Starfield - Tapping the Grid Walkthrough

starfield tapping the grid louisa reyez closeup

starfield tapping the grid louisa reyez closeup

Starfield is full of fun side quests, and the game is often at its very best when it can immerse you in side quests. One such side quest is the Tapping the Grid side quest; here, you must figure out the source of the brownouts in the Well. So, let's figure out the Tapping the Grid junction puzzle solution and fix the power situation in the Well.

You can get this quest early on, and we recommend doing it as soon as possible since the XP rewards are pretty nice if you're looking to level quickly. The Tapping the Grid junction box puzzle can be frustrating, as the game doesn't provide clear guidance. Let's get to solving it and completing the quest.

How to Unlock Tapping the Grid Quest?

Unlocking the Tapping the Grid quest is pretty simple. You need to find Louisa Reyez and talk to her. You can find her in New Atlantis on Jemison opposite the Medical building in the Well. Use the elevator in the Spaceport to get to the underground area.

starfield louisa reyez location in the well
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Once you talk to her, she'll mistake you for Carl and ask you to help with their power situation. This will begin the Tapping the Grid quest.

Tapping the Grid Junction Box Locations

Completing this quest involves accessing and switching off four different power junctions. Here's how to get to each one.

  • For the first power junction box, you can follow the quest marker and head straight towards it. Open the panel and shut it down.
starfield tapping the grid quest junction box
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  • The second box is located farther away. You can just turn around from the first box and head towards the stairs. There will be two sets of stairs, and you want to pick the ones on the right. Use your scanner if you need help with directions. Keep heading toward the marker and open the red doors using the nearby switches. One more flight of stairs and the second junction box is hidden behind a mechanical door.
starfield tapping the grid second junction box
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  • The third junction box is nearby. The door ahead is locked, so head back down the stairs and head to the left. You'll see the box tucked away in the left corner of the room.
starfield tapping the grid third junction box
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  • For the fourth and final box, head back toward the first flight of stairs until you see another set of stairs taking you to the first floor. Follow this path until you come upon a locked door.

Junction Box Puzzle Solution

To access the final junction box, you must interact with the four panels on the left and shut down the power completely. You must make sure all four lights behind the panels are green.

starfield junction box puzzle
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The game doesn't guide you on how to do this, so here's the solution after some trial and error.

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  • Turn on the first panel on the left.
  • Turn off the second panel from the left.
  • Turn on the third panel from the left.
  • Turn on the fourth panel.

This will solve the junction box puzzle, unlock the door, and now you can turn off the final junction box.

Tapping the Grid Quest Rewards

Now, you must head back to Louisa Reyez to claim your rewards. Head back to where you first found her and head inside a small entrance nearby leading up to a flight of stairs. Talk to her, and she'll thank you for a job well done. Your rewards are:

  • 75 XP
  • Credits according to your level
  • Unlock the second part of this quest.

That's all you need to know about the Tapping the Grid quest and how to solve the junction box puzzle. Also, learn how to complete the Mantis puzzle and the answers to Lou's questions.

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