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starfield spaceborn wearing helmet

starfield spaceborn wearing helmet

Starborn are some of the strongest beings you find in Starfield, possessing the ability to travel through the multiverse or even create a new universe at will. If you’re wondering who the Starborn really are and what secrets they hold, find out more with our Starfield Starborn guide.

The Starborn are tightly woven into the story of Starfield, so you need to play a good chunk of it until you see them in the game. Here, we will introduce you to Starborn, explain how to defeat them, and how to get the Starborn ship and suit.

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Who are the Starborn?

Starborn are a group of humans who have achieved incredible powers after passing through The Unity. Each time humans go through The Unity, they are reborn into a different universe possessing the Starborn abilities. This process makes the Starborn seek even more strength by repeating the cycle of rebirth each time.

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The Unity, which acts as a gateway to becoming a Starborn, is revealed by piecing together mysterious artifacts scattered throughout the universe. You find The Unity at the end of the main story, allowing you to become a Starborn yourself. This mechanic is tied to the new game plus mode, where you start a new adventure while possessing all your skills and powers.

How to Beat the Starborn

Your first encounter with the Starborn in the game takes place during the All That Money Can Buy mission of the main quest line. They appear in their ship called Helix and ask you to turn in the artifact you just discovered. You can either choose to attack the ship or turn in the artifact, which are both terrible options. Alternatively, you can Grav Jump away and kick start the Starborn quest.

starfield who are starborn guide
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After that point in the game, each time you clear a temple, looking for a power/artifact, a Starborn will appear to fight you. They are usually level 30 enemies able to make clones or turn themselves invisible. Hence, you need to deal with them quickly before they overwhelm you. The best way to fight them is to maintain a distance and shoot them down since you can easily evade their attacks at long range.

What is Quantum Essence?

Each time you defeat a Starborn, their body disintegrates, leaving you with some Quantum Essence. It's an incredible item that can be consumed, granting you the ability to use unlimited Starborn powers. Typically, your powers have a recharge bar that needs to be filled to use them, but with Quantum Essence, you can extract unlimited uses out of your abilities for 60 seconds.

How to Get Starborn Spacesuit

Now, if you want to get the Starborn Spacesuit, you need first make it to new game plus. All you need to do is to go ahead with the Starborn ending, become a member of this faction yourself by going through The Unity, and this suit will be yours. Its incredible stats and slick design make it well worth this story path in the game.

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Each time you go to the new game plus as a Starborn, your spacesuit will receive an upgrade. Check out the list of all the Starborn Spacesuits below.

  • Starborn Spacesuit Astra – 149 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Materia – 159 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Locus – 170 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris – 181 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Solis – 192 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas – 203 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Bellun – 214 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Tempus – 224 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Avitus – 235 Damage Resistance
  • Starborn Spacesuit Venator – 246 Damage Resistance

How to Get Starborn Spaceship

Another item you gain in the new game plus through the Starborn ending is the spaceship called the Starborn Guardian.

starborn guardian ship
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You can upgrade it to 6 levels based on the new game plus version, which is given below.

  • Starborn Guardian
  • Starborn Guardian II
  • Starborn Guardian III
  • Starborn Guardian IV
  • Starborn Guardian V
  • Starborn Guardian VI

That's everything you need to know about the Starborn in Starfield. If you're interested in walking down the path of the Starborn, check our powers guide and new game plus guide.

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