Starfield Main Mission 5 Walkthrough - Into The Unknown

Starfield planet with logo in the sky

Starfield planet with logo in the sky

It's time to head up The Eye and introduce yourself to Vladimir Sall. Get ready to explore two new Star Systems, recruit a new companion and get your hands on your first power in Starfield. Let's cover everything you need to know about the fifth quest, Into the Unknown, in Starfield.

Into the Unknown Walkthrough

Here's everything you need to do to complete the Into the Unknown main story quest. We've also included some handy tips to make your run easier and help you collect extra goodies.

Head to The Eye

First off, you need to meet Vladimir Sall at The Eye. You'll most likely have Sarah Morgan as your companion for this quest, so go to your Starmap, expand it into the Alpha Centauri Star System, and locate The Eye hovering near Jemison.

starfield star map the eye
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Dock The Eye

Once you're in space, you need to steer your ship close to The Eye and turn off your engines. Once you're close, you can dock your ship. After the cinematic plays, you can board The Eye.

starfield docking the eye into the unknown quest
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Once on The Eye, you might want to look around to loot some basic things. One of the most valuable items on The Eye is a skill mag in the exercise room on the right that gives you a +5kg weight capacity.

Talk to Vladimir Sall

Once you're done scavenging, head to Vladimir Sall, found in the centre of the Eye. He'll tell you about his past in the Crimson Fleet and his role in Constellation.

starfield into the unknown vladimir sall dialogue
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He'll welcome you to the team and give you your next set of tasks. He'll give you two tasks that you can complete in any order.

  • Find the Artifact in a mine on Tau-Ceti VIII-B
  • Check up on Andreja at the mine on Piazzi IV-c

You can do this in any order, but we're going for the artifact first. Getting Andreja first might be more helpful as she'll accompany you for the next mine full of enemies.

Grav Jump to Tau-Ceti VIII-b

You can open up your Star Map and set a course for the Tau-Ceti Star System.

starfield tau ceti grav jump
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Land at the Abandoned Mine

You can inspect and scan the planet once you're in orbit around Tau-Ceti VIII-b. Then rotate it and select the Abandoned Mine point of interest for your landing.

starfield tau ceti viii-b abandoned mine
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Defeat the Enemies Outside

Once you reach the Abandoned Mine, you'll find Space Pirates have overrun it. However, the real threats in this scenario are the two automated turrets they've set up. Safely take down the turrets from a distance using a long-range weapon like the Equinox or any rifle. After this, you can dispatch the enemies that will likely be around level 2, with one at level 10.

starfield abandoned mine enemies and turrets
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Open the Locked Hatch

Once you've cleared out the enemies, you can loot the yellow boxes in the middle for some ammunition. You'll also see another set of boxes on the left side of the area. You'll find a switch that opens the hatch to enter the Abandoned Mine.

starfield abandoned mine switch
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Navigate through the Mine

Once you're inside the mine, it's just a matter of following the quest marker till you reach your destination. There are two distinct paths in this mine that loop into each other, and you can follow and explore both of them.

Defeat all Enemies

The enemies here will hide behind plentiful cover, and you'll have to push through them. There's also a bit of verticality and many tight corners for them to use. The lack of explosive barrels makes it challenging to get through them quickly. Luckily, you're not required to beat all of them.

Patience is key here, and don't hesitate to rely on your companion for help.

Lockpicking (optional)

This mine also has a lot of locked doors and boxes that include the novice, advanced, and expert levels of lockpicking. It's an excellent place to learn the basics of lockpicking early on.

Hopefully, the med packs and weapons from all the lockpicking will be enough to see you through the combat encounters in this cave.

Extract the Artifact

Once you've made it to the artifact, you need to extract it with your Cutter and interact with it to complete your quest.

starfield artifact zeta
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Grav Jump to Piazzi IV-c

Now, it's time to head back outside and into your ship. It's time to grab Andreja. Head into space and chart a course for the nearby Piazzi Star System. Grav Jump to Piazzi IV-c.

starfield into the unknown piazzi iv-c
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Land at the Abandoned Mine

Now, we'll be landing at another abandoned mine. Luckily, this one has no turrets or pirates outside so you can head in.

starfield abandoned mine at piazi-iv-c
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Get the Old Earth Rifle(optional)

You can also decide to climb the tower set up at this mine. At the top, you'll find the Old Earth Sniper Rifle, one of Starfield's best early-game weapons and can be pretty helpful inside the mine when long-distance fights happen.

Watch out for the incendiary mine on your path to the stairs, as it can and will burn you. Inside a weapon case, you'll find the Old Earth Sniper Rifle and its ammunition at the top of the tower.

