Starfield Main Mission 16 Walkthrough - Missed Beyond Measure

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Missed Beyond Measure is a short main quest available right after finishing ‘In Your Footsteps’. It’s time for the Constellation members to come to terms with their recently departed companion. Attend the memorial service and pay your respects in Starfield Main Mission 16: Missed Beyond Measure.

Missed Beyond Measure Walkthrough

Wait for the Service (5 UT Days)

Speak to Noel in The Lodge, who asks you to attend the funeral service for the Constellation companion who died at the hands of the Starborn in a High Price to Pay. The preparations will take a couple of days, so you’ll have to wait for five days to pass.

starfield missed beyond measure noel
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You can go to your room in the Lodge and sleep to skip directly to the day of the service Instead of waiting five days.

starfield missed beyond measure waiting in bed
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Attend The Memorial Service Today

Go downstairs from your room, where you will find Constellation members gathered for the service. You also have the option to skip the service by waiting a day out. There isn't any negative outcome for skipping out on the funeral, and you get the same rewards. However, you'll miss out on some dialogue and the chance to strengthen your bond with your companions.

starfield missed beyond measure constellation members gathered in the lodge for funeral
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Say a Few Words

You can take the podium after the Constellation members speak at the service. Here, you'll have the option to pick through a bunch of dialogue options and convey your thoughts on the matter.

starfield missed beyond measure final words dialogue options for barrett
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Speak With Everyone (Optional)

You have the option to go around and speak with attendees of the service. While you’re not required to do this, it’s a good idea since it’ll help you strengthen your bonds with your companions and understand them better. The attendees include all the romanceable companions besides the deceased companion. Others in attendance include -

starfield missed beyond measure aja mamasa
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Leave When You're Ready

After speaking with everyone, you can leave The Lodge by walking out the main door. Doing this will complete Starfield Main Mission 16: Missed Beyond Measure.

starfield missed beyond measure constellation members gathered in lodge for funeral
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Missed Beyond Measure Rewards

You get the following reward for completing Starfield Main Mission 16: Missed Beyond Measure.

  • EXP - 750

That concludes our walkthrough for Starfield Main Mission 16: Missed Beyond Measure. It's time to get back out there and track down the Starborn who did this to your friends by following through on your hunt for the Artifacts in Starfield Main Mission 17: Entangled.

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