggests it's aliens, and Matteo suggests it's a sign of vengeful angels. You can agree with any of them and gain affinity with them. Agreeing with Barrett gives you affinity with him and Sarah Morgan.

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Add the Artifact to the Collection

Once the meeting ends, you must place the Artifact in the collection in the middle of The Lodge. This will complete the quest and start the next main story quest, Further Into the Unknown.

starfield starborn quest artifact collection
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Starfield Mission 7: Starborn Rewards

Since this mission is pretty short, you don't receive any major rewards.

  • EXP - 330
  • Credits - 5000
  • Calibrated Constellation Helmet

That concludes our walkthrough for Starfield Mission 7: Starborn. This quest was short, but we hope you're ready for Mission 8: Into the Unknown.

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