Starfield Main Mission 19 - One Giant Leap

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After the intense battlefield we went through in the previous mission, Revelations, it's time to end everything in Starfield Main Mission 19: One Giant Leap. It is fitting for the game to start with One Small Step and end here. Build the Armillary and access the Unity.

Starfield One Giant Leap Walkthrough

Add the Artifacts

Now that you have all the Artifacts on hand, you need to add them to the collection and see the finished version of the Armillary.

starfield one giant leap armillary screen
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Build the Armillary on Your Ship

To access the Unity, you must install the Armillary to your Ship. Collect the Artifacts and deposit them in the Armillary panel on the Ship's right side. You'll get a prompt telling you you can leave for The Unity.

starfield one giant leap completed armillary
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Speak With Your Friends(Optional)

Before you leave for The Unity and potentially leave this Universe behind forever, you can talk to the Constellation members, who will all have unique perspectives.

Perform a Grav Jump

Once you have the Armillary on your ship, you need to perform a Grav Jump anywhere, and you'll be treated to a special Grav Jump cutscene.

starfield one giant leap grav jump to unity
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Speak with Yourself

You will awaken at The Unity and be greeted by a version of yourself who claims to be all versions of you. He'll give you some exposition and explain the consequences of the decision you're about to make. He will also show you the results of your actions throughout the game.

starfield one giant leap consequences
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You'll see several different endings depending on your decisions throughout the game. These will pertain to the various Factions and the Constellation group. They will also be affected by your Hunter or Emissary decision.

Walk Into The Unity

If you choose to walk into The Unity, your essence will be scattered across the Universe and be reborn in another. You will no longer just be yourself. You will become a Starborn and begin anew. Be sure to learn everything about New Game Plus and what carries over before making this decision. We suggest starting New Game Plus after fully exploring your current Universe.

starfield one giant leap be reborn at unity
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Walk Away From The Unity

You can also walk away from The Unity and return to your current Universe. You can return to The Unity whenever you please and access New Game Plus to hunt for Powers.

starfield one giant leap walk away from unity
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This concludes the main campaign for Starfield. Congratulations!

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