Will Starfield Get a Multiplayer Mode?

A screenshot from the Starfield gameplay trailer.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

A screenshot from the Starfield gameplay trailer.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

If you're planning to travel across the stars with your friends in Starfield, check out first if a multiplayer feature will exist for the game. We can help you with that, as we have a guide on Starfield multiplayer right below.

As a highly anticipated game this year, Bethesda Game Studios better not disappoint with the upcoming release of the game on September 6, 2023. This massive RPG offers fans an epic journey across outer space wherein they will be exploring various planets and interacting with different people and companions.

Being able to blast off into space with your friends seems like a fun and exciting experience. With that in mind, here's all the information you need to know about Starfield multiplayer.

Is Starfield Co-Op?

In Starfield, the game is set to have vast open worlds, and sure enough, exploring these with friends would make playing the game even more fun. Starfield could even become one of the best co-op games of the year. But is there going to be a multiplayer feature that allows this?

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Credit: Bethesda
Flying through the cosmos with friends would be amazing

To answer your question, unfortunately, Starfield does not have multiplayer or co-op. According to game director Todd Howard, Starfield will be an entirely single-player experience. Despite other games published by Bethesda Softworks having online-co-op, such as Redfall and Fallout 76, most people probably expected Starfield would also follow in having this feature. But that is not the case for this game.

In terms of the feature being added post-launch, the possibility of multiplayer in Starfield isn't fully ruled out yet. This is due to Bethesda not yet confirming whether multiplayer could be added to the game. There is still some hope that online co-op play could come for Starfield. We'll be continuing to update this article when more news arrives.

Why isn't there a Starfield multiplayer?

But why does Besthesda want Starfield to be a single-player game experience? Perhaps the developers wanted to highlight Starfield's extensive universe and the heavy roleplay elements that come with the game.

Just the character creation of the game alone is incredibly extensive, allowing you to build your own story with the background, traits, and skills you choose. This also gives players the opportunity to explore their playing style for the game and integrate their preferences to best enjoy Starfield's narrative.

In line with that, the game offers a galaxy with several star systems to explore. Maybe exploring these systems alone will give players a better sense of adventure in comparison to joining a group of friends since you'd have to decide together which locations to meet.

While it seems disappointing to know that Starfield is a single-player experience for now, it's all good intentioned by Bethesda Game Studios, This could be due to aiming at bringing the best sci-fi gaming experience for players all over the world.

Will there be a Starfield multiplayer mod?

There won't be a multiplayer feature for now for Starfield, but all hope isn't lost for an online co-op. It's possible that the modding community can whip up a multiplayer mod for players to install so they can play the game with their friends.

Based on another interview with Todd Howard from Kinda Funny Games, the former was asked about mods and how he feels about them being part of the upcoming game. The game director responded ecstatically, saying, "Starfield's gonna be a modder's paradise." This answer was quite likely expected because of how Bethesda had its previous games like Fallout and Skyrim being heavily supported by the modding community.

It's a no-brainer that a multiplayer mod could come out post-launch of Starfield, especially knowing how quick it is for the modding community to create and share mods. Players just need to have a bit more patience after the game's release to see multiplayer mods come out from the Starfield community.

With that, players are sure to be excited for the Starfield and the mods the community comes up with. While multiplayer seems to still hang in uncertainty, players should try to enjoy the single-player experience Starfield has to offer this September.

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