Starfield - What Is The Main Story Path?

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Barrett hands the player a constellation watch
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda games are massive, they are designed for the player to keep on adventuring well after the main story has concluded. In Starfield, this is multiplied many times over due to the scope and scale of the galaxy. What is the main story path in Starfield? We have the answer for you below.

Starfield is an overwhelmingly large game, in a good way. Some of us like to explore and savour it all, carving our own path, but it can be handy knowing exactly what one of many storylines is the main story path to follow.

Starfield Main Story

In Starfield there will be one 'main' story path to follow to 'complete' the game. This may be confusing as you see a menu filled with main missions, so let us explain.

A character looks up at a giant mech
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Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda is known for letting players choose exactly how they want their adventure to unfold. So, instead of hand-holding down one main story, they give you several. According to Pete Hines during his gamescom Q&A, the game doesn't even really start until you finish the main story!

In Skyrim the main, or golden path, was embracing being dragonborn and taking down Alduin, a dragon set to destroy the world. For Fallout 4, your main quest was finding your son, both games make the main story feel almost optional with the sheer amount of side content within.

Many players have never even finished what is considered the main quest in Bethesda's games. See, you are pointed in that direction during the tutorial section, but they throw many distractions and secondary quests in front of you as well.

That said, in Starfield the main story path is quite obvious thankfully. Following Constellation on their quest to reveal the secrets of the mysterious artifact is considered the 'main' story of Starfield. Like we said, how you get to the conclusion of that story, is up to you.

Bethesda Games

The term 'Bethesda Game' applies to a select few franchises, The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and now Starfield, are the only three franchises this term is meant to cover. There are other games that come from the Bethesda umbrella, but being a 'Bethesda Game' applies to those three franchises alone. Basically, any game Todd Howard and his team have worked on.

Todd Howard at gamescom 2023
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Credit: gamescom

So what defines a 'Bethesda Game'? This is hard to give a single answer to. It could be the sense of freedom and choice, the massive open-worlds, winding narratives or just the sheer amount of love and detail poured into each experience. In reality, the answer is a combination of all these factors working together, but even that only just covers a portion of what makes these games so beloved and revered.

While we wait on Starfield launching, why not brush up on all the weapons in the game, or even check out all the details on fast travel? However you choose to get prepared, be sure to check back after launch for more updates to this guide.


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