Starfield Mantis Puzzle Solution

starfield mantis puzzle reward mantis armor arms spread in mantis lair

starfield mantis puzzle reward mantis armor arms spread in mantis lair

Starfield has plenty of intriguing side quests that will have you stray from the main storyline. These side quests provide interesting story moments and worthwhile rewards, so we recommend tackling them. One such quest you can get early on is the Mantis lair quest.

You have to infiltrate the Mantis lair and claim some really powerful rewards. This includes a legendary armor set and a powerful new spaceship. So, let's look at the Mantis puzzle solution and how to claim your rewards.

How to start the Mantis quest

There is no exact location to start the Mantis quest. The requirement to unlock this quest is to find the “SECRET OUTPOST!” item.

Starfield Spacer enemy with loot Secret Outpost
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This item is a random loot drop, and you’ll need to go on a Spacer killing spree to find it. It can drop from any Spacer with a random loot drop chance. However, once you find this item, it will immediately start the Mantis quest and inform you of a hideout somewhere in the Debola region.

Completing the Mantis quest

Once you reach the designated planet, you’ll run into a well-guarded outpost littered with Spacers. Bring your best gear and a combat companion, as these Spacers can be tough. While exploring, collect the various audio logs lying around, as one of them is the key to solving the Mantis floor puzzle.

How to solve the Mantis floor puzzle

You’ll eventually reach a chamber with letters for its floor tiles, and they’re rigged to an automated laser system. Your job here is to spell out the password, or else the lasers on the other side will one-shot you. We recommend leaving your companion behind for this puzzle, as they can accidentally trigger the trap.

Now, the solution for this puzzle hides in one of the audio logs you can find while scavenging around the Mantis hideout. You’re looking for an audio log titled Leon Voclain - Sic Semper Tyrannis. That last word, “Tyrannis,” is the key you must spell out with the floor tiles.

Starfield mantis puzzle solution audio log
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Once you’ve spelt out Tyrannis and made it to the end of the room, you can press a button to deactivate the trap and make your way deeper into the Mantis lair. Tread carefully, however, as now you’ll run into A-rank and S-rank robot enemies who can catch you off guard if you’re not well-equipped to deal with them.

Mantis puzzle rewards

There are two different rewards for clearing the Mantis floor puzzle:

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Mantis Spacesuit

The first one is the Mantis spacesuit armor set, which is easily one of the best armors in the game early on. Its stats are randomized, so your mileage may vary, but it’s easily leagues ahead of most armors available in the first 40 hours of Starfield. It's a legendary armor set, and despite its uncanny look, its performance is nothing to scoff at.

starfield mantis puzzle reward space helmet
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The Razorleaf

The second reward is the Mantis spaceship, Razorleaf, which you can unlock by walking into the hangar and sending it to the surface. Collect the spacesuit and then go to the surface to board your brand-new spaceship.

Note that you’ll have to register it at one of the major cities to fly it around legally. It's nearly double the value of the frontier, and the specs are a league above it as well. It's one of the coolest early-game rewards available, so be sure to do this quest as soon as you get it.

starfield mantis puzzle reward mantis spaceship
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That’s all you need to know about the Mantis puzzle in Starfield. Go ahead and claim your new armor and spaceship.

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