Starfield - Healing and Afflictions Guide

A character looks at an indoor greenhouse-like area
Credit: Bethesda

A character looks at an indoor greenhouse-like area
Credit: Bethesda

There will be many battles as you adventure into the unknowns of the cosmos in Starfield. Healing will be essential if you are to make it through them alive. Our guide below will cover all the various methods and how to heal in Starfield.

Starfield's combat system has you dealing with several dangerous enemy factions and creatures. From the fearsome Terrormorphs to the ruthless Ecliptic Mercenaries, there's no shortage of things trying to find ways to kill you. Today, we'll look at all the afflictions, status effects and how to heal them in Starfield.

Healing in Starfield

Your health is a limited resource in Starfield, and you need to keep track of it unless you want to face a game over screen and reload your last save. There's a lot of combat in Starfield, and most things can and will try to kill you. This is why learning the fundamentals of healing in Starfield is essential. Learn how to heal in Starfield and all the afflictions that can affect your character.

A cosmonaut walks near their ship
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Credit: Bethesda

How to Heal in Starfield

There are three simple methods of healing on the fly in Starfield.

Heal Using Items

Consumables are usually found in crates, storage boxes or from looting fallen foes. They can also be crafted once the right recipe has been found and learned. Sometimes, consumables come with adverse effects, too, so be careful what you put in your mouth! You can use the Nutrition skill for increased healing.

During the heat of battle, a health pack can be used quickly by making the item a favourite. In the item menu, make the health pack or consumable you wish to quickly select a favourite and assign a slot for the item.

Some of the best healing items include:

  • Trauma Pack: Restores eight percent Health/s for four seconds
  • Med Pack: Restores four percent Health/s for 10 seconds
  • Heart +: +20 percent Health for two minutes

Now, you can use the quick select menu for a health top-up during a gunfight without going deeper into menus and risking death.

Heal at the Doctor

Doctors charge you 1000 Credits, but they heal you fully and treat all your adverse effects and afflictions. There are several doctors found in the main hubs of Starfield. Doctors can be located in Akila City, New Atlantis, Neon City, The Key, and Cydonia.

starfield doctor for healing
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Best Healing Skills

Here are some skills that will help you with healing in Starfield!

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Sleep or Rest

Beds are usually found in and around main areas and camps within the main map of Bethesda's games.

starfield lodge bed for sleep and healing
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Make sure to clear out any enemies and creatures before going for a snooze, or even better - use the safety of your ship to catch some shut-eye. It's great for killing time and quickly recovering your HP while you're at it. You can also get a decent XP bonus and an even bigger one for sleeping with a companion.

All Starfield Afflictions and How to Heal Them

Starfield has 18 Afflictions that can permanently damage your character's performance until healed. Here's a list of every affliction and the items you can use to recover from each.

Affliction Name
Item to Heal
Addichrone Junk Flesh
Brain Injury
Boosted Injector Injector Snake Oil
Analgesic Poultice Antibiotic Paste Heal Gel Heal Paste Infused Bandages
Analgesic Poultice Antibiotic Paste Heal Gel Heal Paste Infused Bandages
Boosted Injector Injector Snake Oil
Dislocated Limb
Anchored Immobilizers Immobilizer
Fractured Limb
Anchored Immobilizers Immobilizer
Fractured Skull
Anchored Immobilizers Immobilizer
Analgesic Poultice Bandages Infused Bandages Zipper Bandages
Boosted Injector Injector Snake Oil
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That's everything you need to know about healing and afflictions in Starfield, including how to heal every status effect. Learn advanced shipbuilding and the best XP farm method early in the game for more guides.

For all things Starfield, stick with us at Starfield Portal.

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