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Unity is a main quest in Starfield that picks off right after the previous quest, ‘High Price to Pay’.

In shock after losing a beloved companion, the team at Constellation are left looking for clues about the identity of the Starborn. We are guided by the term ‘Unity’ and are led to Sanctum Universum, pointed out by Matteo. Here, we will learn about Unity, the Artifacts and the Starborn.

Starfield: Unity Walkthrough

Head to Keeper Aquilus

You should follow your objective marker, which leads to a crowd in front of the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis. After some time, Keeper Aquilus will be done with his performance, and the surrounding crowd will disperse.

starfield unity quest sanctum universum crowd outside
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Speak with Keeper Aquilus and Matteo, Where you will be invited inside the Sanctum Universum. Once inside, head towards Keeper Aquilus’s Office and speak with him. Question the Keeper till he points us to the House of Enlightenment and Va’ruun Prisoner.

starfield unity quest keeper aquilus dialogue
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Talk to The House of Enlightenment

Leave Sanctum Universum and take the train to Spaceport. When you arrive at your destination, follow your quest marker towards the elevator. Take the ride up to The Well. Leave the elevator and continue straight and around till you spot the House of Enlightenment building. Find the person named Andy Singh and speak with him about Keeper Aquilus, Unity and The Pilgrim.

starfield unity quest andy singh house of the enlightened
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Talk to the Va’ruun Prisoner

After finishing your conversation with Andy Singh, cross over the street and head towards the UC Security Office. Head inside the building and talk to Mir’za, the Va’ruun Prisoner. She will leave you with a cryptic story from Va'ruun history and send you back to Keeper Aquilus.

starfield unity quest va'ruun prisoner mirza
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Return to Keeper Aquilus

Speak with the Keeper, who will now put together the clues gathered and point us to the resting place of the Pilgrim.

starfield unity quest keeper aquilus answers
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Go to Indum II

Head for Indum II located in Indum Star System. You should spot Pilgrim’s Resting Place and land there.

starfield unity quest indum ii pilgrim's rest location
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Go to Pilgrim's Rest

After landing, follow the path towards the Pilgrim's resting place, visible from a distance and hard to miss. Turn on your scanner and head towards the quest marker.

starfield unity quest pilgrim's rest
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Search for Clues on Unity

You can look around the camp with your scanner and find several books titled "Pilgrim's Writing" on various tables throughout the camp. These will be useful later. The scanner will mark these as quest items.

starfield unity quest pilgrim's writing
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Access the Locked Room (Pilgrim's Computer Answers)

The door inside can only be unlocked with the help of the computer beside it. It is secured behind a series of questions. The answers to these questions can be found in the various Pilgrim’s Notes we collected earlier. Go through the notes, and you should be able to find the correct answers. They're also relatively easy to guess if reading isn't your thing.

starfield unity quest pilgrim's computer
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Otherwise, here are the answers to the questions.

  • What is the Unity?
  • People are necessary, But people are madness.
  • Myself.
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  • In stopping. In embracing compassion.

Once the door opens, head inside, and you can find the Skill Mag, Tracker Guide 02, and The Pilgrim’s Last Record. Inside, we get a clue about a planet. Hyla II related the Scorpion’s Sting.

starfield unity quest pilgrim's final writing
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Find the Scorpions Sting on Hyla II

Travel Back to your ship and set course towards Hyla II in the Hyla System. When you land, open your scanner and approach the Ancient Ruins. This can take several Grav Jumps, and you're likely to get caught in some space combat, so be ready.

starfield unity quest hyla ii ancient ruins
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You'll see some large mantis-like creatures here, but they're all non-hostile.

Once you reach the ruins, head to its centre, where a light shines down on the plate. Stand on the plate, and a pattern with four Glyphs will appear.

starfield unity quest glyph puzzle
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You can interact with this holographic panel like a D-Pad to direct the beam of light in the middle. Move it to the appropriate Star, which will light up to reveal the answer. The order of the glyphs is three times left and downwards.

starfield unity quest glyph puzzle solution
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Go to the Last Star of Scorpius Constellation

Head to ship and jump to your destination, Oborum Prime, the last star of the Scorpius Constellation. Grav Jump there, and you’ll immediately run into The Hunter’s ship, Scorpius, floating in orbit, and the quest will end there abruptly.

starfield unity quest oborus prime grav jump
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Unity Quest Rewards

  • 800 XP
  • Unlocks 'In Their Footsteps'

That concludes our lengthy hunt across several star systems for the answers to what the Unity is, and now you're face to face with the Hunter once more. You can learn the answers in the upcoming quest, In Their Footsteps.

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