Starfield Main Mission 2 Walkthrough - The Old Neighborhood

The Old Neighbourhood

The Old Neighbourhood

After being introduced to your first significant faction in Starfield, you have an opportunity to prove yourself trustworthy and potentially join the ranks of Constellation. With Sarah Morgan in tail, it's time for a rescue mission.

Talk to Sarah

Beginning where One Small Step ended, you'll need to chat with Sarah Morgan to get the mission started. After hearing of your first experience with an Artifact, she is eager to chase up a lead on another one and wants you to join her. The first thing you'll need to do is speak to her contact.

Sarah Morgan
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Talk to Sarah's Contact

For those who did some exploring through New Atlantis after the first mission, Sarah's contact may be a familiar face - Tuala. He can be found in the MAST building near the Lodge.

After pitching you to join the ranks of the Vanguard, which will trigger a side quest if you show interest, he'll explain that you'll need to meet up with another contact in Cydonia in the Sol system named Moara. Sol may sound familiar, as it is the very Solar System we live in right now. You'll need to return to your ship, and grav jump to Cydonia to get there.

Tuala from the Vanguard
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Ask About Moara in Cydonia

You'll find Cydonia on Mars, which is a planet that doesn’t have a human-friendly atmosphere, so make sure to put your spacesuit on before disembarking your ship—head to where the marker leads you, sending you through a door into Cydonia’s entrance.

After reaching the entrance, take the first right, and you’ll find yourself in a bar. Your point of contact at this stage is the bartender, Jack. You can go a few avenues with the dialogue, but the basic premise is that you tell Jack that you are looking for Moara. He’ll let you know that Moara hasn’t been seen for a while, and you ask for his assistance locating him. This is when Jack will bring up the outstanding bar tab that Moara has tallied.

Jack the Martian bartender
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You can take three avenues with this: you can try to persuade him that Moara’s life is more important than a few credits, you can pay the fee, or Sarah can step in and have the tab amount cut to a much smaller amount. To persuade him, use these dialogue options.

  • What matters to you more, the money or Moara’s life?
  • We could be the only ones who could find him.

This is what worked for us. However, it will also depend on your persuasion skills. If you cannot persuade Jack to give up the information, have Sarah talk him into dropping the price. Eventually, Jack will reveal that Moara spoke of Venus when he last saw him. This is your next destination.

Go to Venus

Once you return to your ship and set the course for Venus, you’ll jump into an asteroid field with a satellite in the distance and several hostile ships. This will be something worth discussing with Sarah before proceeding.

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Talk to Sarah

Sarah will prompt conversation about the next course of action, revealing that the ships are Va’ruun Zealots and explaining where they are from. She’ll also discuss the need to get to satellite to see if Moara left any intel on his whereabouts. From there, you decide whether to attack the ships or slip by.

Talking to Sarah near Venus
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Examine the Satellite

You have two options for getting the intel you need from the Satellite – one that is stealthy and one that is destructive. If you’re feeling brave, you can tell Sarah that the Zealots deserve to be punished and engage in space combat with them. This is risky as you are outnumbered, but you will be rewarded with any loot found on the ships.

Examining the satellite
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The more straightforward option of the two is to crawl your way to the satellite silently. It’s a slow process, but following the indicated instructions will get you there safely. To sneak to the satellite undetected, you’ll need to remove all power from your ship’s weapons, Grav drive, and shield and leave only 2 bars of power to your engine. From there, you can direct your ship to the satellite and accelerate. It’ll take a few minutes, but once you’re close, you can hit the A button to lock on and gather the recording of Moara to find out where he has gone.

Go to Nova Galactic Staryard

As you’ll discover from the satellite intel, Moara has made his way to the Nova Galactic Staryard for emergency repairs. The issue is that the Staryard was long abandoned once Earth became a desolate wasteland. As risky of an endeavour as it may be, you need to make your way to the Staryard and find Moara.

Nova Staryard
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Talk to Sarah

This is a standard dialogue exchange where Sarah discusses what had become of Earth and expresses concerns about heading to the Staryard. Nonetheless, the task must be done.

Dock with Nova Galactic Staryard

Unlike planets, the Staryard will require you to dock onto it, as you will need to when you want to board other ships. As you approach the Staryard, lock onto it, then dock. This will connect your ship to the other and link the two together. You’ll then have the option to board from your ship’s cockpit.

