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An energy weapon fired in zero g by the player
Credit: Bethesda

An energy weapon fired in zero g by the player
Credit: Bethesda

The first step in any Bethesda game is picking the correct set-up for your play style. In this guide, we will look at the best builds in Starfield, what traits you should have, armor, weapons, and more.

Starfield allows you to tackle its many hundreds of quests in different ways. While you'll often be going in guns blazing, you can still choose what style of weaponry suits you. You also have the choice to become a stealthy assassin or someone who avoids combat altogether. Today, we'll cover what goes into a build and suggest some Starfield builds you can try.

So, let's take a look at builds.

What Are Builds?

In any open-world game with character choices, you will find different load-outs work better than others in some situations. Some missions or quests require you to approach them differently from your standard equipment and style. Whatever the situation requires, there will be a build for every circumstance and one that suits general play.

Giant praying mantis attacks player who is only wielding a knife
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Credit: Bethesda
Melee build will be a lifesaver here

While you can go with a jack-of-all-trades approach or go with whatever you feel like, picking a build and sticking with it adds to the whole roleplay experience of Starfield and provides an additional layer of immersion. Skill points aren't cheap unless you're using XP farm methods, and you'll feel a sense of satisfaction as the build you choose comes together.

Here are the various factors that go into the creation of a Starfield build:

  • Character background: Picking your character background is the first step to making a build. Get a background with skills core to your build of choice.
  • Character Traits: Traits aren't as major a factor but can add unique flavor and personality to your character.
  • Skills: Skills are arguably the most essential part of any build. You'll want to know exactly how much you'll need to invest into each skill.
  • Playstyle: A build is practically useless if you're playing it wrong. Playing for fun is great, but playing for immersion can be fun in its own way.
  • Dialogue choices: Immersion also includes dialogue choices. If you want to roleplay, pick a personality and stick with it even if you disagree with some decisions. Make the important choices accordingly.
  • Powers: Yes, you actually get Powers in Starfield. Be sure to collect powers that augment your build.
  • Weapons: Your weapons should reflect in your build. A demolitionist will use heavy weapons, an assassin will use a sniper, and a true pacifist should have no need for one.
  • Spacesuit: Spacesuits have unique modifiers that can be complimentary for your build.

We will have each possible build listed below, along with how to make the builds and which traits work best.

Build Types in Starfield

Combat medic info card is shown as a background option for your character
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Credit: Bethesda
Backgrounds will also be important for making the best builds

There's no hard and fast definition for the term "build" in Starfield. You can more or less spec into anything, and once you start hitting New Game Plus, you can spec into everything. However, when starting, here are some early-game build paths and ideas you can take into consideration:

Best Starting Build for Starfield

Some builds are easier to pull off than others for Bethesda veterans and RPG enthusiasts who already understand these systems. So, we'll categorize some Starfield builds and playstyles based on their difficulty and effectiveness.

Player holds a sniper rifle hidden above a building
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Credit: Bethesda
Stealth and sniper build - lethal combo

Best Builds for Beginners

  • Tech builds
  • Soldier builds
  • Stealth builds
  • Demolition builds
  • Speech build

Best Builds for Advanced Players

  • Pacifist Builds
  • Commerce Builds
  • Bounty Hunter Builds
  • Pirate Builds
  • Melee Builds (Very difficult)

We will also have the best background, traits, skill tree path for each build, and the best armor and weapons to use for them.

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