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moon System Planet Type Resources Gravity Temperature Atmosphere Magnetosphere Fauna Flora Water
sp Tirna VI-E moons Image

Tirna VI-E

ice0.33 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonesafe
sp Altair V-A moons Image

Altair V-A

ice0.11 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Algorab III-C moons Image

Algorab III-C

ice0.08 gfrozennonenonenonenonechemical
sp Ampere moons Image


rock0.48 gtemperatethin mnonenonenonebiological
sp Tirna III-B moons Image

Tirna III-B

barren0.08 gcoldnonenonenonenonenone
sp Tirna VII-B moons Image

Tirna VII-B

ice0.31 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonesafe
sp Algorab III-E moons Image

Algorab III-E

ice0.18 gfrozennonenonenonenonesafe
sp Al-Battani IV-b moons Image

Al-Battani IV-b

0.07 gfrozennonenonenonenonenone
sp Tirna X-B moons Image

Tirna X-B

ice0.20 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Tirna X-C moons Image

Tirna X-C

ice0.22 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Tirna VII-A moons Image

Tirna VII-A

ice0.23 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonesafe
sp Chawla moons Image


ice0.43 gfrozenthin co2nonenonenoneheavy metal
sp Tirna VIII-D moons Image

Tirna VIII-D

rock0.65 gtemperatestd o2nonenonenonebiological
sp Tirna VI-D moons Image

Tirna VI-D

ice0.21 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Tirna IV-A moons Image

Tirna IV-A

barren0.16 gcoldnonenonenonenonenone
sp Altair III-C moons Image

Altair III-C

barren0.07 gfrozennonenonenonenonenone
sp Ternion IX-B moons Image

Ternion IX-B

ice0.21 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Al-Battani IV-a moons Image

Al-Battani IV-a

barren0.07 gfrozennonenonenonenonenone
sp Altair III-A moons Image

Altair III-A

0.06 gcoldnonenonenonenonenone
sp Tirna VIII-A moons Image

Tirna VIII-A

0.35 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonesafe
sp Tirna VI-A moons Image

Tirna VI-A

ice0.16 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonenone
sp Tirna VII-C moons Image

Tirna VII-C

ice0.14 gdeep freezenonenonenonenonechemical
sp Ternion III-A moons Image

Ternion III-A

barren0.35 gtemperatenonenonenonenonenone
sp Tirna VIII-C moons Image

Tirna VIII-C

rock0.57 gtemperatethin mweakmarginalmarginalradioactive
sp Tirna X-A moons Image

Tirna X-A

rock0.54 gdeep freezenonevery weakprimordialnonebiological

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