Ecliptics unfortunately occupy the Staryard, so you’ll need to fight your way through. Head down the corridor and clear out the enemies to the left and right, then head right and up the stairs, where you will find more Ecliptics. As you battle through the Staryard, you’ll encounter a large door past the second set of stairs and to the left, which you can pass through.

Engaging in a gunfight with Ecliptics
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The following section will lead you to a large open warehouse with a ship in the middle. Again, it is invested with Ecliptics, so you must clear the room.

Find Any Clues About Moara

Once the room has been cleared, you can head inside the ship in the middle of the warehouse to find a clue about Moara's whereabouts. Right now, your scanner can help you locate it. You'll find a recording from Moara himself on the table inside the ship. This will lead you to Neptune. So you can head back to your ship and set a course for it.

Vanguard Moara's Slate
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Go to Neptune

You will travel to Neptune but not actually reach the planet itself. Instead, you'll encounter Moara’s ship as you approach its atmosphere. To reach the next objective, you need only get closer to his ship to make contact.

Flying a spaceship
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Approach the Ship

As the objective indicates, get closer to Moara's ship to continue. However, we recommend you exercise caution as you do.

Flying into combat
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Evade Fire

To the surprise of you and anyone on board, Moara's ship opens fire on you. Ensure that you activate your ship's weapons and shield and begin evasive maneuvers as Sarah tries to communicate with the ship to get him to cease fire. Then, it becomes clear that someone other than Moara may be piloting the ship.

Evading fire in space combat
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Damage Moara's Ship

Given the excellent chance that Moara is still on board the ship, it is up to you to cause damage without destroying it so you can find out what happened. To do this, you'll have to disable the ship's engines.

You can damage the ship's engines by locking onto the ship, which will require being close enough to the target and having it directly in sight. Once you are close enough, you'll be prompted to zoom in on the ship, which will slow down time.

Locked-on combat in space
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Once you are locked on, cycle through the various components of the ship until you find the engines (ENG). Once you've located it, open fire until enough damage has been sustained by Moara's ship, and you'll be prompted to dock your ship.

Dock With Moara's ship

As with the Staryard, you must dock with Moara’s ship to board it. Be wary of your approach, however, as its weapons will still be active if you didn’t also attack them. As you get close to the ship, initiate docking to attach your ship to Moara’s

Docking onto a ship
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Clear Moara's Ship of Hostiles

As expected, the small ship is crammed with Ecliptics. To engage in combat with them, open the door to the ship and begin opening fire. You’ll work through two small rooms of enemies before reaching the cockpit. This will be locked and require a key, which can be found on the last enemy you’ll likely kill. If not, look at the other bodies about the ship until you find the key.

Looting an Ecliptic soldier
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Talk to Moara

You’ll find Moara safely in the cockpit, who will inevitably be grateful for your intervention. After a brief discussion with him, explaining that he tried to sell the Artifact without success, he’ll tell you where he has kept it.

Injured Moara on his ship
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Take the Artifact

After chatting to Moara, take note of his mention that the Artifact probably "shouldn't be used as a hood ornament". Walk past the NPC to the ship's cockpit and take the Artifact for yourself, which is hanging above the ship's controls on the right.

The Artifact on Moara's ship
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Return to the Lodge

This part is self-explanatory. Set a course back to New Atlantis and the Lodge to find a home for the new Artifact.

The Lodge
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Add the Artifact

Now that you’re back at the Lodge with your new Artifact, it’s time to add it to the collection. Walk up to the table in the middle of the room where the other Artifacts are already suspended in their globe formation. Press the indicated button to add it to the table and watch it join the rest of them floating above you.

The Artifacts in the Lodge
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Wait for Sarah

You won’t need to do anything in this part; watch the NPCs in Constellation engage in conversation as the Artifact is added to the collection. Once the conversation ceases, you can chat with Sarah yourself.

The Artifacts in the Lodge
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Talk to Sarah

The final objective in the quest is to, once again, talk to Sarah. She’ll officially welcome you to Constellation. For completing the quest, Sarah will become available as an optional companion. She’ll ask you if you wish to continue travelling with her, which could be the beginning of a blossoming romance should you decide she’s a worthy suitor.

Sarah Morgan from Starfield
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Mission Complete

You will receive the following rewards for completing The Old Neighbourhood.

  • EXP: 400
  • Credits: 8000
  • Constellation Helmet

Following this mission, you will have three options of where to go next, but all three will need to be completed for narrative progression. Next, you'll complete Main Mission 3: The Empty Nest.

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