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After repairing The Eye with the Constellation crew in the previous mission, Short Sighted, you're now tasked with retrieving an Artifact from Captain Petrov. Petrov is an avid collector of peculiarities, and getting him to part with his Artifact aboard his heavily guarded ship is no easy task. We'll give you a complete walkthrough for Starfield Mission 10: No Sudden Moves.

Main Mission 10 No Sudden Moves Walkthrough

Talk to Vladimir Sall

Talk to Vladimir Sall aboard The Eye, where he will tell you about a collector named Captain Petrov who has gotten ahold of an Artifact. He'll assign Barrett with you to go to the Scow and get the Artifact.

starfield no sudden moves vladimir dialogue information
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Travel to the Scow

The Scow is flying around the orbit of Procyon V-b in the Procyon A Star System.

starfield no sudden moves the scow location procyon a
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Board the Scow

Once you're close to the ship, you can hail it to enter a dialogue. You'll have two choices to board the Scow here.

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So that you know, choosing the second option will make everyone inside hostile to you. The Scow is also a reasonably high-level ship; you'll need to be good at dogfighting to pull this off.

Find Captain Petrov

Once inside, go to the Captain's Quarters and talk to Petrov reclining on his sofa. The guards will become hostile if you're caught lockpicking and trespassing on your way to Petrov.

Enter dialogue with Petrov; now, you'll have three options to let him show you the Artifact.

  • Use Persuasion and flattery to gain his favor.
  • Let Barrett step in and do the negotiation for you.
  • Attack Petrov.
starfield no sudden moves captain petrov dialogue options
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Access Petrov's Vault

The No Sudden Moves quest is quite fun as it gives you several ways in which you can gain access to the Artifact. Unfortunately, persuading Petrov is not one of them, so you'll have to resort to stealth or violence.

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Steal the Artifact

  • Use the Theft skill to pickpocket the vault key from Petrov and steal the Artifact discretely.
  • Lockpick the vault door using the Security skill and enter discretely.
  • Use the cuttable wall in the back of the safe to make your way in. Note that this method is considered hostile.
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  • Attack Petrov out in the open and deal with his crew until he surrenders the vault key.
  • Have Petrov lead you to the Artifact and steal it in front of him. He'll become hostile, but you can quickly shoot him down and have him surrender. You'll have the choice to kill him or to have them surrender peacefully and make an exit. This method gives you a bounty of 500 Credits.
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Should You Kill Petrov?

If you kill Petrov, it removes all chances of a peaceful resolution, and you'll be forced to deal with his entire armed force. He won't die immediately; the first time you deal enough damage to him, he'll collapse and offer to surrender and hand you the key/artifact. Choosing to kill him and his entire crew will get you a hefty bounty within the United Colonies. You can also unlock his ship zoo to distract all the guards.

starfield no sudden moves zoo controls
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Leave the Scow

After you've successfully stolen the Artifact through whatever method you found suitable, it's time to leave the Scow and make an exit. This exit can be full of combat or a simple walk through the ship, depending on how you resolved the situation. If you got Petrov's crew to stand down, you can actually loot the entire ship without any consequences.

Add the Artifact to the Collection

Make your way out of the Scow and head back to The Lodge. Place the Artifact in the Collection to complete the No Sudden Moves quest.

starfield no sudden moves artifact collection
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No Sudden Moves Rewards

Here are the rewards for completing Starfield Main Mission 10: No Sudden Moves.

  • EXP - 750
  • The Collector's Outfit

That finishes up our walkthrough for Starfield Main Mission 10: No Sudden Moves. Next up, prepare to make one of the most important decisions in Starfield in the High Price To Pay quest.

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