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starfield ship landing UI

starfield ship landing UI

Landing zones are one of the most important aspects of space travel in Starfield, as they direct you toward a safe spot for landing on a planet. With tons of planets and moons to explore, you will use these areas often. Our Starfield landing zones guide will provide all the information you need for smooth and breezy space exploration.

Here is everything you need to know about landing zones in Starfield, including the different landing areas you can use on a planet, how many zones you can have, and some fixes regarding the landing area markers bug.

What Are Landing Zones?

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Landing zones are the areas on the surface of any planet or moon where you can land and start exploring the place. Starfield has both fixed and player-selected landing zones, as described below:

  • Fixed Landing Zones: Each planet has a few areas of interest that can be used for landing zones. Once you’re near the surface of a planet, open the Planet Map, and you’ll see all the points of interest picked up by your scanner. Select one of these areas, which will act as your landing zone, allowing you to disembark from your ship nearby.
  • Player-Selected Landing Zones: You can place a map marker in the Planet Map menu to create a landing zone as an alternative to landing near an area of interest. Once you build your landing zone this way, you can explore the planet's surface, build your outpost nearby, and much more. Check our list of the best planets for outposts.

Types of Landing Zones You Can Build

If you’ve just developed your outpost on a planet, you can build two types of landing pads on it. A smaller landing pad is pretty cheap and can easily house ships under 40 meters. But if you want to land a bigger ship, invest in a larger landing pad. Here are the materials required to build both types of landing zones.

Small Landing Pad

  • Adaptive Frame x18
  • Iron x30
  • Beryllium x2
  • Zero Wire x2

Large Landing Pad

  • Iron x20
  • Aluminum x88

How Many Landing Zones Can You Have?

There are over 900 planets and moons that you can explore in Starfield. However, only some planets have a point of interest for you to use as a landing spot. As described earlier, you can use the Planet Map to create a map marker to be used as a landing zone for your ship. Now, the question arises: how many landing zones can you build on one planet?

You can create four landing zones on each planet you visit. These landing points become new areas of interest on the planet that the game remembers during your subsequent visits. Hence, you can strategically place four markers on any planet, covering many surfaces to help with your exploration.

How to Remove Landing Zone Markers

One of the most annoying bugs being faced by Starfield players is the landing zone markers cluttering up the map. It happens randomly after landing on a planet and setting up your outpost that you see the landing area markers everywhere on your screen. Since the developers haven’t addressed this issue, you can try one of the following fixes to remove the annoying markers from your game.

  • Use a different-sized landing pad from the one you used previously. Say you have been using a smaller landing pad to create markers; try switching to a bigger one.
  • You can try to land again on the planet that has the landing markers bug, but this time, land on a place much farther from your outpost. This method created new landing markers for some players and removed the bugged-out ones.
  • Finally, try removing your outpost from the planet entirely. It can ruin some of your hard work, but it’s a viable solution if you don’t want to wait until a patch addresses this problem. Spend a few in-game days away from the planet with bugged markers and create an entirely new outpost.

These methods have worked for hundreds of players and may also resolve your issue. However, it’s still worth waiting for the next patch, hopefully fixing the bug automatically.

While we wait on the next patch, learn tricks for advanced shipbuilding and check out our tips and tricks.

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