Enter the Abandoned Mine

If you're ready to move forward, you'll have to interact with the door to the abandoned mine. When you walk in, you'll spot Andreja gunning down some Vaa'ruun zealots and then asking about your identity. Introduce yourself, and she'll agree to accompany you the rest of the way.

starfield into the unknown andreja
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Proceed with Andreja

Now, with Andreja in tow, you'll have two combat-ready companions here to help you through the combat encounters through the mine.

Activate Helper Robot (optional)

You might see a terminal near the entrance before you run into the first enemy. Interact with this terminal, and you can activate a Class A robot to help you with the combat in the mine. Make sure to calibrate its settings so it doesn't end up attacking you.

starfield abandoned mine computer
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The Robot might find itself stuck and unable to proceed after a while due to the fairly vertical nature of this mine.

Defeat all Enemies

The enemies you'll face here will be more or less on par with the ones from the first mine. There is nothing special to note here. This mine is much more spacious, so use the Old Earth Hunting Rifle or any other long-range weapon to pick off enemies from afar.

Unfortunately, this mine doesn't have much when it comes to hidden rewards or secret stashes.

Extract the Artifact

Once you're done clearing out the enemies, you can follow the quest marker to the artifact. Extract it with the Cutter and interact with it to be treated to another cutscene of a cosmic vision.

starfield abandoned mine artifact
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Head Back to The Lodge

Now, you need to backtrack(unfortunately) your way out of the Abandoned Mine. The path can get a bit confusing; remember to follow the slopes that are going upwards.

starfield deposit artifacts at the lodge
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Now, you can fast-travel directly to The Lodge. Deposit both artifacts and watch them synchronise with the rest. Vladimir will notice a peculiar reading and call you to The Eye again.

Go to the Eye

Fast travel to The Eye and dock it like last time. You can talk to Vladimir Sall, who will tell you he has located a peculiar reading similar to one of your artifacts but larger in scope. You'll have to investigate this.

starfield vladimir sall at the eye
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Head to Procyon III

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The location you're headed to is Procyon III in the Procyon star system. Undock your ship and Grav Jump to Procyon III. You might run into an ongoing space fight here; help out the UC ships here for some quick rewards. You can ask them for Credits or get the salvage rights.

starfield procyon iii
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Find the Anomaly

Land near the anomaly on Procyon III. You'll get a prompt that asks you to spot glitches in your Scanner.

starfield scanner glitch tip
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Look around until your scanner starts giving you a glitchy effect and doesn't tell you the location's name. The location is roughly 300m away from where you landed.

starfield scanner glitch
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Get close, and you'll see Temple Eta associated with the point of interest.

starfild temple eta into the unknown
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Head Inside the Temple

Head towards the temple and into the narrow corridor at its base, where the quest marker leads you. You'll see a fancy door with lots of moving symbols. Interact with this door to head inside.

starfield into the unknown temple eta entrance
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Collect the Orbs of Light

Once inside, you'll see rings rotating in the middle and will be thrust into zero gravity.

starfield into the unknown rotating rings
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Your goal now is to collect the orbs of light that spawn around the room. Fly towards one and look around for the next one. This can take a bit, but the music will get louder, and the rings will start moving faster. You'll have to collect around 20 orbs of light.

starfield into the unknown glowing orbs of light
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Get Your First Power

Once you've collected all the orbs of light, the rings will finally stabilize and resemble a portal.

Head inside this portal, and you'll be treated to a cutscene where your character seems to absorb the temple's power.

starfield into the unknown power absorption
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Once this cutscene ends, you'll wake up outside the temple with your companion by your side. You'll unlock the powers menu and can check it at the top of your character menu screen. Equip your Low Gravity power, and you'll also notice a new blue meter under your health.

starfield power menu
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Head Back to The Lodge

Now, you'll need to head back to The Lodge and report your findings to all the Constellation members. Vladimir will also be here; everyone will be excited to see what you've discovered.

starfield into the unknown constellation members at the lodge
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Use Your Power

Use your power, and all the Constellation members will be surprised. Vladimir will comment that there might be a corresponding temple with a new power for every artifact.

When asked to keep the power a secret, you should agree, as trying to say you'll use it publicly will get you a dislike from Sarah Morgan.

Mission Complete

You will unlock the achievement Into the Unknown and receive your rewards.

Into the Unknown Quest Rewards

This interaction will complete the Into the Unknown quest, and you'll get the following rewards:

  • EXP: 400
  • Credits: 9500
  • 3 Boosted Injectors
  • 3 Trauma Packs
starfield into the unknown mission rewards
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Next up is Mission 6: All That Money Can Buy

That concludes our guide for the Starfield main story quest, Into the Unknown. If you need help finding the combat too difficult during this quest, we suggest completing the Mantis Quest first or grabbing the Mark 1 spacesuit.

For more Starfield, stick with us at the Starfield Portal.

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