Sarah Morgan Romance Guide

sarah morgan welcome dialogue at the lounge

sarah morgan welcome dialogue at the lounge

Sarah Morgan is one of the first characters you will meet in Starfield, and you can romance her. Sarah Morgan is the leader of the explorer group Constellation and is dedicated to the organisation's goals and her role within it. She will join you as a companion, and you will learn more about her past as you try to romance Sarah Morgan.

For the Sarah Morgan romance to bloom, you need to make sure you're picking the right choices with her around as soon as you meet her. We'll explain Sarah Morgan's likes and dislikes and the quests you must complete to romance Sarah Morgan.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan

Below, we've covered all the steps you need to take to get into Sarah Morgan's good books and how to take your relationship to the next step with a marriage.

Set Sarah Morgan as Companion

The first thing you need to do as soon as you meet Sarah Morgan is to set her as your Active Companion during your missions. She will follow you around for the rest of the game during most of the story beats. The more time you spend together, the more chances you will have for conversations and to build affinity.

starfield sarah morgan companion skills
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During main and side quests, she will occasionally chime in and ask for your opinion on things. This is essential for building affinity.

Build Affinity with Sarah Morgan

Affinity refers to how much a character likes or dislikes your actions. In Starfield, your companions will have a favourable or adverse reaction to the actions you take depending on their own set of values. With Sarah Morgan, she prefers choices that display:

  • Peaceful conflict resolution (persuasion checks)
  • Justice
  • Constellation praise
  • Helping others
  • Scientific curiosity and exploration

We suggest playing like a good samaritan with many speech-boosting items and skills if you plan on getting into Sarah Morgan's good books. Conversely, here are actions to avoid:

  • Killing
  • Aiding injustice or not punishing criminals
  • Selfish choices for personal benefit
  • Lying/Theft

Dialogue will often show the prompt [FLIRT] next to it. Make sure to pick these. Conversations with Flirt, Romance, and Commitment will move your relationship further.

starfield sarah morgan flirt dialogue
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Choose Sarah Morgan's Location in "High Price To Pay" Quest

One of the critical moments for your romance and relationship with Sarah Morgan will be during the High Price to Pay quest.

You will be given the option to choose between protecting the Eye or the Lodge and decide between saving two of your closest companions. You'll need to pick the location with Sarah Morgan, or she will die.

Complete the "In Memoriam" Quest

Once your affinity level is high enough, Sarah Morgan will start mentioning her past as a UC pilot during the Colony War. She'll stop you and trigger the In Memoriam quest.

You'll have to talk to Admiral Logan and proceed to Cassiopeia I, where a series of quest events will occur. At the end of this quest, you'll have the option to romance Sarah Morgan. It will be evident as it'll be labelled next to the dialogue options.

Completing this quest and choosing the Romance option puts you into a romantic relationship with Sarah Morgan.

Complete the "Commitment" Quest

Now that you're in a relationship, you must keep increasing your affinity and speaking openly with Sarah Morgan whenever possible. Make sure to pick all the options that involve the future and a family. Eventually, you'll get a dialogue prompt where you can choose Commitment.

starfield sarah morgan commitment dialogue
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Once you pick this option, you'll start the Commitment quest and a marriage ceremony hosted by Aja Mamasa will be held. You can also invite Sarah's mother to this wedding.

starfield sarah morgan marriage dialogue with her mother in background
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After you're married to Sarah Morgan, you'll unlock a couple of unique dialogue options. Whenever you sleep in the same bed, you'll get a 15% XP bonus for 24 minutes, which is handy before turning in those high XP payout quests.

That's everything you need to know on how to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield. While here, check our guides on other NPC romances and deepen your bonds with your companions. Remember that you'll lose relationship progress when entering New Game Plus.

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