Starfield - The Settled Systems Anime

Image showing the three episodes of the settled systems anime
Credit: Bethesda

Image showing the three episodes of the settled systems anime
Credit: Bethesda

While we all eagerly await the Starfield launch, Bethesda has thankfully provided us with a nice morsel. They have just released three short Starfield anime episodes. So luckily we get to take another little peak into the mysteries of the galaxy.

These animated episodes are reminiscent of the Cyberpunk 2077 anime Edgerunners, Bethesda has dropped three teaser trailer-style episodes. Each of the three covers a different look at the sprawling galaxy that awaits.

With video games experiencing a golden era currently in the television and movie arena, could more be incoming?

The Settled Systems is the name of the new anthology series of Starfield anime. Regular drops of these would be a fantastic way of showing fans different snippets of the unknown galaxy.

Bethesda TV

Currently in the works is a Fallout drama series being produced by Amazon. Expected to drop in early 2024, this will be the first major Bethesda show or movie released.

A Prehistoric Looking Alien Bird Flies Above The Trees
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Credit: Bethesda
Starfield anime or live-action?

A full Starfield anime could therefore be a winner for the studio as the hype behind the game rises. However, at the time of writing, no full-length Starfield anime or live-action show is in production by Bethesda.

Episode 1

A Courier Becomes A Space Explorer
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Credit: Bethesda
Top Gun Starfield

The first entry in the Starfield anime anthology, Supra Et Ultra. In this short, we follow along with a courier who joins the United Colonies' faction. A tale of being unsatisfied with the mundane life because of the call of space.

The courier saves his credits and lives quite a comfortable life. But, his current way of living does not satisfy his need to explore. Looking out at his ship, he takes off towards the unknown. Perhaps in the same way that new players will once the game launches.

Episode 2

An Orphan From The Colony Wars Stands Ready
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Credit: Bethesda
War, War never changes

Next up is the second episode of The Settled Systems anime series. Where Hope Is Built shows us another perspective on the state of the galaxy. So, in this episode, we get a look at Akila City, having already been to New Atlantis in episode one.

It showed the impact the Colony Wars had on the galaxy in flashbacks. We also get to see mech suits during the war, this could show that players will get to use one as a weapon in the game.

Episode 3

Street Urchins Run With Stolen Goods
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Credit: Bethesda
Neon looks ruthless

That brings us to our final instalment of the Starfield anime anthology series. The Hand That Feeds takes us to Neon, the pleasure city. We get to see what life is like for two street urchins who live on this ocean planet.

One urchin gets rewarded for their choice and appears to be offered a work contract at the end. Dialogue choices in Starfield will hopefully create tension in the same way this episode showed.

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