Starfield Main Mission 8 Walkthrough - Further Into the Unknown

starfield mission 8 further into the unknown starfield text in sky

starfield mission 8 further into the unknown starfield text in sky

After you've faced the threats of the Starborn, the Constellation team over at The Lodge refuses to back down. Continue your hunt for Artifacts with guidance from the Constellation. However, know that you'll face resistance at every point of your journey from now.

Starfield Further Into the Unknown Walkthrough

Talk to Vladimir

After completing the previous quest, Starborn, and talking to Vladimir Sall at the Lodge, you start the Further Into the Unknown quest. He'll give you the locations of two new Artifacts that they've located. You can grab these in any order, but we suggest you go to Luyten's Rock first since it's quicker.

starfield further into the unknown vladimir quest location dialogue
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NOTE: The Planets Vladimir will assign to you will depend on RNG. However, you might run into the same structures and enemies. We'll be covering the planets we ran into.

Go to Luyten's Rock

Luyten's Rock is a lonely planet in the Luyten's Star System. Make your landing here and clear out any Spacers nearby so you can enter the graveyard.

starfield further into the unknown luten's rock landing location
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Explore the Forgotten Mech Graveyard

This place is dimly lit and can be difficult to traverse because of the darkness coupled with branching paths. We suggest you pull out the scanner and follow the arrows on your HUD to reach the artifact.

Fight the Starborn

Before excavating the Artifact, you'll be attacked by an enemy called Starborn. This level 30 enemy possesses a lot of health, a powerful firearm, and the ability to teleport and conceal their presence. Pull out your best guns and powers to make quick work of them.

starfield further into the unknown level 30 starborn enemy
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Find the Artifact on Luyten's Rock

After dispatching the Starborn, remove and interact with the Caelumite ore around the Artifact.

starfield further into the unknown artifact vision
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Go to Procyon II

With one Artifact down, it's time to head to Procyon II in the Procyon A Star System. You need to land at the Abandoned Cryo Research Facility.

starfield further into the unknown procyon ii
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Enter the Abandoned Cryo Research Facility

Fight your way through the Ecliptic Mercenaries and enter the research facility.

starfield further into the unknown underground facility
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Make Your Way Through the Vents

Making your way through this facility can be complex because most doors are closed off, and traversal through vents is necessary for progress. As usual, you can pull out your scanner for directions and dispatch the hordes of Ecliptic Mercenaries who have made this facility their home.

starfield further into the unknown vents
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Lockpick the Doors (optional)

You'll run into multiple doors that can be lockpicked for loot along the way. If you have the Security skill leveled up, you should be fine opening these. However, you can also find the key if you have the Boost Pack Training skill.

starfield further into the unknown lab doors and path
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Grab the Keycard (optional)

You'll reach a flight of stairs broken off near the top. You can boost up here with your jetpack to find a corpse with the keycard for all the locked doors nearby.

starfield further into the unknown keycard
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Find Contraband (optional)

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll see a door that can unsealed with the Cutter in emergencies. If you cut it open, you can head inside a vent that seems to lead to a dead end. However, climbing upwards alongside the piping, you'll reach a corpse with Contraband and information on a secret Ryujin Industries project.

starfield further into the unknown contraband
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Fight the Starborn

As you reach the Artifact, you'll be attacked by the Starborn once more. Deal with this one the same as the previous one.

Find the Artifact on Procyon II

Once you've defeated the Starborn and cleared out the facility you just have to remove the ore with your Cutter and grab the Artifact to finish off.

starfield further into the unknown artifact tau
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Leave from the Route Ahead

You don't have to walk all the way back as there's a corridor that leads you straight out. Along the way, you can explore the rooms at the sides for some credits and bodies. Watch out for the Type S Robot patrolling the exit.

starfield further into the unknown exit corridor
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Add the Artifacts to the Collection

Now, you can just go back to The Lodge and place the Artifacts in the Artifact Collection.

starfield artifact collection
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Talk to Vladimir

Talk to Matteo and Vladimir to finish the Further Into the Unknown quest.

starfield vladimir dialogue to fix the eye
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Further Into the Unknown Rewards

Here are the rewards for completing the Further Into the Unknown quest.

  • Credits - according to your level
  • EXP - 750
  • Hippolyta x2 (or any other random item)

That concludes our walkthrough for the Main Mission 8: Into the Unknown. We hope you're ready to go repair the Eye with Vladimir in the next mission, Short Sighted.

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