All Known Starfield Bugs & Fixes

Explorer comes across a giant bug
Credit: Bethesda

Explorer comes across a giant bug
Credit: Bethesda

Many of us had just accepted that bugs and glitches in Starfield would exist. It's common for Bethesda games to launch with lots of bugs. However, if you're worried about facing these bugs and having your game ruined by them, worry not, as we will tell you about every bug, glitch, and error in Starfield.

Starfield has a massive open world with dozens of intricate systems all working together. However, this means there's more potential for bugs and glitches during even the most mundane activities. So, let's look at the currently known Starfield bugs and glitches and how to solve them.

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Credit: Bethesda
Hopefully Starfield Won't Launch Too Problematic

Version 1.7.33

Day-one patches are a staple of the video game industry; often, they improve the game's stability and remove known issues. Starfield will undoubtedly be on the list to receive one of these patches. Microsoft anticipated this as they have said that Starfield will be the least buggy Bethesda game, not bug-free.

Version 1.7.33 has dropped and fixed a massive number of bugs and glitches. However, a few major ones are still leftover and need attention. Here's a list of all the known bugs in Starfield.

Starfield Known Bugs

Here is a list of the known bugs in Starfield and some tips on resolving them.

Failed to Create Save Game Error

Starfield may not have the permission needed to create a saved game on the PC version. This happens because of a need for Controlled Folder Access in Windows Security.

To fix this, you must launch Starfield with special permissions or grant access through Windows Security.

Low FPS Performance Issues

These are issues that have been plaguing Starfield since its launch. The latest patch has improved performance, but more is needed. We suggest you look at some of the best QOL mods for Starfield.

Headless Character Bug

You can behead your character by performing a particular series of actions. If you go to third-person view, aim down sights, activate your scanner, and swap back to first-person perspective, you'll notice that your character's face will disappear.

Quit the game and reload your saved file to fix this error.

No Clip Console Command Stops Working

If you've been using Starfield Cheats to get through walls and open safes or to loot vendors for quick Credits, you might've been using the 'tcl' noclip command. However, using it too many times in one session causes it to stop working, and you won't get the 'Collision -> Off message'.

Quit the game and reload your saved file to fix this error.

Groundpounder Quest Bugs

The Groundpounder quest has become notorious for the many bugs involving quest markers disappearing and quest objectives not being registered.

Floating Outpost Crew Members

If you move an outpost building while a crew member is inside, they'll go into a floating state in the air. This can also happen regularly on planets for some reason and is especially prevalent inside temples of power. Watch out because your companion might float up to space.

Editing Spaceship Causes Duplicate Decorative Items

When you edit or recolor your spaceship, it displaces items within the cargo hold, including decorative items. This can lead to duplicated decorations appearing both in the ship's module and the cargo hold. If left unchecked, this can cause your ship to become inaccessible due to these duplicate items blocking your path.

To address this issue, you must either sell the duplicate decorations after each ship modification or refrain from editing the decoration modules entirely.

Game Won't Start

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Several errors will prevent Starfield from launching at all. These include:

  • Connectivity Errors.
  • Graphics Card does not meet minimum requirements error.
  • No Applicable App Licences Found error.

Fast Travel Disabled

This bug occurs when you're completing the Grid Puzzle quest in New Atlantis. For some reason, fast travel gets disabled during this quest and even when you finish the subsequent quest.

You must fly off Jemison and return to New Atlantis to fix this.

Fun Exploits With Bugs & Glitches

Now, while a pesky game-breaking bug might ruin your day, there is still fun to be found exploiting some glitches. These exploits are usually patched out quickly by developers as they are discovered.

Right now, there are a couple of exploits that you can use.

We'll stay on the lookout for any other game-breaking Starfield bugs and glitches that you need to watch for. While visiting, check out some of our other articles and guides, such as the mod hub to personalise your game or our best QOL mods to improve your Starfield experience.

For more Starfield, stick with us at the Starfield Portal!

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