Starfield Companions Ranked and Romance Options

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Starfield Companions list Vasco standing on hill

Starfield offers vast and expansive star systems for players to explore with their customizable spaceships. To make this interstellar experience more immersive, you can hire companions and crewmates for your journey. Check out our complete list of Starfield companions.

Companions aren't there just for show. Each companion offers unique attributes and skills that help you with exploration and combat. We'll also be covering all their traits, abilities and how useful they are. So keep reading for a comprehensive list of the currently known Starfield companions.

What Are Companions in Starfield?

One of the biggest stakeholders in Starfield is the legendary space exploration organization called Constellation. You can hire four Constellation members to join your ship and your adventure as companions. These companions come with a unique set of skills, backstories, questlines, and even romance options.

andreja starfield
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Aside from the Constellation companions, you can hire additional crewmates to help you with the ship or watch over your posts. Their skills will not level up; they will stack with the players' skills when relevant. Certain companions will even get annoyed if you make bad choices, even those close to you.

How Do You Get Companions?

There are over 20 named companions in Starfield, four of which are Constellation members you can get during missions. Furthermore, you will encounter various NPCs on different planets and spaceports throughout your playthrough, looking for a ship to board.

lin starfield
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Say yes when they ask to be recruited, and then you can assign them tasks on your ship or outposts.

Starfield Known Companions List

Here is the list of all known companions and other crewmates in Starfield.

Character Romance
Adoring FanNo
Amelia EarhartNo
Andromeda KeplerNo
Autumn MacMillanNo
Betty HowserNo
Dani GarciaNo
Erick Von PriceNo
Gideon AkerNo
Jessamine GriffinNo
Lyle BrewerNo
Major Hadrian SanonNo
Marika BorosNo
Mathis CastilloNo
Mickey CaviarNo
Moara OteroNo
Omari HassanNo
Rafael AguerroNo
Rosie TannehillNo
Sam CoeYes
Sarah MorganYes
Simeon BankowskiNo
Sophia GraceNo

Romanceable Companions

You may have noticed that only four companions and crewmates are available for romance. Bethesda could expand this selection with a later patch or DLC. For now, we have a limited selection to try and woo as we adventure across the galaxy.

barrett starfield
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We have a complete guide for each potential space romance, including all the dos and don'ts to have a happy and healthy relationship.

Best Companions and Crew Ranked

While all potential crewmates and companions have pluses and minuses, some are handier to have around more than others. With that in mind, we have selected some of the best for you to try out in your game.


starfield companions Barret
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An adventurer and scientist, Barrett works for Constellation and has expertise in Starship Engineering. You meet him early in the game, and he can join your ship to provide great value in ship maintenance and fieldwork. He’s truly a man with “irresistible charm”.

Skill Rank
Starship Engineering4
Particle Beam Weapon Systems3

Sam Coe

Starfield Companions Sam Coe
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This “former space cowboy” is an expert pilot and rifleman in Constellation, although he had previously worked for the Freestar Collective. He’s an excellent companion to bring to the field, as he will efficiently aid you during your fights.

Skill Rank
Rifle Certification3

Sarah Morgan

starfield companions sarah morgan
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Sarah Morgan is the current head of Constellation, and yes, even she can be recruited to tag along with your interstellar adventures. She is intelligent and skilled, making her a vital part of your crew, especially when it comes to her skills with Astrodynamics and laser weaponry.

Skill Rank


starfield companions list vasco
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You can recruit a versatile utility robot named VASCO as part of your group. You can fill your entire ship with an infantry of robots. VASCO can be helpful in ship maintenance and combat.

Skill Rank
Shield Systems2
Aneutronic Fusion1
EM Weapon Systems1

Adoring Fan

starfield companions adoring fan
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A fan-favourite returning NPC from The Elder Scrolls franchise, Adoring Fan, can be recruited as part of your crew if you select the Hero Worshipped trait during character selection. He can be an excellent ally for scavenging if you're unbothered by constant compliments.

Skill Rank
Weight Lifting2

Marika Boros

Starfield companions marika boros
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Marika Boros is an expert in Ballistics and a solid crewmate for your ship and outpost maintenance. You can hire her at the Viewpoint Spaceport in the game.

Skill Rank
Shotgun Certification1
Particle Beam Weapon Systems1


starfield companion heller
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A solid ally to maintain your outposts, Heller is a great crew member to strengthen your group stationed at outposts.

Skill Rank
Outpost Engineering3

Starfield Companion Affinity Explained

Affinity is an invisible meter that dictates how much a certain companion likes or dislikes you. Note that the companion affinity meter only exists for the romanceable companions in Starfield. There's no real way to keep track of companion affinity besides paying attention to what they say and the dialogue options you get. Once you have enough affinity, you can embark on a companion quest and marry in Starfield.


Here are the four characters that you can romance in Starfield. You should check their individual guides to learn their likes and dislikes and how to raise their affinity.

Note that all the companions in Starfield are good-aligned and will dislike any activities that harm innocent people or involve collaborating with criminal factions. To save affinity, we suggest leaving them behind for these quests.

This is it for our complete list of Starfield companions and crewmates.

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