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Starfield Main Mission 14: Unearthed unlocks directly after you meet with The Hunter and The Emissary in the previous mission, In Their Footsteps. You'll be going to the depths of research stations on the Moon and Earth to uncover the truth behind the Artifacts, Grav Drives and the collapse of the Earth. You will also make the pivotal choice between The Hunter and The Emissary. Let's get on with the Unearthed Walkthrough.

Unearthed Walkthrough

Go to Nova Galactic Research Station

First, you need to Grav Jump to the moon of Earth, Luna in the Sol System. Land at the Research Station landing site here.

starfield unearthed moon luna nova galactica research
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Investigate the Research Station

Walk up to the abandoned Nova Galactica Research Station. You won't be running into any enemies here.

starfield unearthed nova galactica research station
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Use the Keycard you got from the Emissary to unlock the airlocks. Explore the insides and gather some of the loot on the upper floor.

starfield unearthed moon base key
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You're looking for the Research Station Computer here, which will tell you about a recording on the roof.

starfield unearthed research station computnova galactica computerer
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Collect Recordings (Optional)

You can collect the various recordings around the base to learn the nature of the work being performed here. There's no specific reward for this besides recorded dialogue from the Nova Galactic research team talking about the secretive mission.

starfield unearthed moon base recording slate 3
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You can collect various recordings around the base to get a picture of what the team here was like and how secretive the mission was. There isn't any specific reward for this besides some recorded dialogue.

Play the Recording on the Roof

Head back outside and on the roof. Interact with the speaker at the bottom of the signal tower to hear a playback of a recording with one of the first-ever Grav Jumps.

starfield unearthed play recording on roof
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Go to NASA

You will now have to head to NASA on the Earth itself. Check the Earth, and you'll see a landing site titled Nasa Launch Tower.

starfield unearthed earth nasa launch tower landing
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Find a Way Inside

Once you land, you'll see the tower standing tall at a distance. There's a bit of a walk to it, and once you make it there, you won't see any obvious way to get inside.

starfield unearthed nasa launch tower far away
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We suggest using the Boost Pack Training skill to climb up here on the right, as the path from here is very straightforward.

starfield unearthed launch tower path
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Enter NASA

You can enter NASA through the lift on the tower's upper floor, but there's no power. Head to the door behind you to your right and unlock it using the NASA Access Code.

starfield unearthed locked door for power
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Inside, you'll find a slot for a backup power cell. We suggest you grab all the power cells here. Slot it in, and you'll get the elevator running.

starfield unearthed backup power cells and slot
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Now, go and interact with the elevator to enter NASA.

starfield unearthed elevator leading inside
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Find Information About NASA

Once inside, proceed ahead and follow the quest marker to a NASA Research Computer. You'll learn about a Martian Sample that was recovered.

starfield unearthed nasa research computer
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Find Information About the Martian Sample

Head further inside the facility, and you'll see several displays showcasing early space exploration technology. You can unlock the Mars Rover landing spot here.

starfield unearthed nasa displays and cases
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Head further inside and follow the quest marker till you find a recording.

starfield unearthed judith recording
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Find Information About the Grav Drive

Next, you have to find information about the Grav Drive. This involves hunting down another computer deeper into the facility. Several doors need power up ahead. The first one has its power box at the end of the hallway.

starfield unearthed power box needs power
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The second one requires a backup power cell. You can use the one you grabbed from up above or grab one from the other end of the room.

starfield unearthed power box needs backup power cell
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Finally, a room with a Model A Robot and several remote turrets will block your path. Sneak around with Stealth to lockpick the door with Security and hack the computer or take everyone out with your weapons (This option is simpler). There will be a room to the right with a switch for the power.

starfield unearthed room with robot and turrets
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Interact with the computer at the bottom of the ramp to learn about the Grav Drives.

starfield unearthed nasa research computer
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Find Information About the Grav Drive Side Effects

This part of the facility can get confusing as you will now enter Zero Gravity. Head down the staircase on the left side to collect the NASA Maintenance Keycard off of a body. You can use it to open the doors around here.

starfield unearthed nasa maintenance keycard body
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Alternatively, you can float down the shaft until you reach your desired floor with the quest marker. There are also a lot of doors around here that can be lockpicked for rewards. These rewards are better than the ones you might've been running into on the floors above.

Interact with the computer at the quest marker and find the scientist's corpse beside it. You'll learn that the Grav Drives were responsible for the collapse of Earth's atmosphere.

starfield unearthed nasa research computer
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Release the Artifact

The button to release the Artifact is right next to the computer. Just interact with it to unlock the Artifact. So that you know, this will disable the Zero Gravity around you.

starfield unearthed release the artifact button
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Take the Artifact

Now, you can walk outside and collect the Artifact in front of you. However, you will now be attacked by Starborn enemies.

starfield unearthed artifact psi
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Leave NASA

You have to run back up through the facility and back through the path you came from. You'll find some shortcuts, cuttable walls and doors for lockpicking. However, the biggest hurdle here is the Starborn enemies. Two level 30 Starborn enemies will attack you at four different locations as you ascend back outside. Bring your best weapons and spacesuits for this one.

starfield unearthed starborn enemies
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Talk to The Emissary

Once outside, you'll find The Hunter and The Emissary waiting for you. Talk to them, and they'll give you the final ultimatum of which Starborn you will support now that you know the truth. This is one of the most important decisions in Starfield.

starfield unearthed the emissary dialogue
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Choose Between The Hunter or The Emissary

So that you know, you'll be asked twice to confirm the decision that you're making here. Learn everything about The Hunter or The Emissary choice and the consequences it will have moving forward. This decision will change the final boss that you face and will also impact your ending in Starfield.

starfield unearthed hunter or emissary choice
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Complete Final Glimpses

This quest's last requirement requires you to finish a completely different quest. You now have to go and finish the Final Glimpses Main Mission.

Unearthed Rewards

EXP - 4500
Credits - 10200

That concludes our Starfield Main Mission 14: Unearthed walkthrough.

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