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Final Glimpses is Main Mission 15 in the Starfield Main questline. Taking a break from researching for answers, we take on yet another assignment that involves tracking down two different Artifacts. You'll also need a ship upgrade to get this quest completed. Let's go over everything in this Starfield Main Mission 15: Final Glimpses Walkthrough.

Final Glimpses Walkthrough

Travel to the Lodge

Fast travel to The Lodge in New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri Star System. Once inside, you'll see that the Constellation members are all in a discussion. Noel will also talk to you and start Main Mission 16, Missed Beyond Measure.

starfield the lodge talk to matteo
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Talk to Vladimir

Speak with Vladimir Sall at The Lodge. He will give you the location of two more Artifacts to track down. The first planet for the Artifact is random for each playthrough, and the second plant that needs to be visited is Freya III, located in the far-off Freya Star System.

starfield final glimpses talk to vladimir
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Get a Ship That Can Travel 24 LY

Making it to the Freya Star System is only possible if you have invested in ship upgrades for your Grav Drive. Most early-game ships need a higher Grav Jump range to reach this Star System.

starfield final glimpses grav jump 21ly
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Luckily, you can talk to the Ship Technician in the New Atlantis Spaceport and either upgrade your existing ship or buy a brand new one.

starfield final glimpses buy the rambler ii
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The cheapest option is the Rambler II, which can be bought for around 57600 credits, depending on your Commerce skill.

In our case, we upgraded the Razorleaf with a more powerful Grav Drive.

Find the Artifact on Procyon VI-A

Note: The location for the first Aritfact is randomly generated, and you'll get a unique planet and location.

In our case, we got the same base we had received in Main Mission 8: Further Into The Unknown. Please take a look at our guide for a full rundown of the Abandoned Cryo Facility. There, you will find the Artifact Omicron after defeating the Starborn that shows up to defend it.

starfield final glimpses starborn defending artifact
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Head to Freya III

Now start a Grav Jump to Freya III located in the Freya System with the help of your newly upgraded ship.

starfield final glimpses freya iii
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After entering the Freya III’s orbit, you will receive a distress signal being transmitted from a satellite nearby. Investigate the signal, automatically starting Main Mission 17: Entangled for you.

starfield final glimpses satellite emergency transmission
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Complete the Mission Entangled

You must complete the mission Entangled that you received from the transmission to complete Main Mission 15: Final Glimpses.

Final Glimpses Reward

EXP - 800
Credits - 11800
・Refined Constellation Spacesuit

That completes our walkthrough for Starfield Main Mission 15: Final Glimpses. We're nearing the end of our journey.

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