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Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda are famous for their well-crafted worlds, stories, and amazing adventures within their games. Part of the experience is the quests in each world, and Starfield has a whole galaxy of them.

With over 1000 planets to visit and explore, Starfield's massive galaxy is the most ambitious title Bethesda has ever created. Among the stars, you are sure to find more than one branching path. Our Starfield quests guide is here to point you in the right direction.

The Golden Path

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Credit: Bethesda
Tales will span the galaxy in Starfield

While the games Bethesda create are designed to be infinite, there is always one main or golden path. This is the meat and potatoes of the entire game. Here you will be tasked with a quest to save the country/planet/galaxy whilst encountering lots of distractions along the way.

The main quest in their games is usually optional. Yes, you read that right; they do not need to be completed. This is due to their structure of teaching the basics of the game while flashing hundreds of distractions at you along the way.

Now, the golden path quest line in Starfield at this time, is a guarded secret. Little information has been released as we approach the release date in September. What we do know is that it will revolve around ancient alien artifacts that have caused your character to have visions. There is also the issue of the Colony Wars, which took place 20 years prior to the game beginning.

Side Stories

While many games feature some type of side mission structure, Bethesda take things to the max. Side stories are often entire campaigns in their own right, some even lengthier than the main quest!

In fact, some players have never seen the 'true' ending of Skyrim, having never finished its central quest line! This is a testament to the superior craftmanship and sheer fun the team pour into each of their releases.

We are sure that Starfield will follow suit, and you will travel to all ends of the galaxy following different storylines. Whichever path you decide to embark on, a good time is guaranteed.

Companion Quests

Along your journey into the stars, you will meet some friendly faces. These NPCs are a staple of Bethesda games known as companions. Most commonly these companions are gained by following the central quest line.

Help out the Freestar Collective and one of their members may ask to accompany you, raid with some pirates and they might let you keep their robot helper.

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Credit: Bethesda
Vasco looking sharp

Once you have a companion by your side, they will join you in battle, while exploring, and may even have an option for romance. Whether you are taking on a quest to please a companion, or following a quest to gain one, we will have them detailed for you right here after launch.

DLC Quests

For Skyrim and Fallout 4, Bethesda's most recent single-player releases, story-based DLC was added. Starfield is to follow suit with its already-announced DLC expansion. All that is known at the time of writing is that the DLC will be called Shattered Space.

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Credit: Bethesda
The first story expansion, Shattered Space

This expansion could well include further quests to add to your already lengthy backlog of missions from the base game. This could also bring new characters to meet and extra cities in unexplored regions.

Shattered Space is sure to add extra content and be a great addition to an already-packed game. More DLC is likely to come in the future, as well as fan-made mods to expand the galaxy even further.

Mod Quests

While some mods do simple things like texture improvements, others aren’t there to just look pretty. Mods for Skyrim, like the incredible Falskaar, add whole new regions to the game.

When the modding scene hits its stride, be on the lookout for entire planets filled with new creatures and alien life. There could be a substantial amount of quests created by the fans in some of the yet-to-come mods.

How Many Quests Are There?

The exact amount of quests in Starfield is unknown, they could well be infinite. This may sound impossible, but Skyrim had infinite quests with its Radiant Story system. This AI system generated infinite quests for the player to accept.

While the Radiant Story system quests weren't quite as in-depth as the side stories or golden path, it was still a cool feature. Therefore, calculating the number of quests in Starfield may not actually be possible.

Once Starfield releases, we will update this guide with accurate amounts of quests from the main and side story paths.

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