Starfield Main Mission 13 Walkthrough - In Their Footsteps

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During the previous main mission, Unity, we tracked down the Scorpius. The Scorpion is a Starborn ship that belongs to the Hunter. Here, we will meet him and another mysterious Starborn, the Emissary, and gain answers to all our questions about the Artifacts and the Unity in Starfield Main Mission 13: In Their Footsteps.

Starfield: In Their Footsteps Walkthrough

Hail The Scorpius

You will find the Scorpius as soon as you Grav Jump to Oborum Prime. Hail the ship and enter a dialogue. The Hunter will welcome you aboard the Scorpius no matter your choice.

starfield in their footsteps quest the hunter ship scorpius
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Dock The Scorpius

The Emissary will also assure you that there is a ceasefire and nobody has to get hurt. You'll have to go over and dock with the Scorpius.

starfield in their footsteps quest dock the scorpius
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Talk to The Hunter

Walking up will start a dialogue with The Hunter, who will introduce you to the Emissary standing alongside him as the pilot of the Helix who attacked you during the All That Money Can Buy quest. They will reveal their identities and explain the truth behind how the Unity, the Artifacts, and the Temples are all connected and allow you to be reborn. They’ll explain their philosophies and tell you you’ll eventually have to choose between them.

starfield in their footsteps quest the hunter and the emissary standing
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Talk to The Emissary(optional)

You can now talk more with The Emissary if you like. Who then reveals themself as your companion who died in High Price to Pay.

starfield in their footsteps quest the emissary
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Talk to The Hunter(optional)

You also have the option to speak with The Hunter again related to The Unity, Starborn and the hunt for the Artifacts. Just to remind you, these are optional, and you do not have to engage in dialogue. He’ll also reveal his identity as a version of Keeper Aquilus, who chose to be reborn.

starfield in their footsteps quest the hunter hello
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Leave The Scorpius

After talking to the Hunter and the Emissary, you have to leave the Scorpius. Once you start to leave, The Emissary will stop you and point you toward another Artifact that will let you learn more about their true nature.

You are also given a Moon Base Key, used to enter the Nova Galactic Research Station on the Moon of the Earth. Unlocking new main quests for you, Unearthed and Final Glimpses.

In Their Footsteps Quest Rewards

  • Moon Base Key
  • EXP - 750

That concludes our guide for Starfield Main Mission 13: In Their Footsteps. We’re now approaching the origin of the Artifacts and the cause of Earth’s downfall in the upcoming quests, Unearthed and Final Glimpses.

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